list restaurants outside Bruges

This list contains restaurants in the greater Bruges area in Flanders (and beyond), where vegans are welcome. For an extensive list of restaurants IN BRUGES, see this page in the menu section on top of my blog.
At the bottom there’s also a list with restaurants that have replied they don’t (and won’t) serve a vegan menu.

Some points to take into account:

  • In my inquiries to know whether a certain restaurant will serve vegans, I explicitly state what vegans do and don’t eat, most often via e-mail. I ask whether it’s possible to be served a vegan menu, for two people. I repeat the info when making the reservation and when visiting the restaurant.
  • Listed prices give you an indication, but if you want to be sure, check their website. Listed prices are without drinks.
  • The restaurants are listed per province/city, and then there’s a list with restaurants outside Belgium. If I have written a blog about it, with a more elaborate review of our visit(s), you will find the bloglink next to it.
  • These lists are not exhaustive. They are based on my personal experiences, restaurants which I have visited, or which I would like to go visit one day! I focus mainly on finding restaurants in Western Flanders (around Bruges) and in Louvain (as I visit Leuven / Louvain a lot).
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know, so I can check it out and add them to the list!
  • I try to keep the list updated as much as possible, and rely on information given by the restaurants themselves and personal visits. But of course things can change over time (restaurants closed, no longer serving vegan, openings hours, etc). If you want to be absolutely sure, please check with the place itself in advance.
  • This is just a labour of love. I am not an organisation, I don’t get paid, or get any other personal gains from doing this. So any feedback is appreciated 🙂

