list restaurants Bruges

This list contains restaurants in Bruges and the suburbs.
I list restaurants with vegan options (or vegan upon request), and at the bottom there’s a list of restaurants that explicitly state not to serve a vegan menu or that don’t reply to my inquiries.

Some points to take into account:

  • In my inquiries to know whether a certain restaurant will serve vegans, I explicitly state what vegans do and don’t eat, most often via e-mail. I ask whether it’s possible to be served a vegan menu, for two people. I repeat the info when making the reservation and when visiting the restaurant.
  • Listed prices give you an indication, but if you want to be sure, check their website. Listed prices are without drinks.
  • The restaurants are listed in alfabetical order. If I have written a blog about it, with a more elaborate review of our visit(s), you will find the bloglink next to it.
  • This list is not exhaustive. I aim to update it with new additions as I get more info along the way!
  • I try to keep the list updated as much as possible, and rely on information given by the restaurants themselves and personal visits. But of course things can change over time (restaurants closed, no longer serving vegan, openings hours, etc). If you want to be absolutely sure, please check with the place itself in advance.
  • This is just a labour of love. I am not an organisation, I don’t get paid, or get any other personal gains from doing this. So any feedback is appreciated 🙂

Google map

Dark green = vegan (two people’s kitchens on selected Saturdays)
Light green = vegan options standardly available
Blueish green = vegan options on request / make reservation

Wine Red = conformed no, no vegan options, not making vegan menu
Grey = no reply to request for info

still to add to map: Shops


atelier-flori9  Atelier Flori, Korte Vuldersstraat 30, 8000 Brugge, 0472 82 40 30, location
MOVED to Jozef Suveestraat 20, at end of 2022.
Vegan winebar with vegan food and live music.  Opened 2019. Lovely tapas etagere. REVIEW
Blackbird13  Blackbird, Jan van Eykplein 7, 8000 Brugge, 050/ 34 74 44, location
Breakfast, lunch, tea time. Became vegetarian resto mid 2020. Vegan options clearly labelled on menu.
Became vegan resto Spring 2021. Really recommended! REVIEW
OhmaBrugge_main Oh!Ma, Hauwerstraat 15, 8000 Brugge, location
POP UP restaurant (by Vegansa) til mid jan 2022.
Traditional dishes like stew, vol-au-vegan, balls in tomato sauce. Loved it! REVIEW (now CLOSED)
20191026_134558  Pois Sjiek, Wagnerstraat 31,8310 Brugge, location, 0471 93 17 97.
Vegan dining at Tine’s living room, once or twice a month. Brunches. All vegan. Check Facebook for dates and reservation.
 Planttribe, Blankenbergesesteenweg 10, 8377 Zuienkerke, +32 488 43 49 37, location
Brunches. Make reservation. Plantbased workshops. CLOSED
Opening again in April 2023? 
20220811_192151 Sprout, Baron Ruzettelaan 144, 8310 Brugge
Vegan queer bar/resto. Nachos, toasties, desserts. Really liked it! SEE IG post. REVIEW
Uitgezonderd  VolXkeuken – People’s kitchen by Uitgezonderd, Zandberg, 8310 Assebroek, location
Vegan people’s kitchen, every 1st Saturday of the month, for 3-5€. Documentaries, lectures, discussion … Went to screening of ‘The Last Pig’, with people’s kitchen. BLOG
VolkskeukenBrugge  VolXkeuken – People’s kitchen by Project W2, Hoefijzerlaan 22, 8000 Brugge, 0491 89 87 89, location
Vegan people’s kitchen, every 3rd Saturday of the month, 4€. Often combined with a ‘Give Away’, screening of documentaries, … CLOSED


