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#298 Nice food and warm welcome, vegan resto Honderprocentmianne, Genk

restaurant review #298 – Honderprocentmianne is a new vegan restaurant in Genk (Limburg). We were here for lunch a couple of weeks ago.

Front, Honderprocentmianne, Genk

Honderprocentmianne is just around the corner of C-mine, an old coal mine now turned into a cultural/historical site with a museum, expositions and such. We visited the SHOUT exposition in the morning and went for lunch to the restaurant afterwards.

C-Mine Genk

Friendly and warm welcome by Marianne, the owner and chef of the restaurant.

This was the menu for that day (it changes daily, although I recently saw an announcement that the restaurant will work with monthly lunch and dinner menus from now on).

menu, Honderprocentmianne, Genk

We had a lovely lunch: soup (4,50€), burger made with chickpeas and hasselback potatoes on the side (15€) and spaghetti (16€)
Nice food and more than enough portion! And look at those lovely antique dishes 🙂

fresh orange juice, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
soup, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
Burger with hasselback potatoes, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
spaghetti, Honderprocentmianne, Genk

The walls in the restaurant were decorated with paintings/drawings (temporary exhibition) which was nice.
Chairs are a bit uncomfy though, some cushions would make it more comfortable😉

interior, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
toilet at Honderprocentmianne, Genk – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
interior, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
name of restaurant on window, Honderprocentmianne, Genk

All in all: we had a very nice lunch! Would definitely visit again when in the area.

Honderprocentmianne, location

Vennestraat 127
3600 Genk

website: https://honderdprocentmianne.com/

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Our lunch, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
artwork from the exhibition SHOUT at C Mine, Genk (unfortunately I don’t know the artist)
artwork at the exhibition SHOUT at C-Mine, Genk (unfortunately I don’t know the artist)
artwork from the exhibition SHOUT at C-Mine, Genk (unfortunately I don’t know the artist)

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  1. Dirk B. says

    Thanks a lot for the informative review and the great pictures. The food looks gorgeous. I should go there, too. And visit the exhibition. 😉

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