RESTAURANTS: vegan, vegan options, vegan upon request


Beernem, d’Afspanning
Traditional restaurant, ‘yes a vegan menu is possible, if you request it a day in advance‘ (mail 2018/11) (originally 2013/11: no). We had a nice dinner. REVIEW 
Blankenberge, Medina
Moroccan, ‘vegetarian tajines, couscous, tapas. we don’t use animal fats‘ (mail 2018/07)
Blankenberge, Starckx
Gastronomical. ‘The chef will surprise you with vegan dishes. Just let us know 3 days in advance‘ (mail 2018/07)
Bredene, Duinenhoeve
Brasserie. One vegan dish standardly available, pasta with tofu and nuts (mail 2018/07)
Bredene, Harbour’s Kitchen
Traditional brasserie, some vegetarian and vegan options on menu (note: check whether pasta is vegan).
 Bredene, Lautrec
 ‘we always work with fresh ingredients and can make something for vegans on the spot‘. (mail 2017/7) Great!  (mail 2017/07)
   Brugge: see the list HERE
De Panne, Alfons Koffie & lunch,
Has a vegan bagel with cashewcream, portobello, courgette, and sweet potato, see this FBpost (May 2018)
De Panne, Coco Bar & Food
Breakfast and lunch. Some vegan options.
   De Panne, Moom
Breakfast/lunch. No vegan options for breakfast yet, but we hope to have them in the future. Lunch options are either vegetarian or vegan. (mail 2017/10)
Diksmuide, Babsies – CLOSED 2022
Vegan. Take away, opened 2020. On site restaurant opening later.
Waterenvuur Diksmuide, Water en Vuur
Restaurant on a rennovated barge, next to the IJzertoren en near the Dodengang. Several vegan options on the menu (eg seitan stew). Fries baked in plant oil. We’ve been here several times over the years. Recommended. REVIEW  and REVIEW2.
UPDATE 2019: No longer on boat. New location: Grote Dijk 6
eetcafetfolk9  Dranouter, Eetcafe ‘t Folk
Open Fri-Sat-Sun. Vegan burger standardly available. Other vegan options on request, ask the Wednesday before (mail 2017/11) – UPDATE -several vegan options now standardly available. REVIEW 
Eernegem, Annabelles – CLOSED
3 vegan options standardly available: vegan burger, pumpkin pie and Caesar salad. Also has a restaurant in Ghent (same menu).
   Ieper/ Ypres, Ariane
(Hotel / restaurant). One vegan dish: stew with seitan (26€). Fries are baked in vegetable oil (mail 2017/12)
BistroFino Ieper/Ypres, Bistro Fino – CLOSED
Been here once (2012). Vegetarian dishes on the menu, when we made the reservation, we asked whether vegan was possible, and that was ok. Bistro style, main dishes 15-20€.
   Ieper/Ypres, Captain Cook
Steak restaurant (so beware!). Vegetarian dish that can be veganized (mail 2017/10). Calzone with vegetables and tomato sauce, without the cheese.
   Ieper/ Ypres, De Fonderie
Brasserie. ‘Yes, we often serve vegan dishes, simply mention it when making the reservation‘ (mail 2017/12).
   Ieper, Ypres, Den Olifant
Menu changes weekly. The vegetarian spaghetti is always vegan (vegetables are baked in oil). Other dishes can often easily be veganised. Preferably mention it when making the reservation  (mail 2017/10). Nice lunch! REVIEW will follow
   Ieper / Ypres, Depot
Trendy shop and bistro, several dishes can be veganized: risotto: portobello, grilled vegetables, quinoa salad without the feta, tabouleh … (mail 2017/10). Sounds good!
Ieper / Ypres, Frituur De Bevoorrading
Fast food shop, snack bar. Fries are baked in plant based oil. Several vegan options.
lowc_ig1 Ieper / Ypres, Low-C
Salad bar. We had a nice salad. More vegan options would be nice. REVIEW
   Ieper / Ypres, Vauban – CLOSED
Café, menu changes every couple of months, mostly vegetarian dishes, some vegan or some dishes which can be adapted, preferably ask some days in advance (mail 2017/10)
Knokke-Heist, Ellis Gourmet Burger
Burger restaurant (chain). Vegan burger “beet the roots.” Additionally you could ask to omit yoghurt sauce on the sunny fresh carrot burger or omit mayonnaise and goat cheese on the portobello burger to make them vegan. Since January 2019 also serving the Beyond Meat burger.
Knokke-Heist, Le Pain Quotidien
 part of worldwide chain. Standardly vegan options (bread with spreads, mezze platter, falafels). Nice terrace. Friendly, but slow service. Food was ok. REVIEW
Knokke-Heist / Duinbergen, Sel Gris
Gastronomic restaurant. ‘Please make a reservation, at least 48 hours in advance’ (mail 2018/07)
Koksijde, Domino’s Pizza
American pizzeria chain with also several locations in Belgium. Take away and delivery. Limited seating.
Offers vegan cheese. Two vegan pizza’s: vegan margaritha & vegan spicey.  (since May 2018)
sollcress Koksijde, Soll Cress
On Belgian coast. Restaurant of hotel. Vegan available (as such mentionned on their website, only one dish though, mail 2016/12).
Kortrijk, Café BK6 CLOSED
Vegan restaurant. Menu changes weekly. Spaghetti, salads, curry.
dekleinkeuken9 Kortrijk/Courtrai, De KleinKeuken
Vegetarian bistro, vegan options standardly available. We’ve been here twice for lunch. Nice food, good for a light lunch. Uncomfy chairs though. REVIEWS
Kortrijk, Domino’s Pizza
American pizzeria chain with also several locations in Belgium. Take away and delivery. Limited seating.
Offers vegan cheese. Two vegan pizza’s: vegan margaritha & vegan spicey.  (since May 2018)
hawaiianpokebowlkortrijk1 Kortrijk, Hawaiian Poke Bowl
Chain with several Belgain locations. Two vegan bowls or compose your own. Really like it! Been here several times. REVIEW
Izycoffee Kortrijk, Izy Coffee
Coffee bar/ lunchroom with some vegan options. All pastry is vegan.
Kortrijk/ Courtrai, Gluti-No
Frituur (fast food shop/resto), with also glutenfree and vegan snacks (are baked separately) (info 2018/05).
HawaiianPokebowlKortrijk1 Kortrijk / Courtrai, Hawaiian Poke Bowl
On market place, near city hall. Chain. Two vegan bowls available, or compose your own. Have visited several times, love it! REVIEW
Kortrijk / Courtrai, Julia’s
Coffee, lunch bar. Has a vegan sandwich, vegan smoothie bowl and quinoasalad. (message 2018/11)
Kortrijk/Courtrai, Mary’s Irish Pub
Three vegan options on menu: curry with tempeh, salad with tempeh and burger. REVIEW
nectar4 Kortrijk/Courtrai, Nectar – CLOSED
Vegetarian restaurant with plat du jour that can be veganised. Main dish 10 or 11€. Request vegan in advance. Not really our cup of tea (spice it up!) REVIEW
Ooogst14 Kortrijk, Courtrai, Ooogst – CLOSED
Vegetarian restaurant in Hangar K (renovated industrial buildings). We had a nice lunch! REVIEW
   Kortrijk/Courtrai, Petit Paris
Eetcafé (pub style restaurant). No vegan options standardly available, but willing to veganise some pasta dishes. Main dishes 13-15€.  REVIEW
Kortrijk/ Courtrai, Sweet Nuts – Jany 2019 CLOSED
Lunch/coffee cafe, combined with organic store (food and body and care products). We had lunch here. Mixed feelings. Nice food, but long wait and bit grumpy service. REVIEW
table-a-amis Kortrijk/Courtrai, Table d’Amis,
Michelin*, exceptionally, they want to serve a vegan menu (only 3 course – 40€) – not on Saturday evening (mail 2013/11).
Kortrijk / Courtrai, Than Thai,
City center, some vegan options available. REVIEW (note: after our visit, I have read conflicting messages about which options are (not)vegan, so better double check!).
Menen, Dunya
Indian-Pakistan restaurant. Some vegetarian options which are vegan, or can be veganised.
   Nieuwpoort, Brasserie Casino
Curry with coconut milk and rice on menu, we also can make a salad, and have vegan icecream (mail 2018/07)
despelleplekke Oostduinkerke, De Spelleplekke
On the coastline, near French border. One vegan dish standardly available (listed as such on the menu): grilled eggplant.
Aquadelmar10 Oostende/Ostend, Agua del Mar – CLOSED end 2017
In Casino Kursaal, with sea view. Same chef as restaurant Ostend Queen (which since 2017 only takes group reservations). Vegan options standardly available. Was OK. REVIEW
   Oostende / Ostend, Albrecht – CLOSED
City center. Opened March 2018. Salads can be adjusted. Plant based milks available. Soup with vegetable stock. (mail 2018/03). Now also vegan breakfast on menu, and vegan pancakes!
variety of mushrooms with lentils, 20€ Oostende/Ostend, Bistro Belle de Jour
 City center. At the back of De Grote Post (new location since Feb 2019: Madridstraat). Vegetarian dishes that can easily be veganised (+/- 20€). If you mention vegan when making the reservation, will put in extra effort (mail 2016/05).  We liked it! REVIEW
bistro-plato Oostend/Ostend, Bistro Plat’O – CLOSED 2018
Christinastraat. One vegan dish standardly available. Telephoned to make a reservation, asked if we could also get a vegan starter or soup, and got a very chilly and annoyed ‘no I won’t make something special for you‘ response. Fair enough, but it immediately tempered my desire to visit, so in no hurry to go check it out. Maybe if you do, let us know how it went?
Bistro Albrecht is now on this location – CLOSED
bottargaig Oostende/Ostend, Bistro Bottarga
Next to the Casino Kursaal, overlooking the beach. Traditional restaurant. Couple of vegetarian dishes: thai red curry and vegetable ragout (but ask without noodles and with rice) are vegan. No vegan appetizers nor desserts. REVIEW
buagwen14 Oostende / Ostend, Bua & Gwen
 Thai restaurant. At beach promenade, near Rock Strangers (the red cube statues). ‘we have two vegan appetizers and all our main dishes are wok dishes that can be adapated‘ (mail 2019/07). REVIEW
Oostende/Ostend, Croqino’s
City center near Wapenplein, ‘we have one sweet croque. We hope to have a hearty one available soon ‘ (mail 2018/05). 2019: Croqino Tabouleh, with couscous (9,50€)
Oostende/Ostend, De Graankorrel – CLOSED 2016
Vegan, macrobiotic restaurant, city center, only open for lunch during weekdays, plat du jour in small (12,20€) or large size (13,20€). With nice vegan dessert! REVIEW and REVIEW(2)
UPDATE 2017: reopened as Organic Vision, at, Mijnplein 10, Ostend (no longer vegan restaurant though)
   Oostende/Ostend, Brasserie den Ensor
Brasserie at Vayamundo. The Veggie Paella is vegan (the veggie vol au vent isn’t, it is made with milk) (mail 2017/07)
2021degrotepost10 Oostende/Ostend, Cultuur Café De Grote Post
Nice Brasserie-style resto in the city center (near shopping street and Kursaal). Vegetarian items on menu which can easily be made vegan upon request. Very friendly. Fresh. REVIEW & REVIEW 2  
Oostende/Ostend, Damas
Syrian restaurant, city center, ‘yes we have vegan options’ (mail 2018/05)
De lunchbar Oostende/Ostend, De Lunchbar – CLOSED FALL 2016
Lunch and take away bar, with focus on vegetabes! Are happy to veganise their offer on request (mail 2016/05).
  Oostende/Ostende, Domino’s Pizza
American pizzeria chain with also several locations in Belgium. Take away and delivery. Limited seating.
Offers vegan cheese. Two vegan pizza’s: vegan margaritha & vegan spicey. (since May 2018).
   Oostende/Ostend, Frituur Franky
Fries are baked in plant based oil (palm oil). Vegan burger in vegan bun, baked on plate, with ketchup or brown bicky sauce. The mini spingrolls are vegan, but we cannot bake them seperately from the other snacks (mail 2017/08).
hawaiian-pokebowloostende5 Oostende, Ostend, Hawaiian Poké Bowl
On Wapenplein, city center. Has two vagen bowls, or you can compose your own. Tofu available. I like it!
  Oostende/Ostend, Histoires d’O
 Brasserie. On the beach promenade, near Casino Kursaal. ‘we have quinoa salad, grilled vegetables and pasta with vegetables’ (mail 2016/10). Visited Spring 2017. Enjoyable lunch, pie from Madam bakster. Main dish 15€. PS: the pasta pesto isn’t vegan afterall. REVIEW
Oostende / Ostend, H-Tandoori
Torhoutsesteenweg. Has several vegetarian dishes on menu, some seem vegan (need to check).
Izycoffee Oostende / Ostend, Izy Coffee
Coffebar / lunchroom. With vegan pastry and some vegan lunch options. SEE IG POST
 Oostende/Ostend, Jilles
Burgerbar (there’s also one in Bruges and Ghent). On Beach promenade, near Casino Kursaal. Update 2019: seperate vegan menu available! With four vegan burgers, vegan nachos, shared vegan platter, kids menu, vegan dessert. Sweet potato fries are baked in 100% vegetable oil (mail 2019/04). REVIEW 
Oostende/Ostend, KNAPP – CLOSED 2021
Konterdam (zandvoordesteenweg). Has one vegan lunch option standardly available (vegetables with quinoa). Other dishes can be veganised on request.
  Oostende / Ostend, La Vie
City center, near harbour. ‘The red curry and fajita can be made vegan, we also have vegan/glutenfree pasta, papadums & vegan sushi’ (mail 2018/07). Been here twice so far, liked it a lot! REVIEW 
letouquet4 Oostende / Ostend, Le Touquet
Tea room/brasserie on the beach promenade (not far from the main shopping street): vegan snacks (croques, pancakes, etc) standardly available. Visited in Fall 2016. Disappointed. Croques served with non-vegan prepackaged sauce (despite being served as ‘yes they are vegan‘). REVIEW
marhaba Oostende/Ostend, Marhaba – CLOSED 2018
Middle Eastern – Mediterreanan style, in the east side of the city center (Visserskwartier). ‘tajine with olives vegetables, tajine with vegetables and grapes, or plumps, almonds and vegetables‘ (mail 2016/10)
Oostende/ Ostend, Marina
Gastronomic, Oosteroever. ‘Yes we are prepared to make a vegan menu. Request it 1 week in advance’ (mail 2019/07)
  Oostende/ Ostend, Mamacita
On beach promenade. Only takeway and delivery. Website mentions one vegan wrap with hummus.
   Oostende/Ostend, Namastee Tandoori – CLOSED 2018
Nepalese and Indian.  The vegetarian dishes are vegan or can easily be veganised (mail 2017/10)
Oostende/ Ostend, Nauti – CLOSED
 Lunch bar, city center not far from Casino Kursaal. Two vegan options standardly available. Pasta Cumin, pasta curcuma (ask without honey). Soup of the day mostly vegan too.
UPDATE 2020: no longer serving food. Clothes shop.
Oostende / Ostend, Ohana PokéBowls Groentenmarkt. Compose your own bowl (with tofu option) or choose the vegan one from menu. REVIEW
Oostende/ Ostend, Onno
Pizza place. Near beach promenade. One vegan pizza standardly available, with vegan cheese, fafafel, eggplant, hummus, etc. (16€).
   Oostende/ Ostend, Organic Vision
 Organic restaurant, in city center with vegan options. Vegan plat du jour and sugar free and gluten free desserts. Same chef/owner who previously had vegan restaurant De Graankorrel. We like it!  REVIEW
ostendqueen Oostende/Ostend, Ostend Queen – CLOSED end 2017
Gastronomical restaurant. In the Kursaal, on the top floor, overviewing the sea and the beach promenade. Vegan menu standardly available, according to this FB post!
UPDATE Feb 2017: From now on, Ostend Queen only accepts reservations for groups of min 25. On the same location (in Kursaal) is restaurant Agua del Mar (see above), same chef, with vegan options.
   Oostende / Ostend, Pizza en Pasta Poppy’s
2017/08: Pizza with vegetables, without cheese, crust is vegan – . Pasta contains egg though. Possibly more vegan options in future (mail 2017/08). Visited in Summer 2018. Nice pizza, loads of vegetables, missed some vegan cheese though REVIEW 
UPDATE 2020/01
: several reports on social media that the pizza crust is NOT vegan. I tried verifying with the restaurant (mail & phone) but got no reply.
   Oostende / Ostend, Sanseveria Bagelsalon – CLOSED 2020
The other (original) Sanseveria Bagelsalon is in Bruges. Small place. Breakfast and lunch. Vegan options – or veganisable – are labelled (two bagels, one salad). REVIEW
Sassys Oostende/Ostend, Sassy’s – CLOSED – now shop
Pizza & pasta bar, vintage, vegan options on the menu, outside of city center (Stene), main dishes 10-15€. Been here a dozen times over the years, always for lunch. Pizzas are nice, we don’t fancy the pastas, nor the pastry. Sometimes very slow service.
Oostende, Ostend, Taste of India
Several vegan options clearly indicated on menu. On beach promenade (near ‘klein strand’).
TheemeteenVerhaal5 Oostende, Ostend, Thee met een verhaal – CLOSED 2020
Tea house, vegan pie available. Great selection of teas. Near Casino Kursaal. REVIEW
Oostende/Ostend, Toi, Moi et la Mer
More gastronomic. ‘No problem to make vegan menu. Request it two days in advance’ (mail 2018/07). We were here for lunch. REVIEW
Oostende/Ostend, Upstairs Streetwise Kitchen
City center. Bar/restaurant from Upstairs hotel. Snacks, burgers etc. Has several vegan labelled options on menu (vegan burger, falafel, pitta, garlic bread).
UPDATE 2019: no longer restaurant, only hotel
Oostende/Ostend, Yak Tibetaans restaurant
(previously Sneeuw Tearoom), On the beach promenade. Menu lists vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Check for vegan. REVIEW
Oostkamp, Boldershof
Large venue for weddings, etc. Also restaurant. ‘Yes, we can provide something vegan, preferably ask it two days in advance. Otherwise we can also serve a salad‘ (mail 2020/08)
Oostkamp, Gelato Queen
Ice cream salon. Several vegan flavour available. REVIEW
Oostkamp, Pasta Puur
Vegetarian lunch restaurant, also take away. Nice bright place. Cheap. Would love to see some more vegan options though.  REVIEW + IG post of lovely take-away!
Boury Roeselare, Boury
Michelin*, vegan menu possible (mail 2013/12), not on Saturday evening, menu 95€ (supplement for lunch bc of special request). Request in advance.
Roeselare, De Peuzelaere
Pub style resto, Traditional Flemish dishes (meaning: lots of meat). Two vegan dishes standardly available (labelled on menu: vegan grill sausage, vegan burger (16€). Opening mid June 2018.
Roeselare, Domino’s Pizza
American pizzeria chain with also several locations in Belgium. Take away and delivery. Limited seating. Offers vegan cheese. Two vegan pizza’s: vegan margaritha & vegan spicey.  (since May 2018)
   Roeselare, Flooh’s Homemade Burger
 Burgerbar, 1 vegan burger standardly available, 2 others can be veganised + several vegan sauces standardly available, and other vegan side dishes too. Fries (in several varieties) are baked in plant oil. (mail 2017/08). We had a lovely lunch. Recommended! REVIEW
   Roeselare, Hummus the Original
Middle Eastern style. Several vegan options standardly available falafel, hummus, foel. Special vegan menu for vegans coming soon (mail 2017/07).
  RoeselareMister Spaghetti
, Chain, several locations in Belgium. Menu on website mentions 3 vegan dishes (filter vegan).
   Roeselare, Noorderhuis
Mexican restaurant. Vegan options mentioned on their website. Went here for a Sunday lunch. 25€ for lunch menu (starter + main + coffee or tea). Loved it! Great value for money. REVIEW
   Roeselare, Saladette
Salad bar. Menu options change daily, and there is always something possible (mail 2017/10)
   Roeselare, Tina’s
Coffee/tea house, with pastry, light lunch. Tomatosoup is always vegan. Brownies and banana cake are always vegan. Vegan quiche. (mail 2017/10)
   Roeselare, ‘t Orakel
Greek restaurant, vegan menu mentioned on website (moussaka, stuffed eggplant).
Ruiselede, Charbon
More gastronomic. ‘We are vegan friendly. Just mention it when making the reservation’ (mail 2018/07)
Tumis Tahu Taoge, 12,60€ Tielt, Lemon Grass – CLOSED 2017
Indonesian restaurant, with several vegetable dishes on the menu. REVIEW
   Torhout, El Gato Negro
Spanish music and tapas bar. Vegetarian dish which can be veganised. Preferably ask it in advance (mail 2017/10).
Torhout, Pizza Break
Pizza place. Has one vegan pizza standardly availble (with vegan cheese). REVIEW
DePostelein Waregem, De Postelein – CLOSED FALL 2016
Organic restaurant. Vegan dishes standard available, and if you ask in advance, the plat du jour can be veganised. Never got here yet, bc it always seems to be closed when we want to go! Main dishes 18-20€.
Westende, Da Vinci
Traditional sea-side restaurant. One vegan option standardly available: vegan vol-au-vent. Fries are baked in plantbased oil. Salad with vegan chick-pieces also possible (mail 2020/07).
HertogJan2 Zedelgem, Hertog JanCLOSED DEC 2018 Gastronomical, Michelin***, menus from 100€ to 200€. Vegan possible, if it requires special ingredients +25€. Request upon making the reservation. If someone wants to sponsor us, so we can go check it out, let us know! 😉
la-brasserie7 Zedelgem, La Brasserie
Traditional brasserie with several vegan options standardly available: vegan spaghetti, burger, lasagne, vegan milkshakes, icecream, … REVIEW 
planb2 Zedelgem, Plan B
Take away, open 24/7, with vegan dishes and desserts. From Hashtag Food (Brugge). Love it! REVIEW