 Amon, Academiestraat 6, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.18.37, location
Lebanese restaurant, vegetarian options seperately listed on menu, of which most seem vegan. ‘Yes we are vegan friendly and have vegan options‘ (mail 2018/02)
 Amuni, Mallebergplaats 2, 8000 Brugge, 050/660770, location
Italian restaurant. City center near belfry. ‘Our offer changes monthly. Currently we have two vegan pizza’s available. Pizza dough is flour and water‘ (2018/05).
 AM/PM Bed & Breakfast , Singel 10, 8000 Brugge, location
Ok, it’s not a ‘restaurant’ but as people visiting Bruges are also often looking for vegan friendly accomodation 😉
Vegetarian B&B (with breakfast nearly all vegan) at the edge of the city, near Smedenpoort.
I had a chat with host Tiny SEE BLOGPOST about the B&B
UPDATE January 2019: Now vegan B&B! 
aquarel  Aquarel, Simon Stevinplein 2, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.07.44, location
Bistro / tearoom style. There’s nothing vegan on the menu. They mailed us (2014/2) we can get a varied dish with fresh vegetables and fruits (of what’s on offer in the kitchen). It doesn’t sound like a gourmet experience, but maybe when you are really hungry …
 Auberge De Herborist, De watermolen 15, 8200 Sint-Andries Brugge, 050/38.76.00, location
Outside of city center, near E40 highway. Michelin*, vegan menu possible when requested in advance (mail 2013/11).
Fine dining. Menu ranging from 45€ (3 courses) to 90€ (6 courses). REVIEW 
IMG_20210718_091934_339 Basiel Urban Greenhouse, Mariastraat 13, 8000 Brugge, 0468 35 07 56, location
Tea and coffee house selling plants, all pastry is homemade and vegan! Plantbased milks available. Nice place. been here several times! REVIEW
 Bavet, Simon Stevinplein 5, 8000 Brugge, location
Chain of pasta/spaghetti restaurants. In city centre (where Bhavani used to be). Two vegan options “The Holy Mary & The Bolo Bastard are vegan IF you take the glutenfree pasta. No vegan cheeze available yet” (mail 2020/07)
 Bistro Rombaux, MoerkerkseSteenweg 139, 8310 Sint-Kruis (Brugge), 050/73 79 49, location
Just outside of city center, near Kruispoort. ‘Yes, but you need to ask it ten days in advance‘ (mail 2018/07). TEN DAYS!
 Bistro Zwart Huis , Kruipersstraat 23, 8000 Brugge, 050/69 11 40, location
With live music. Previously no vegan options. Update 2019: The vegetarian quinoa salad can be adapted: leave out feta, replace with nuts (mail 2019/02).
 Bocca, Dweersstraat 13, 8000 Brugge, 050/61 61 75, location
Near ‘t Zand. Focus on take-away (some in house seats also available) Vegan options said to be: the vegetarian sauce, arrabiata, red pesto, green pesto (clearly indicate with the pesto that it must not contain parmesan). We can also make a lot with fresh ingredients, just say you are vegan. The sauce of the week is occasionally also vegan (see FB posts). (mail 2017/01).
bookasandbrunch5  Books and Brunch, Garenmarkt 30, 8000 Brugge, 050/70.90.79, location
With lots of books! Dishes (salads) can be veganised upon request (mail 2014/11).  REVIEW
 Brazi’s, Sint Jakobsstraat 2, 8000 Brugge, 050 49 09 54, location
Sandwiches. City center, on north east side near market. One vegan sandwich. Bread is said to be vegan.  REVIEW
 Cafe Pistolet Oude Kortrijkstraat 4, Assebroek, 0479 11 39 42, location
Outside city center, near Baron Ruzettelaan. The pistolets (bread) are vegan. Used to have a vegan option before (pistolet with hummus), then not anymore (mail 2017/12), then again (2018 07). See FB post
 Cantine Copine, Steenkaai 34, 8000 Brugge, +32 (0)470 97 04 55, location 
On the North West side of town. Gastronomic. Make a reservation. ‘Yes, only on request though and not on a Saturday evening’ (mail 2019/07).
 Cafuné, Academiestraat 8, 8000 Brugge, 0484 97 65 61, location
Coffeebar. Soy milk and almond milk available. Daily vegan pie (mail 2018/02)
Cezar, Jeruzalemstraat 1, 8000 Brugge, 050/70 97 84, location
Traditional gastronomic resto. Can serve vegan (so handy to know if e.g. your family takes you there), but doesn’t sound culinairy exciting. The vegetarian risotto is not vegan. ‘I can make a salad as a starter and a vegetable wok as main dish. Although those dishes are vegan, it’s not representative of our kitchen‘ (mail 2020/08).