Aalst, Bistro Denderend Lekker
Has several vegan options standardly available, like cheeze croquettes, vegan vol-au-vent and also vegan desserts. REVIEW
Aalst, Ellis Gourmet Burger
Burger restaurant (chain). Vegan burger “beet the roots.” Additionally you could ask to omit yoghurt sauce on the sunny fresh carrot burger or omit mayonnaise and goat cheese on the portobello burger to make them vegan.
Since January 2019 also serving the Beyond Meat burger.
AalstMister Spaghetti.
Chain of restaurants with several locations in Belgium. Menu on website mentions 3 vegan dishes (filter vegan).
 Aalter, ‘t Vijfde seizoen
Willing to make a vegan menu, request it when making the reservation (mail 2016/05). It was fantastic! One of our best gastronomic experiences! REVIEW.  REVIEW2 REVIEW3 (from take away menu)
Adegem (Maldegem), Dorp 56
Yes, we can provide something vegan. Just let us know in advance‘ (mail 2018/04)
Adegem (Maldegem) Pasta La Vista
the pasta can contain traces of egg, but we have a glutenfree option. The Thai Red curry saus is vegan’. (mail 2018/07)
  Bazel, Hofke van Bazel
near Sint-Niklaas, Gastronomic. Vegetarian menu standardly available, veganised upon request (when making reservation) (mail 2017/08).
   Brakel, De Vijf Seizoenen
near Geraardsbergen, Gastronomic. Vegan menu is possible, if you ask it a week in advance (mail 2018/01)
 Markiesdesalade1  Deurle, Markies de Salade – CLOSED end 2018
(near Ghent) Vegan restaurant, opened in Fall 2015. We went here for our 26th anniversary and had a nice dinner. REVIEW
 amatasughent8  Gent / Ghent, Amatsu
Japanese restaurant, city center. Vegetarian menu, which can easlily be veganised. We had a nice dinner. REVIEW
Avalon Gent, Avalon – CLOSED Summer 2017
Everything is vegan (except for milk with coffee). Organic. Only open for lunch. Gastro dinners every first weekend of the month. Plat du jour and other dishes, 15-16€. Nice terrace in the back. Been here dozens of times over the years. Recommended.
 baritaliano3  Gent / Ghent, Bar ItalianoCLOSED 2018
Italian place with some vegan options or vegetarian items which can be veganised. Vegan icecream! Very friendly and happy to check for ingredients. REVIEW
Gent / Ghent, BEO Versbar – is now ‘Knol & Kool’
Vegan breakfast/ lunchbar (inside an organic shop – the shop is not vegan though). Shop has waste free containers with nuts, seeds, etc. REVIEW
 defobie Gent / Ghent, De Fobie
There does not appear to be anything vegan on the menu, but they are willing to make a vegan menu, when requested a couple of days in advance. The website mentions Ann (owner) is specifically interested in vegan cuisine (and she is vegan herself, mail 2015/01).
Gent / Ghent, Epiphany’s kitchen
All dishes are vegan and gluten free. Possibility to add non-vegan extras to the dishes. Instagram worthy setting 😉 We had lunch. REVIEW
 Gent/ Ghent, Foodstorms- CLOSED
Pop-up on different locations. Gastronomic dinners. 50 euro for 5 course dinner. REVIEW
Gent/ Ghent, Full Circle Coffee
Vegan coffee and tea house with vegan pastry. Near ‘t Zuid. REVIEW
tn_hawaiianpokebowlgent2 Gent / Ghent, Hawaiian Poke Bowl
Chain BE, two vegan bowls standardly available, or make your own (with tempeh). Healthy and fresh. Love it. REVIEW
karbon8 Gent / Ghent, Karbon
We were here on the day it opened (Oct 2020). Nice pie from Chez Mariette. REVIEW
Komkommertijd Gent/ Ghent, Komkommertijd – CLOSED
Vegan restaurant, all you can eat buffet for 13,50€ or 16€ (dinner & WE). Also take away. Make a reservation! Recommended. REVIEW
Le Botaniste, menu, counter  Gent/ Ghent, Le Botaniste
Vegan bistro/fastfood (self service). From the same founder as Le Pain Quotidien. Nice but not overwhelming. Uncomfortable seatings and very crowed atmosphere  REVIEW1 and REVIEW 2
LekkerGeC Gent / Ghent, Lekker GEC 
Vegetarian restaurant. Self service, vegan buffet, you pay according to the weight on your plate. Next to Sint Pieters train station (update 2017: moved!!). Been here several times over the years. Quality varies from visit to visit.
 lofgent  Gent / Ghent, Lof
Stylish restaurant. More gastronomical. Vegetarian menu which is made vegan upon request. Liked it, although some minor hicups (no vegan bread, made a non vegan cappucino, looooong wait for the tea and coffee) REVIEW. Second visit. Food was nice, although same isues. Very chaotic service. REVIEW2
Update Fall 2018: new concept.
No longer vegetarian menu standardly available. For vegan: make reservation.
Update 2022: vegan menu standardly available
lokaalgent7 Gent / Ghent, Lokaal
Vegetarian Tea house, with vegan options. Using mainly local ingredients. It couldn’t really charm us. Great concept, not expensive (main dish 6€), but the execution needs a lot of upgrading and finetuning before we would consider visiting again. REVIEW
ludogent8 Gent / Ghent, LUDO
Vegan resto/bar in city center, near Vrijdagsmarkt. This was disappointing :-/ REVIEW
Gent / Ghent, Madonna
Vegetarian restaurant in city centre near Sint-Michiels church. Tapas menu (21€ pp). Some strange combinations. All in all OK dinner. REVIEW
 Gent / Ghent, Mie Vie 
Near Vrijdagmarkt. Vegan brunch/lunch. Sandwiches, paninis. Nice light lunch. REVIEW
Seitan stew with croquettes, Mosquito Coast, Ghent Gent / Ghent, Mosquito Coast
Omni restaurant with one vegan option (some of the veggie dishes can be veganised too). Spacious place. Seitan stew with croquettes was nice. Don’t like the stuffed zebra head on the wall though. REVIEW
Gent / Ghent, Naturell – CLOSED
Sister restaurant of ‘t Aards Paradijs in Nevele. Gastronomic. Nice lunch. REVIEW
Otomat_Leuven4 Gent / Ghent, Otomat
Chain (BE) with mainly pizzas. Has 3 vegan pizzas standardly available. We live the dirty vegan and Las vega! REVIEW
 pandagent14  Gent / Ghent, Panda
Organic restaurant: serves fish + vegetarian dishes. It’s been years since I’ve been to this restaurant, used to go here a lot in the nineties!  Serves a typical old-school vegetarian Plat du jour, which can be served vegan. Organic shop in front.
2020-pieterjan-lint4 Gent / Ghent, Pieter-Jan Lint 
Gastronomic. Opening restaurant in 2021 in Merelebeke. Had a menu at a party REVIEW and take away for Christmas REVIEW2.
See Amaranth in Merelbeke
   Gent / Ghent, Publiek
Traditional menu. vegan is possible. Request it when making the reservation (mail 2018/01).
   Gent / Ghent, Qosy Green
No sit down restaurant, but vegan Thai take away and catering. We had a lovely lunch. Great value for money. REVIEW
sinsin4 Gent / Ghent, Sin Sin
New vegan restaurant at Kouter. Fastfood style. Liked the food, setting not so cosy. REVIEW 
soulkitchen9 Gent /Ghent, Soul Kitchen
Vegan restaurant near Sint-Anna plein. More fine dining. Sharing dishes. Loved it. REVIEW + REVIEW2 will follow
VoltaGent Gent/ Ghent, Volta 
There seems to be nothing vegan on the menu, but Volta mailed us vegan is possible (2013/12). Want to check it out!
   Gent / Ghent, Vrijmoed
Fine dining. 4 course vegetable menu is 69€ (more courses possible). Vegan is possible, notify when making the reservation (mail 2017/08)
yasai4 Gent, Yasai
Vegan catering. Loved it! REVIEW
 zukini6  Gent, Zukini – CLOSED Winter 2017
Saladbar in Overpoortstraat. Several vegan options. Vegan pastry. Nice. cheap. REVIEW.
 DeBaronie6 Lovendegem, De Baronie
There’s nothing vegan on the menu. We were here for a communion feast, and got a nice 3-course menu (requested in advance). REVIEW
Maldegem, Little India
Indian restaurant, several vegetarian dishes, some are vegan or can be veganised ‘we have several vegan custommers, so that is no problem‘ (mail 2018/07)
Merelbeke, Amaranth
Vegan fine dining. 125€ menu. Chef Pieter-Jan Lint. REVIEW will follow
   Nevele, ‘t Aards Paradijs
Gastronomic. Vegetable menu is nearly all vegan and can easily be veganised (but advised to request it when making the reservation). Homemade seitan. Mushroom burger, eggplant schnitzel, … (mail 2017/08). 75 euro for multi course menu. One of the best gastronomic dinners we ever had. REVIEW 
eviedemment5 Ronse, Evidemment
Vlaamse Ardennen. Lunch bar in renovated church. We had a nice lunch. REVIEW
  Sint-Niklaas, Grenoble – CLOSED
Vegetarian restaurant. One plat du jour. Main dish 10- 11 €. One of the saddest restaurant experiences we ever had 😦