Red curry with vegs, 15€

 Chang Thong Thai, Kleine Hoefijzerstraat 1, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.44.05, location
Thai restaurant, next to ‘t Zand. Vegan options standard available (be sure to double check for ingredients, e.g. use of oyster sauce). Main veg dishes 15€. SEE REVIEW.
China  China, Zuidzandstraat 45, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.21.54, location
No website, vegan dishes are available (tofu chinois, brocolli wok, endives, chop shoy, 12,5€/dish) but you need to request it 2 days in advance (mail 2014/2).
Cropains, Geldmuntstraat 21, 8000 Brugge, +32 50 34 00 29, location
Bread contains no animal ingredients. Has a Go Vegan! special (Grilled aubergines and peppers, hummus, spinach and red onions). The falafel sandwich is also vegan (but not the vinaigrette, ask with olive oil). (mail 2020/08).
 Curry Palace and Tandoor, Hoogstraat 14, Brugge, 050 27 60 37, location.
Indian restaurant. Several vegetables dishes. Still need to check it out.
 Da Vinci, Geldmuntstraat 34, Brugge, location
Icecream. Fruits flavours and chocolate (all sorbet) available (mail 2018/03).
debron  De Bron, Katelijnestraat 82, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.45.26, location
Vegetarian restaurant. Only lunch/weekdays. Plat du jour in different sizes. Made vegan upon request, but advised to call ahead. Since 2018 (or so?) visit only on reservation. Culinary rather bland, very healthy though. REVIEW
 De Bühne, Sint-Salvatorskoorstraat 6, 8000 Brugge, 0470/10.65.70, location
City center. No website or FB page. Vegetarian menu with one or more vegan options per course.
 De Halve Maan, Walplein 26, 8000 Brugge, +32 50 44 42 22, location
Brasserie of Brewery. ‘Yes, if you ask it 2 days in advance so we can prepare’ (mail 2017/11).
 De Jonkman, Maalsesteenweg 438, 8310 Sint-Kruis, Brugge, 050/36.07.67, location.
Outside of city center. Michelin**, Vegan menus possible on request (ask a couple of days in advance) (mail 2013/11). Ranging from 85€ (4 course) to 130€ (7 course). We went here for our 25th anniversary in April 2015. And we liked it 🙂 REVIEW
 Delaneys, Burg 8, 8000 Brugge, +32-50349145, location
Irish Pub, Did not reply to our e-mails with request for info (2014/02), but has a vegan labeled curry on menu since 2018/2019.
den-amand Den Amand, Sint-Amandstraat 4, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.01.22, location
Near central market square. No vegan options standardly available, but happy to veganize dishes. Pasta is not vegan. Uses plantbased oil for fries and olive oil for baking (mail 2021/10).
denhemeldhelle7 Den Hemel & d’Helle, Kuipersstraat 11, 8000 Brugge, location
No vegan options standardly available on menu, but you can have some vegan shared dishes (sort of tapas), or a vegan menu (request at least 1 day in advance). Nice food, but expensive and pity it’s not on the menu. REVIEW
 De Plaats, Wapenmakersstraat 5, 8000 Brugge, 050 66 03 66, location
City center, near Burg. Vegetarian restaurant (where restaurant Lotus used to be) with several vegan options indicated. Main dishes 14-15€. Opened in Spring 2016. REVIEW (from two visits) .
 De Republiek, Sint-Jakobsstraat 36, 8000 Brugge, 050/73.47.64 location
City Center, near market. Pub-Brasserie style, cultural center. No vegan dishes standardly available, but some dishes can very easily be veganised (mail 2016/9). Dishes 15€-20€. Good place for relaxed casual dinner or lunch. REVIEW. Renovated in Fall 2017. Now one vegan dish standardly available: REVIEW2
 De Stoepa, Oostemeers 124, 8000 Brugge, 050/33 04 54, location
Close to ‘t Zand, Concert building. Mailed 3 times years ago, no reply. Inquired again 2020: ‘We have numerous vegetarian dishes of which some are vegan, or which can be made vegan – if it’s not too busy. E.g. replace the egg noodles with wheat or rice noodles.’
detorre  De Torre, Langestraat 8, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.29.46, location
There doesn’t seem to be anything vegan on the menu, but they mailed us a vegan menu is possible, if you request it 2 days in advance (mail 2014/2).
   De Twijfelaar, Eekhoutstraat 24, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.15.44, location.
City center, SE of market, near Dijver. A wok dish with tofu or seitan standardly available (20€) ‘which can be made vegan’ (mail 2016/09). Very friendly. Nice dish, although a bit expensive, and a pity there are no vegan appetizers or desserts. REVIEW.