Leuven / Louvain, Alfalfa
Vegetarian restaurant. We had a nice light lunch. REVIEW
   Leuven / Louvain, Annapurna
Indian. Some vegan dishes standardly available, and veggie dishes that can be veganised. Mentioned in a FB group.
Leuven/ Louvain, Baracca
Italian restaurant. ‘We have some vegan options, but they are limited. We cannot offer a vegan menu‘ (mail 2018/03)
 bistropiazza2  Leuven / Louvain, Bistro Piazza
Since 2017 renovated and new name: Grand Cafe Industrie. Right opposite the train station. Some vegan options standardly available REVIEW
   Leuven / Louvain, Cafe Entrepot
Vegan pumkin lasagne 13€. Mentioned in a FB group. Still need to check it out!
   Leuven / Louvain, Café Manger
Has a vegan option standardly available since August 2017. We were the first to try it out, as we were just in Leuven that day REVIEW
darzaleuven2 Leuven / Louvain, Dar Za
Vegetarian Plaestinian restaurant. Nice falafels. very friendly. REVIEW
  Leuven / Louvain, Ellis Gourmet Burger
Burger restaurant (chain). Vegan burger “beet the roots.” Additionally you could ask to omit yoghurt sauce on the sunny fresh carrot burger or omit mayonnaise and goat cheese on the portobello burger to make them vegan. REVIEW 
Since January 2019 also serving the Beyond Meat burger.
Greenway Louvain, interior  Leuven / Louvain, Greenway
Vegetarian fast food restaurant. Vegan options clearly indicated. City center. Been here several times over the years. Nice. REVIEWREVIEW2 Visit in 2018, tasted the Beyond Meat burger. REVIEW3
hawaiian_poke_bowl9 Leuven / Louvain, Hawaiian Poké Bowl
Chain with several locations in BE. Great healthy food, lots of plastic though. REVIEW
   Leuven / Louvain, Het Strand
Vegetarian with vegan options. Opened end 2017. REVIEW, REVIEW2 .
   Leuven / Louvain, House of Lalibela
Ethiopian restaurant. Vegan standardly available. 40 euro for shared platter for two. Very friendly place. It was good, but overall a bit monotone flavours. REVIEW
 Leuven / Louvain, Karamna – Dec 2019 CLOSED
Lebanese. ‘You can have all the cold appetizers except number 5. From warm appetizers you can have number 12,13,16,17,21,23,25 (mail 2017/07).
We were here for dinner, loved the food!  REVIEW 
Leuven / Louvain, Kingslize
Part of pizzachain with several location in Belgium. Vegan pizzas standardly available. REVIEW 
   Leuven / Louvain, La Divina Commedia – CLOSED
Italian restaurant, gastronomical. Vegan menu on request (ask at least a week in advance). 3 course menu for 45€. It was nice. REVIEW (visit April 2017).
UPDATE: Passed by 2020. restaurant was closed, another business.
 Leuven / Louvain, Lasagnerie Löven – CLOSED 2020
All kinds of lasagne. One vegan option standardly available (lasagne with lentils) REVIEW 
Leuven / Louvain, Leos Pancakes
Tea room/lunch options, with several vegan pancakes. Huge portion! REVIEW
   Leuven /louvain, Life Bar
Vegan breakfast & lunch bistro. We had a nice light lunch. REVIEW . Been here several times, always nice lunch!
lepainquotidienlouvain3  Leuven / Louvain, Le Pain Quotidien
Part of international chain, organic bakery/bistro with several vegan options standardly available. There’s also one in Bruges. Went here for breakfast. REVIEW
 Lukemieke Leuven / Louvain, Lukemieke
Vegetarian restaurant. Lunch. Plat du jour can be veganised (the non-vegan items are left out). I once asked whether any of the cakes was vegan, and the waitress replied ‘no, but the cake only contains a little bit of egg!‘. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been here, but it was not my cup of tea. Old school vegetarian plat du jour.
Smoked seitan with carrots and sjalots, 17,5€ Leuven / Louvain, Mykene
Several vegan options or vegetarian dishes that can be veganised. We liked it. REVIEW and REVIEW(2)
lunch at Noordoever, Louvain  Leuven / Louvain, Noordoever
Vegetarian restaurant, opened 2015. Spacious place, north side of town near docks. Buffet, pay per weight. A bit expensive, but we liked it! Been here several times.  REVIEW and REVIEW2
Leuven / Louvain, Otomat 
Part of chain of restaurants serving mainly pizza. Several vegan pizzas standardly available. We like them! REVIEW Been here multiple times!
 Leuven / Louvain, Palmyra
Lebanese Syrian restaurant, with vegan options clearly indicated on menu. Sounds good!
plantdragon16 Leuven / Louvain, Plant Dragon
Vegan coffeeshop with cakes, pastry. Loved it! Nice terrace at the back. Visit several times. REVIEW
Tabiloo1 Leuven, Louvain, Tabi Loo
Vegan restaurant, fasfood style. We had a nice lunch. REVIEW
   Leuven / Louvain, Taste
More fine dining. Willing to make a fantastic vegan menu, please ask a day in advance (mail 2017/11). 3 course menu 45€. I liked it! REVIEW 
 Leuven / Louvain, Thai House
Snack Bar, also take away. Cheaper. Has a seperate veggie menu, of which most seems to be vegan. Still need to check it out!
 LovingHut Leuven / Louvain, The Loving Hut Classic – CLOSED JUNE 2018
Vegan restaurant, part of worldwide chain. Small place, nice food, but rather fast food style. Been here a couple of times. OK. Uncomfortable seatings though (update: 2017: the stools have been replaced with chairs! :-). Review of our last visit (March 2017)  REVIEW
Loving Hut Veganerie, Louvain Leuven / Louvain, The Loving Hut Veganerie – CLOSED 2020
Vegan restaurant, part of worldwide chain. Big place, terrace in front. Fast food style: burgers/pizza. Been here a couple of times. Uncomfortable seatings. 3 REVIEWS of Veganerie
 Leuven / Louvain, The New Holy Cow
Indian. Some vegan dishes standardly available and some vegetarian ones can be veganised (mentioned in FB group).
   Leuven / Louvain, T&Ko – CLOSED 2020
Vegan teahouse. Breakfast and lunch. And cakes! We had a nice light lunch. Some music in the background would be better for the atmosphere though.  REVIEW
Update: moved to another location (2018 – same street)
Cashew Zuiders / Southern Cashew, 5,5€ Leuven / Louvain, Vegaverso – CLOSED Summer 2018
Vegan sandwich bar, lunch. Nice spacious place, lots of homemade breadspreads and vegan desserts! around 7-10€. Recommended!
   Leuven / Louvain, Zarza
Gastronomical. vegetarian menu standardly available, vegan menu on request (make reservation). We loved it! REVIEW 


LovingHut_LouvainLN1 Loving Hut, Louvain la Neuve
Vegan restaurant, worldwide chain. Inside shopping mall. Lovely lunch/food, but not so cosy location. REVIEW


Antwerp, Bites and Wines 2020: CLOSED
Vegan restaurant open since end of 2014 (no longer vegan since summer of 2018)
UPDATE: From April 2017 on: no longer dinner, but only lunch and desserts UPDATE: From Summer of 2018: vegetarian and vegan tapas for dinner.
broersjulienne5 Antwerp, De Broers van Julienne
Website states ‘vegetarian kitchen’, but they also serve fish. Vegan dishes standardly available. Main dishes +/- 16€. Been here twice. Disappointing. Lack of understanding of what vegan means and poor service. REVIEW
   Antwerp, Graanmarkt 13
More gastronomic dining. Standard vegetarian menu available, request vegan when making the reservation. Would love to go here one day!
a piece of each cake ... :-) Antwerp, Greenway
Vegetarian fast food restaurant (there is also a Greenway in Ghent and Louvain, and in the train station of Brussels). Vegan options clearly indicated. City center, Groenplaats.
Spacious place. Been here for vegan cakes. REVIEW and for a quick dinner REVIEW2
 Lombardia Antwerp, Lombardia – CLOSED 2018
Snackbar/fastfood. Called themselves a vegetarian restaurant but also serve meat and fish. Main dishes 12-18€ This was a popular, trendy place, ‘vintage’ look. Not really my style though, too crowded, overpriced, uncomfortable seating and often very unfriendly: Snap! REVIEW
puravidatacos2 Antwerp, Pura Vida Tacos
Mexican style vegan restaurant. Loved it! REVIEW
Antwerp, Récollets – CLOSED Summer 2019
Vegan restaurant. City center. Nice menu. We had the cheese platter and cheese croquettes (yes, all vegan!). Loved it. REVIEW
rosenobel6 Antwerp, Rosenobel – CLOSED
Often referred to as a ‘vegetarian restaurant’, but it also has some meat dishes (chicken) – but see update. Vegan dishes standardly available, 14-18€ City Center, Cathedral. Nice. REVIEW
Fall 2016: reopened! Now buffet style (vegetarian with vegan options)
2022: CLOSED. Plant B now on this location
 WildProject  Antwerp, Wild Project – CLOSED
Breakfast, brunch/lunch Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. Lovely light lunch. REVIEW
groenendijkweert5 Bornem, Groenendijk Weert
Traditional brasserie/restaurant with seperate vegan menu, dishes like stew and vol-au-vegan. REVIEW
bnutbrasschaat6 Brasschaat, B-nut
Vegetarian restaurant with clearly labelled vegan options. With waffle like burgers (wurgers) REVIEW
 FunkyJungle10  Mechelen, Funky Jungle
Vegetarian restaurant, vegan options (UPDATE: as from 2017 reportedly fully vegan). At the foot of the Sint-Rombouts cathedral. Open since June 2016. Nice terrace. Light lunch. REVIEW. Nice lunch REVIEW2
Red chilli curry paste with coconutmilk, pineapple, tofu and mushrooms, Mechelen, Lan Na Thai – CLOSED 2018
Thai restaurant, 5 min walk from market place. Vegan dishes on menu. REVIEW
NOTE: apparently uses fish sauce in most vegetarian dishes. So be warned and check and double check!
Mechelen, Passade
Several vegan options. Tofu thai curry, fried ‘sushi’, superfood salad, pasta or vegan wok. (mail 2019/02)


dageraad1 Bocholt, B&B Dageraad
Request vegan when making the reservation. Wonderful breakfast! REVIEW
honderprocentmianne8 Genk, Honderdprocentmianne – CLOSED 2022
Vegan restaurant near C-Mine. We had a lovely lunch. REVIEW
Hasselt, All About Eve – CLOSED Nov 2019
Concept store. Serves vegan dishes, natural and/or vegan cosmetics. Visited in June 2018. Nice lunch. REVIEW
Levensboom Hasselt, De Levensboom
Vegan options a la carte. De Levensboom is often labelled a vegetarian restaurant, however they also serve fish (UPDATE: since 2014 not anymore!). Great vegan dishes though! We were last here in 2010.
Lento4 Hasselt, Lento
Vegan restaurant, gastronomic dining at a very reasonable price!  REVIEW 
lunch  Hasselt, Le Pain Quotidien
Part of international chain, organic bakery/bistro. There are also two LPQ in in Bruges. With several vegan options standardly available.  REVIEW
 LoveandFood14  Hasselt, Love and Food – CLOSED Sept 2016
Menu has (next to dishes with fish) vegan options standardly available. New place, opened June 2016, REVIEW
maisonmathis4 Hasselt, Maison Mathis
At the canal. Vegan options on menu. Beautiful location, but way overpriced and not friendly REVIEW
   Hasselt, Vous lé Vous
Gastronomical (check openingshours, only Fri and Sat). Vegan menu on request (ask at least on Tuesday before). (mail 2017/08).
gastvrijheid6 Leopoldsburg, De Gastvrijheid – CLOSED – now catering
Vegan options a la carte, vegetarian menu can be veganised (request when making the reservation, preferably a week in advance). 3 course (32€) or 5 course (42€). We were here in 2013. REVIEW (in Dutch) on my other blog Graswortels.
papapizzaburger2 Neeroeteren (Maaseik), PapaPizza& Burger
Take away with vegan fastfood (with homemade vegan cheeze). REVIEW


brewdog5 Brussels, Brewdog
Next to central train station. Pub style resto with fast food. Had a hotdog. REVIEW
Brussels, Café Caberdouche
Close to Cirque Royal. Very limited vegan options. We only went here because there are hardly any other options for vegans in the area. Only a handful of options available for vegans: pickled vegetables and olives. Possibly the nachos (without the cheddar) too.
Chandigarh6a Brussels, Chandigarh
Vegetarian Indian restaurant near Cirque Royal. We had a lovely dinner. REVIEW
 dentheepot  Brussels, Den Theepot
Vegan restaurant. Near Bourse. Plat du jour, only open for lunch. Above organic shop.
exkibrusselagora6  BrusselsEXKi Agora
Part of fast food chain Belgium (most Brussels) and some in Lille (France). Also one in train station of Bruges. Some vegan options (soup, salad, sandwich). No vegan desserts (except fresh fruit). Nice lunch. Toilets were very dirty and smelly though. REVIEW
 Fanny Thai7  Brussels, Fanny Thai
Near the Bourse and Concert Hall AB. Bad experience. Oyster sauce in dish listed as vegetarian. We will not visit again! REVIEW
 greenwaybrussel4  Brussels, Greenway Bruxelles Midi / Brussel Zuid – CLOSED 2020
Stall in the train station of Brussels Midi/Zuid. Part of chain of vegetarian restaurants and brand of products. Vegan options clearly indicated. Some seating places. REVIEW
Brussels, Kokob
Ethiopian restaurant in city center. Very friendly, nice food, nice decor, but with traces of cheese on our shared platter. Real bummer. REVIEW
Brussels, Les 4 jeudis
Vegan restaurant, NE side of town, just outside the city center. Only open for lunch. Plat du jour. Long wait. REVIEW
Main dish  Brussels, Little Asia
Well know Asian restaurant in the city center of Brussels. The appetizer was promising and exciting, the main dishes and desserts disappointing (and too expensive) REVIEW
Moonfood7  Brussels, Moonfood – CLOSED beginning 2019
Vegan restaurant (started as a raw vegan restaurant, but no longer fully raw). Was hoping to go here (Spring 2015), but – despite e-mail them about their opening hours, and getting confirmation they were going to be open … it was closed :-/
Went again in Fall 2015. Nice food, nice bright and spacious space. Buffet was disappointing, many dishes were nearly empty (late afternoon) REVIEW
Brussels, Otomat
Chain of restaurants serving mainly pizza. Several vegan pizzas standardly available. Nice snack before going to a show at the Ancienne Belgique. Love the vegan pizzas! REVIEW
Brussels, The Loving Hut Express
Vegan food truck, city center near St Michiels and Goedele cathedral. We had a lovely tiramisu.
Brussels, The Avocado Show
Opened Nov 2018, avocado based restaurant. Near La Bourse (stock market). Spacious, modern, instagram worthy 😉 We had a nice light dinner (more sandwhich snack like). REVIEW
   Brussels, The Sister 
In an alley leading to the central Market Square. Vegan options standardly available! Also vegan waffles. We had mixed feelings about the food though and not so friendly. REVIEW
Brussels, Veganwaf’
Not really a restaurant. take away vegan waffle place, in Gallery Agora (near central Market) REVIEW 


   Liège, Como en Casa
Vegetarian restaurant, opened 2016. We had a very nice lunch! Appetizers and dessert was a bit expensive though (but large portions). Varied and original. Recommended! REVIEW


Avocado bagel, with hummus  Alkmaar (Netherlands), Bagels & Beans
Part of a chain on several locations throughout the Netherlands. fastfood brunch style. Vegan options. We liked it. REVIEW
BungaMelati Alphen (Netherlands), Bunga Melati
Indonesian restaurant, vegan dishes a la carte, vegetarian rice table which can be made vegan, 27,5€. We loved it. (visit in 2013)
 Bolhoed Amsterdam (Netherlands), De Bolhoed
– CLOSED 2019
Vegetarian restaurant, with several vegan options. Nice food, nothing culinary special but enjoyable. We liked the terrace in front, so we could have lunch in the sunshine (2013) 
vegetarischetraiteur  Amsterdam (Netherlands), De Vegetarische Traiteur – CLOSED
Snacks (burgers, pita, but also salads). Lots of vegan options. Take away or seated. Cheap. We liked it! REVIEW
eazieamsterdam4 Amsterdam (Netherlands), Eazie
At Bijlmer. Had take away before going to a show at Ziggo Dome. REVIEW
GoldenTemple Amsterdam (Netherlands), Golden Temple
Indian Vegetarian restaurant, with vegan options. Disappointing. There were very few vegan options. Service was extremely slow and erratic and the place looked dirty. We have had better Indian vegan dishes in regular Indian restaurants than in this place (2013)
Jinso, Arena Boulevard Amsterdam (Netherlands), Jinso
Loungebar and restaurant. Big place, near the Amsterdam Arena, The Heineken Music Hall and the Ziggo Dome. Vegan dish available. We visited again in 2015, and got the same dish (which is nice). REVIEW
Amsterdam (Netherlands), Koffie ende Koeck
Vegan lunch café place. We had some cakes. It was nice! REVIEW
Amsterdam (Netherlands), Maoz Muntplein
Small vegan take away in the city center/ Nice cheap. But very cold inside (it was freezing!) REVIEW
Amsterdam (Netherlands), Meatless District – Da Costabuurt.
We had a nice lunch. REVIEW
Amsterdam (Netherlands), Mediamatic ETEN
Not far from central train station. Nice view over the water. Vegan pizzas on the terrace! REVIEW
 SamaSebo Amsterdam (Netherlands), Sama Sebo
Indonesian restaurant, not far from Rijksmuseum. We didn’t look at the menu, just ordered a vegan ricetabe, and got this. Yummie. We loved it (2013).
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Urban Salad Bijlmer
Not far from Arena, Ziggo Dome, AFAS music hall, etc Compose your own bowl. Has tempeh. Good. REVIEW
   Amsterdam (Netherlands), Vegan Junk Food Bar
Above Vondelpark. All Vegan junk food! Just north of Vondelpark. We loved the food. Bit umcomfy seatings though. REVIEW
Amsterdam (Netherlands), Vegan Junk Food Bar
Downtown location. Great food (pricy though), horrible atmosphere. Uncomfy and inaccessible. REVIEW
 Waaghals Amsterdam (Netherlands), Waaghals
Vegetarian restaurant, with some vegan options. We visited in 2013. It was OK, but a bit dull, flavourless food, and unfortunately not that many vegan options.
Apeldoorn (Netherlands), Schenkers – CLOSED
Some vegan options. We had a nice light lunch on the terrace. REVIEW
Arnhem (Netherlands), Rawsome – CLOSED June 2019
Vegan rawfood, we had banana icecream on the terrace, REVIEW
Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Aguaribay
Vegetarian restaurant in Poblenou area. We had a sandwich with hummus. REVIEW
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Barceloneta
Vegan tapas bar in harbour area. Nice cocktails and tapas (albeit on the expensive side). We didn’t fancy the atmposphere very much.  REVIEW 
Barcelona (Catalunya/Spain), Dolce Pizza y los Veganos
Vegetarian pizza restaurant, with many vegan options; Also homemade vegan cheeze. Food really nice. REVIEW
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Floripa – CLOSED May 2019
Vegan lunch and Cocktail Bar, we really liked it! Recommended REVIEW 
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), La Raposa
Vegan feminist anarchist bookcafe. We didn’t really feel welcome. Nice lunch though. REVIEW 
 Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), La Trocadero
Vegan bar, near Sagrada Familia. Fastfood. Nice! Cheap! REVIEW 
 Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Nabucco Obrador
Light lunch, take away. REVIEW
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Rasoterra
Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, old city center. We loved it. Recommended! REVIEW and second visit REVIEW2
Barcelona (Catalunya / Spain), Roots & Rolls
Vegan restaurant, stylish interior, relaxed atmosphere. Nice food and beautifully presented. We liked it! REVIEW
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Teresa Carles
Well known vegetarian restaurant. We were somewhat disappointed. Food was not really spectacular and service was so rushed and somewhat chaotic. REVIEW 
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Vegetalia Born
Vegetarian restaurant in old city center. A bit underwhelmed.  REVIEW 
   Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), The Green Spot
Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. Trendy place. Near the harbour. We liked it! REVIEW
Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Veggieburger by Biocenter – CLOSED
Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. One of the best burgers we ever had! Near Poblenou district. REVIEW
  Barcelona (Catalanuya / Spain), Vegesana
Vegetarian restaurant (nearly all vegan). Near place de Catalunya. Asian style lots of faux eats. Big portions. More fast food style. REVIEW
veggiedelicious7 Bielefeld (Germany), Veggie Delicious
Asian style vegan restaurant. Lots of mock meats. Very heavy on the sauce. REVIEW 
Breda (the Netherlands), Bali James
Indonesian restaurant. Vegetarian rice table can be veganised. But that meant leaving out two dishes and just replcaing with the same. Good, but we’ve had better. REVIEW.
foodforfriends9  Brighton (UK), Food for Friends
Although one of the oldest vegetarian places in Brighton, we had a very disappoiting experience. Service was slow and erratic. Seatings were very close to each other and accoustics were bad. Really not a relaxed nor enjoyable dining experience (Summer 2015). REVIEW
pie with gravy sauce  Brighton (UK), Loving Hut – CLOSED
Vegan restaurant, part of worldwide chain. Small place, nice food, but rather fast food style. Nice terrace in front, Vibrant atmosphere. Just across from shop Vegetarian Shoes. REVIEW
vegan tapas platter, £24,50  Brighton (UK), Terre à Terre
Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. More upstyle. One of the best restaurant experiences we ever had. The tapas plate was amazing. On the expensive side though, but worth it! REVIEW
Fish n Chips  Brighton (UK), The Gourmet Girls Pop up restaurant – CLOSED
Pop up restaurant at organic shop Fanny’s of Hannover, last occasion was at the end of 2015. We were here in the Summer of 2015 and had a vegan ‘Fish n Chips’ menu. REVIEW
Wrap, with extra potato wedges  Brighton (UK), The Prince George
Vegetarian Pub with vegan options. Relaxed. Straightforward pub food. OK. REVIEW
Hickory Chick Burger, VBites, Brighton  Brighton (UK), VBites – CLOSED 2017
Vegan café in city center, relaxed. Nice upstairs seating. We liked it. REVIEW

 purec Cadzand (Netherlands), Pure-C
Bistro-bar, vegan menu possible, request in advance, when making the reservation, 42,5€ (3 course) or 67,5€ (5 course).
wildgroei5 Delft (Netherlands), Wildgroei
Vegan lunchroom. We had a nice lunch. REVIEW
Den Bosch (Netherlands), Bagels & Beans
Part of a chain on several locations throughout the Netherlands. Fastfood brunch style. Vegan options. We liked it. REVIEW
Den Bosch (Netherlands), Bandung
Indonesian restaurant. We had a vegan ricetable. Great variety of dishes. REVIEW 
Den Haag (Netherlands), De Vegetarische Slager – CLOSED 2020
Vegetarian ‘butcher’ restaurant (with products from De Vegetarische Slager). Most dishes vegan. Was here for lunch.  REVIEW
Den Haag (Netherlands), Hortus
Vegetarian restaurant (mainly vegan). Was here for lunch. Very nice! REVIEW
rucolino4 Dudelange (Luxembourg), Rucolino
Vegan restaurant. Nice lunch / Wanted to go here again for lunch. Arrived a bit before 2pm, although website & FB state they are open till 2.30 pm, + although there were still many people inside eating, they said w couldn’t have lunch anymore. Really disappointed. I could understand if they would have said to just order one dish, but nothing at all? REVIEW  
Ede (Netherlands), Rode Peper & Basilicum
Some vegan options on menu. Clearly labelled. We had a really lovely dinner. The homemade vegan magnum was heavenly! REVIEW
BarBistroCalypso8 Eindhoven (Netherlands), Bar Bistro Calypso
Vegan restaurant. We had a nice lunch REVIEW
pokebowloriginaleindhoven9 Eindhoven (Netherlands), Poke Bowl Original
Part of chain. Vegan bowls or compose your own. We had a nice lunch. REVIEW
veganheroes13 Eindhoven (Netherlands), Vegan Heroes
Vegan fastfood restaurant. Had a nice lunch. REVIEW will follow
foodbarrauw12 Enschede (Netherlands), Foodbar Rauw
Vegan restaurant in Twentsche Foodhall. Food okish, but not so relaxed atmosphere and long wait. REVIEW
zoetekauw1 Enschede (Netherlands), Zoetekauw
Vegan dessertbar, inside Twentsche Food Hall. Nice dessert.
Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), Origami
Every year in Sept, Esch-sur-Alzette hosts the International Animal Rights Conference. This Japanese resto has an extensive seperate vegan menu. Liked the food, service was unfriendly. REVIEW
beetbelval2-1 Esch-sur-Alzette – Belval (Luxembourg), Beet
vegan restaurant. Okish food. Nice spacious location. REVIEW
Goes (Netherlands, Zeeland), Jardin
Brunch & lunch café. Some vegan options. Small cosy place. REVIEW 
Goes (Netherlands, Zeeland), Slot Oostende
Traditional restaurant with seperate vegan section on menu. Liked it a lot! REVIEW
bijlimahaarlem4 Haarlem (Netherlands), Bij Lima
Vegetarian breakfast/lunch room. Had a light lunch. Ok, but was not so good as the bowls in poke bowl places REVIEW to follow.
 lachendejavaan1 Haarlem (Netherlands), De Lachende Javaan
Indonesian restaurant. Very busy. Vegetarian rice table which is made vegan upon request. REVIEW
Tahoe Phad king (tofu with ginger and black mushrooms), 12,95€ & Tahoe phad medmamuang (tofu with cashew nuts and mushrooms), 12,95€ Haarlem (Netherlands), Erawan Thai
Thai restaurant in city center, vegetarian dishes available, of which most seem to be vegan. Served with prawn crackers. Left us with doubts whether it was vegan. REVIEW
Haarlem (Netherlands), Flamboyant
Indonesian restaurant. Vegetarian rice table which is made vegan upon request. REVIEW
MamaGaia10 Haarlem (Netherlands), Mama Gaia
Vegan restaurant on the edge of city. Lovey place. Had a nice relaxed lunch. REVIEW
newvegas6b Haarlem (Netherlands), New Vegas
Vegan restaurant in center, very hipster – and very mixed feelings. Petrol heaters on terrace in Summer?? REVIEW will follow
hiller7 Hannover (Germany), Hiller
Oldest vegetarian (now vegan) resto in Germany. Traditional food. REVIEW
maloa7 Hannover (Germany), Ma’loa Poké Bowl
Had take away. Was OK. REVIEW
vegan-village7 Hannover (Germany), Vegan Village
Vegan restaurant, pay what you want. REVIEW
Hilversum (Netherlands), Warung Adinda
Indonesian restaurant. We had a rice table. Good, but we’ve had better. REVIEW
Hilversum (Netherlands), Your Coffee
Coffee lunch bar, with large outdoor seating. We had a lovely light lunch. REVIEW 
Hoek van Holland (Netherlands), Pele Surf Shack
First vegan beach tent of the Netherlands! REVIEW
sattgrunmitte7 Köln / Cologne (Germany), Sattgrün Mitte (Kolumba Viertel) 
Vegan restaurant in city center. Buffet style. Loved it! Bit crowded inside though. REVIEW
SattgrunNeumarkt10 Köln / Cologne (Germany), Sattgrün MitteNeumarkt – CLOSED
Vegan buffet. We liked this location better that Mitte. REVIEW will follow.
TO80VeganKoln10 Köln / Cologne (Germany), TO 80 Vegan
Vegan Vietnamese restaurant at edge of city. Nice lunch. REVIEW
hetslachthuis2 Leiden (Netherlands), Het Slachthuis – CLOSED 2023
Vegan restaurant in renovated flour/meal fabric. we had a nice lunch. REVIEW
LogicaLeiden6 Leiden (Netherlands), Logica
Vegetarian restaurant, city center. Nice decor, but culinairy underwhelming. REVIEW
 bungamas1  Leiden (Netherlands), Toko Bunga Mas
Indonesian restaurant, also take-away, lots of vegan options. We ordered a vegan rice table take-away. We loved it! REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), Black Cat
Vegan cafe in Hackney (east London). Workers cooperative. Nice lunch. Cheap. REVIEW 
London (UK), By Chloe – CLOSED 2020 
Vegan restaurant in Theater district. Was way too hipster millenial for us. Overpriced fast food. REVIEW 
   London (United Kingdom), Dough Society – CLOSED SUMMER 2018
Vegan donut cafe in Hackney (east London). Nice. REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), Farmacy
Vegetetarian restaurant in Westbourne Green (north west of Hyde Park, near Notting Hill). Nearly all vegan. Nice, although a bit overhyped (expensive!). REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), Manna
Vegan restaurant, near Primrose hill (lovely view on the city!). Very nice dinner.  We loved it!  REVIEW
 London (United Kingdom), Mildreds at Soho
Vegetarian resaturant on 4 locations in London. Vegan options clearly indcated. The food was OK, but the crowded and busy atmosphere killed it. Nope! REVIEW
 namafoods4  London (United Kingdom), Nama Foods – CLOSED March 2018
Raw vegan restaurant. Bright place. We loved it. Really great food and nicely presented. Lovely staff. REVIEW
   London, Pret a Manger,
International chain. On site or take away. Vegan options labelled. Also a veggie Pret a manger. Nice sandwiches and wraps! REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), Redemption
Vegan restaurant, bistro style. Bright spacious place. relaxed. No alcohol. Sugar free. Nice light lunch. All in all very cheap. REVIEW
 taibuffet3  London (United Kingdom), Tai Buffet
All you can eat vegan buffet. Near Shepherd(s Bush. The place is packed and the food (and the floor) is a bit (well, more than a bit …) greasy, but it is super cheap! REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), The Gate – Islington
Gastronomic vegetarian restaurant (has 3 locations). Went here for dinner, during our weekend in London for VegfestUK (nov 2018). Nice dinner. REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), The Gate – Marylebone
Gastronomic vegetarian restaurant (has 3 locations). We went to the one in Marylebone, just above Hyde Park. Loved it. REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), Tibits Bankside
Vegetarian restaurant near Tate Modern and millenium bridge. Buffet. Pay per weight. Nice food. Spacious place. On the expensive side. Pity it’s not standardly accessibly. And didn’t appreciate the snarky comment.  REVIEW 
 vanillablack10  London (United Kingdom), Vanilla Black
Gastronomical vegetarian restaurant, more expensive. Vegan menu, vegan wine list. We liked it! REVIEW Visited again in 2018 REVIEW 2 
 London (United Kingdom), Vburger
Vegan fastfoodstall at Camden Market. Nice! REVIEW
   London (United Kingdom), 222Vegan
Vegan buffet. Out of city center. Near vegan shop Greenbay. Very cheap. Crowded little place. REVIEW.
wasabilondon2 London (UK), Wasabi sushi
Near the O2, nice take away. REVIEW 
   London (United Kingdom), Wulf & Lamb
Vegan restaurant in Knightsbridge (between Hyde park & Thames river). We went here twice! Loved it! REVIEW.
Rawdish6 Luxembourg city (Lux), Rawdish
Small fastfood style bar, with healthy foods, many vegan. Had some nice desserts.
thetubebar4 Luxembourg city, The Tube Bar
Vegan fast food pizzas. Nice terras, but food not really my thing. REVIEW
Maastricht (Netherlands), Bancale 61
Pizza place. Traditional woodfire oven. Several vegan pizzas with homemade vegan cheese. Loved it. Uncomfy seatings though. REVIEW 
Maastricht (Netherlands), Kafethea – CLOSED
Vegetarian coffee bar. Has vegan pancakes/cake. All in all: a bit disappointing. We had hoped to find more vegan options in a more relaxed and cleaner setting. REVIEW
Maastricht (Netherlands), Kapulaga
Indonesian restaurant. Several vegan options standardly available. Vegan ricetable. Loved it! REVIEW and REVIEW2 
localmaastricht9 Maastricht (Netherlands), Local
On main square. Veganised traditional dishes like zoervlees. Double check the sauces. REVIEW
 lovinghutmaastricht Maastricht (Netherlands), Loving Hut – CLOSED 2018 
Vegan restaurant, world wide chain with many Loving Hut restaurants, lots of mock meats, no alcohol. Just outside the city center. Nice to have so much variation to choose from. Dishes were very heavy with sauce though (2013). Visited again June 2018, just before it closed (due to retirement of owner). REVIEW
Maastricht (Netherlands), The Lab – CLOSED
Pub. Tempeh burger, which was just sliced tempeh in a bun. Vegan bowl. Rude service. And very dirty toilets. Will definitely not visit again. REVIEW.
evemetz8 Metz (France), EVE- Muse – CLOSED end 2022
Vegan resturant at edge of city – near Museum. We had a nice lunch REVIEW 
fortifycafe6  Maidstone (United Kingdom), Fortify Café – CLOSED
Vegan café. We had a nice lunch here on our route to Brighton. REVIEW
Middelburg (Netherlands), Imagine – CLOSED
Vegetarian organic restaurant. Visit in Summer of 2018. Nice lunch although some strange combinations. REVIEW
   Middelburg (the Netherlands), Stoom – CLOSED 2020 😦
Station diner (railway). Plenty of vegan options, cleary indicated. We loved it! Charming vintage interior. REVIEW
Middelburg (the Netherlands), Vriendschap
Café restaurant, separate lunch/dinner menu. Has some vegan items, like salad with avocado and grapefruit and noodles salad with shiitakes and peanuts.
veggiegalore7 Nijmegen (the Netherlands), Veggie Galore
Vegan Creole restaurant in city center. Lovely food, friendly service. We liked it a lot! REVIEW
Starter Oostburg (Netherlands), Het Stadhuis
Restaurant, coffeehouse, vegetarian always available, vegan upon request. Recommended. We liked it. Good value for money and knowledgeable about ingredients. REVIEW and REVIEW(2)
Otterlo (Netherlands), Cèpes
Gastronomic. Near Nature reserve De Hoge Veluwe. Part of hotel De Sterrenberg. We had a lovely gastronomic dinner. Very fair price. REVIEW
   Paris (France), Brasserie 2ème Art
Vegan bistro. Straightforward nononsense fastfood style. Near Louvre/Pompidou. REVIEW
Breathe11 Paris (France), BrEAThe
Vegan asian style restaurant. Ok food, but not so friendly, and very close together. REVIEW
   Paris (France), Gentle Gourmet – CLOSED
Vegan restaurant, gastronomic. Loved the food. But a bit overpriced. REVIEW
   Paris (France), Le Potager du Marais
Vegan restaurant, small place, vegan versions of more traditional dishes. We liked it. REVIEW
   Paris (France), Season Square
Vegan fastfood place. Near Bibiothèque National and Parc de Bercy. Loved it! Good value for money! REVIEW
theoryparis1 Paris (France), Theory
Vegan burger/fastfood place. Ok lunch, not so cosy. REVIEW
   Paris (France), VG Pâtisserie
Vegan organic pastry shop/bistro. In between cemetery Père Lachaise and Bastille. We loved it! REVIEW
Ichiban8 Remich (Luxembourg), Ichiban Sushi
Vegan sushi on request. Very nice! but not so friendly REVIEW
   Rotterdam (Netherlands), Gare du Nord
Vegan bistro in old train coach. We were here for lunch. Nice snacks, although limited lunch options. REVIEW
   Rotterdam (Netherlands), Heavenly Cupcakes
Vegan patisserie, also lunch (some sandwiches, Dutch Weedburger). REVIEW
   Rotterdam (Netherlands), Leaf
Vegetarian restaurant (mainly vegan). Lots of variety. Asian style dishes, a lot of ‘mock meats’. Nice! Recommended! REVIEW
 dekroontjes7  Texel (Netherlands)De Koog, De Kroontjes 
Vegetarian dish, which can be made vegan upon request. 18€. Curry risotto. Not bad, but not very exciting. And a pity they didn’t offer us an appetizer, nor dessert, despite requesting vegan many days in advance. REVIEW
 Texel (Netherlands) – De Cocksdorp, Opduin 
Hotel-restaurant, Indonesian ricetable every Saturday evening, which we asked to have a vegan version of when making the reservation. Nice. REVIEW
The dutch weed burger with fries, at Paal 9, Texel  Texel (Netherlands) – Den Hoorn, Paal 9 
Beach pavillion, which has the famous Dutch weedburger! 12,50. We loved it! REVIEW
 tajmahal2  Texel (Netherlands) – De Cocksdorp, Taj Mahal
Indian restaurant, vegan options – and no problem to veganise dishes. REVIEW
egg plant  The Hague (Netherlands), Hortus
Newly opened in 2015. Nice spacious and bright place with also hotel in the building. Vegetarian – nearly all vegan. We loved it. REVIEW
   Ticheville (France), La Maison de Vert
Vegetarian B&B in Normandy, with restaurant open in the evening. We stayed here a couple of days in 2017. Very nice garden, very peaceful, lots of cats.  Nice food. REVIEW
gembersereh3 Tilburg (Netherlands), Gember & Sereh 
Indonesian restaurant, just around the corner from event venue 13, vegetarian dishes available which can be veganised, 15-17€. REVIEW
Tilburg (Netherlands), Vegan Heroes – CLOSED
Vegan fastfood place. Good value for money, really large portions! REVIEW
Dutch weedburger, Chiliburger and 'chicken pieces'  Utrecht (Netherlands), Bagels & Beans
Part of a chain on several locations throughout the Netherlands. Fastfood brunch style. Vegan options. We liked it. REVIEW.
hummus, quinoa, fennel, red pesto & crackers  Utrecht (Netherlands), De Zakkendrager
Classic restaurant. No problem making us a vegan menu. Appetizer was promising, main dish a bit disappointing. REVIEW
Utrecht (Netherlands), SNCKBR – New Name: WakuWaku – CLOSED
Vegan restaurant. We were here for dinner. REVIEW
Valkenburg (Netherlands), Pistache
Bistro Bar, one vegan option, has vegan labelled wine. Found this place by accident. Mango avocado salad was nice! REVIEW
ElCastillo8 Valkenburg (Netherlands), El Castillo
Mexican. Nice food, but very busy place. And didn’t like the live animals in the restaurant room … REVIEW
 biobarvonantun9  Vienna (Austria), Bio Bar von Antun – CLOSED
Vegetarian restaurant, vegan options clearly indicated. Nice terrace in front. In historical city center, and yet a very quiet terrace. We had a nice light lunch. REVIEW
new ownership 2017. Now called Palato (non-vegetarian restaurant)
seitan roulade, 14,90€  Vienna (Austria), Hollerei
Vegetarian restaurant. Terrace in front of restaurant (not so comfortable though). We had a nice lunch. REVIEW
 iloveveggieburger12  Vienna (Austria), I Love veggie Burger – CLOSED
Vegan fast food Place. Nice terrace in front. We had a nice lunch.  REVIEW
vegan schnitzel, Landia  Vienna (Austria), Landia
Vegetarian restaurant, with vegan options. Serves traditional Austrain dishes like Wiener schnitzel and cordon blue, vegan style. A bit underwhelming. REVIEW
 tian22-tekst  Vienna (Austria), Tian
Vegetarian Michelin* restaurant. Expensive, but well worth it. We had a gastronomical 6 course menu. And no, that’s not an egg in the photo 😉 REVIEW
 xuscooking5  Vienna (Austria), Xu’s Vegetarian Cooking
Vegetarian Asian restaurant, lots of mock meats. Although I am no fan of labelling and especially shaping vegan foods as ‘fish’ or ‘chicken’, the food in itself was nice! Very friendly. REVIEW
grandcafenautique5 Vlaardingen (Netherlands), Grand Café Nautique
Restaurant of Delta Hotel, nice location along river Maas. Some vegan options on menu. REVIEW
tastoe8 Weert (Netherlands) Tastou – CLOSED 2022
Just across the Begian border, near Limburg. Lunchroom with standard vegan option. Lovely lunch, original dishes. REVIEW
   Zoetermeer (Netherlands), Selamat Datang
Indonesian restaurant in center of city.  No vegan options standardly available, but willing to adapt the vegeterian dishes (although some difficulty explaining what that means). We’ve been here twice. This is the review from our last visit: REVIEW
Zoetermeer (Netherlands), Woodstone – CLOSED 2020
Pizza and wine restaurant. Four vegan dishes on menu, clearly lavelled. We liked it a lot. Great food and nice venue. REVIEW 

Not serving vegan or no reply

Restaurants explicitly stating NOT to offer a vegan menu, or which didn’t reply to our inquiries (with distance from Bruges).
We appreciate restaurants taking the time to reply to our request, even if they answer they can’t provide a vegan menu (because it’s not their specialty, because they don’t know how, because it requires too much reorganisation, etc.). Rather they are honest about it, then ending up being served some salad and tomatoes.
It’s a pity though some restaurants don’t reply at all.

Di Coylde Beernem, restaurant, mail 2013/11: no. Although a vegan dish was provided during a work lunch REVIEW 
Den Duyvetoren Bellem, restaurant, no reply to our e-mails (2014/1)
Langue d’Oc Bissegem, restaurant, mail 2013/11: no
L’Exotique Blankenberge, Thai restaurant, no reply to our mails with request for info (2018/09).
Picardie Blankenberge, several vegetarian dishes on the menu (with quorn, not vegan). ‘We don’t have any dishes that fulfill your wishes’ (mail 2018/07
De Zuidkant Damme, restaurant, mail 2013/11: no
Notarishuys Diksmuide, restaurant, mail 2014/1: no
Paul’s Boutique  Ghent & Kortrijk, burgers and fastfood. Mailed several times (2014 & 2015) to ask whether they have a vegan offer (and whether the buns and sauces are vegan). No reply.
Asked on their FBpage, no reply. Asked again 2016, specifically about the bread and sauces: ‘we have vegan burgers, you can get more info at the counter’. Would have appreciated a more conclusive answer, especially since there are several reports from people on social media stating that the buns are not vegan (contain dairy).
Bartholomeus Knokke Heist, restaurant, mail 2013: no
Orangerie Knokke, nor reply to our mails (07/2019 and 08/2020).
Frituur Groeninghe  Kortrijk, snackbar, fries and burgers, with a section ‘vegetarian and vegan’.  Mailed several times (2015) to ask which items are vegan (and whether the buns and sauces are vegan). No reply.
Asked via their FBpage, no reply.
2018 04: several comments on social media about misinformation (‘vegan’ items not being vegan).
 Funky Food  Kortrijk, saw this mentionned in a FB group. No replies to our e-mails though (2017/12)
 Kromme Elleboog  Leffinge, vegetarian yes, vegan no (2016)
Saeftinghe  Lissewege, no reply to our mails (07 and 08/2020).
 Spaans Dak  Leuven, ‘we serve vegetarian, but not vegan’ (mail 2017/12)
 Bistro des Belges  Oostende, no replies to our e-mails (2017/12).
 Bistro Mathilda Oostende, mail 2014/11: no. Pity, because they do have a vegetarian dish available, and options for vegans are scarce in Ostend
 Passe Vite  Oostende, mail 2016/05: ‘we are not a vegan restaurant‘. Pity, because they are specialised in Mediterrean dishes (which should be easy to veganise, no?)
 Pico Bello  Oostende, no reply to our mails (Spring 2017)
 ‘t Botteltje  Oostende, Beer bistro. Mail 2017/01: ‘we have several vegetarian dishes, for real vegan we refer to Belle de Jour‘.
 ‘t Groote Huys  Oostende, No: mail 2016/05.
 Eethuis Transvaal  Ruddervoorde (near Bruges). Vegetarian on reservation, not vegan. There are other specialised establishments for that (mail 2018/04)
 De Mess  Sijsele, No: mail 2018/03 ‘We work with a ‘mess is more menu’ in which it is impossible to avoid all animal products. Half of it is vegetarian though‘.
Barenzo Westende, No: ‘we don’t serve vegan dishes, we are a grill restaurant‘ (mail 2018/07)


  1. About 15 years ago, I remember visiting a vegetarian restaurant in Gent called Panda. Does it still exist? I also remember visiting Lombardia in Antwerp. Having ordered a vegan meal, I wasn’t aware that some of the burger mixes were of ‘organic’ meat until one of the staff told me. Oh and does the Den Teepot vegetarian cafe/shop in Brussels still exist?

    • Yes, De Panda still exist! I should add it to the list, thanks. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been there, must go check it out again one of these days.
      I can totally understand your comment about Lombardia 😉
      Don’t really know about the Theepot. I’m not so familiar with Brussels. I think it’s still there, but will check it out!

  2. Secular Vegan says

    As you have listed Amsterdam I’m surprised that you have omitted De Waaghals on Frans Halsstraat. Coincidentally there is (or was the last time I was there) a wholefood shop next door called De Aanzet. It may be the only wholefood shop in Amsterdam that *doesn’t* sell meat. I have to say that from a vegan perspective Rotterdam, Den Haag, Haarlem and Leiden are / were all disappointing; as was Alkmaar though I had no expectations of finding a vegetarian restaurant there. It’s good to know that there is one in Maastricht, there wasn’t when I visited back in 1999.

    • This list is certainly not exhaustive, but based on personal experiences. But now that you mentioned Waaghals, it reminded me to add a few more restaurants in Amsterdam that we have visited but weren’t in the list yet!
      About the Loving Hut in Maastricht: it’s indeed only open since a couple of years!

  3. jenly says

    Thank. You so much for this list. I am planning a trip to this area with my family this summer and am trying to sort out an itinerary. We are a vegetarian family and I often base our travels on where we will be able to find options. I want to go to Bruges but am afraid! Do you have any sense of which cities it will be easier to get by in: Amsterdam. Bruges, Antwerp, Luxembourg, Cologne, Brussels. Thank you!

    • Hi Jenly, glad you found our blog.
      I have no idea about Luxembourg.
      I’ve heard and read that Germany/Cologne is ok for vegans, but it’s been ages sinces we’ve been there.
      Amsterdam also has a great deal of vegetarian and vegan friendly places.
      In Belgium: Brussels is the least veg friendly. Options are scarce, but Antwerp and Bruges (of course 😉 are ok.
      You might consider visiting Ghent or Leuven (Louvain), both Uni-cities with a lot of veg options.

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