deverlorenhoek  De Verloren Hoek, Carmersstraat178, 8000 Brugge, 050/69.80.19, location
Brasserie/ pub style. At edge of city, east side, near Kruispoort. Vegan Indian Curry (19,50€) on menu.
 De Vlaamsche Pot, Helmstraat 3-5, 8000 Brugge, +32 50 34 00 86, location
Traditional Flemish dishes. One main dish is vegan: Flemish stew with seitan, served with potato mash. Fries not vegan (animal based fat). Still need to check it out!
 Domino’s, Stationplein 8, 8000 Brugge, 050/3000.315 location
At railway station. Part of chain of Domino restaurants/take away and pizza delivery. Since May 2018: two vegan pizza’s available: vegan margaritha and vegan spicey. REVIEW
 Eat Thai, Oude Burg 10, 8000 Brugge, 050/66.06.26 location.
Opened end 2019. ‘Yes, you can choose tofu menu or super green menu. All vegan. No animal products‘ (mail 2020-02). Update: CLOSED 2021
 Ellis Gourmet Burger, Simon Stevinplein 14, 8000 Brugge, +32 (0)50 80 00 00, location
Burger chain with restos in several cities. Updated (previous 2015) info: burger buns are vegan, these burgers can be ordered vegan (if you order them without the yoghurt and cheese: Sunny Fresh Carrot (-yoghurtsauce) Portobello (-mayo and – cheese). Crazy Red Veggie burger is not vegan. Fries are baked in plantbased oil (mail 2017/04). Update 2018/01: VEGAN burger: Beet the Roots now available! UPDATE: Since January 2019 also serving the Beyond Meat burger. REVIEW
EtenbijLieven  Eten bij Lieven, Philip Stockstraat 45, 8000 Brugge, 050/68 09 75, location
City center, near Burg. Traditional French/Belgian kitchen. There’s nothing vegan on the menu, but they are willing to (exceptionally) make a vegan menu, if requested in advance. 39€ for 3-course lunch (mail 2015/12).
exkibrugge6  EXKi Brugge, Stationsplein 5, 8000 Brugge, location
In train station. Part of fast food chain with several establishments in Belgium (most in Brussels) and some in Lille (France). Some vegan options (soup, salad, sandwich). Unfortunately no vegan desserts (except fresh fruit). (see REVIEWS about EXKi).
 Fitchen, Zilversteeg 16, 8000 Brugge, 050/12.30.06, location
Near ‘t Zand. Healthy fastfood. Vegan wraps and bowls with tofu or tempeh standardly available, or compose your own. REVIEW – CLOSED 2022
2021forestiere11  Forestiere, Academiestraat 11, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.02.20, location.
Brasserie. Close to the Theatre (schouwburg). Some vegan options on menu (eg wok with vegs and tofu). Main dishes ranging 10-15€. Big portions. Really good food and friendly. REVIEW and REVIEW2 and REVIEW3
20220614_201843 Garlic n Greens, Vlamingstraat 10, 8000 Brugge, +32 493 47 17 77, location
Indian vegetarian restaurant in city center, near market. Main dishes 15-16€. REVIEW
 Fritbar, Katelijnestraat 3, 8000 Brugge, 0492 96 96 96, location.
Fastfood place. One vegan burger. Bun is vegan and fries are baked in plantbased oil (message 2020/06).
Goffin  Goffin, Maalse Steenweg 2, 8310 Sint-Kruis Brugge, 050/68.77.88 location
Restaurant at edge of city (east side, near Kruispoort). More upstyle/ gastronomic. Willing to make vegan menu. Request 2 days in advance and add 10€ on cost of regular menu (mail 2016/03).
 HAP, Zilverpand 16, 8000 Brugge, location
Lunch/sandwich bar. No vegan options standardly available (sometimes the suggestion of the week is vegan).
‘The vegetarian sandwiches can be veganised (eg leave out cheese). White bread is vegan’ (mail 2018/05)
hashtagfood13  Hashtag Food, Scheepsdalelaan 37, 8000 Brugge, +32 (0)50 70 76 70, location
Several vegan options standardly available (stews, burger, cheeze platter, dish of the day …). All desserts are vegan. Also glutenfree options. 16-18€. Recommended. We loved it! REVIEW and REVIEW (2) and REVIEW (3) 
2017/11, new location, reopened at edge of the city: REVIEW (4) and REVIEW (5)  
and REVIEW (6)
hawaiianpokebrugge2 Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Markt 21, 8000 Brugge, location
Poke bowls, choose from the vegan bowls or compose your own, tofu available. Healthy; fresh and varied. Really like it. REVIEW
indiantandoori_brugge8  Indian Tandoori, Oude Gentweg 11, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.58.26, location
City center, typical indian food, vegan dishes on the menu, small place, main veg dish 14€-16€. Was here many years ago, was ok. Last visit in 2020 was disappointing. REVIEW
JillesBrugge  Jilles, Braambergstraat 10, 8000 Brugge, 050 70 55 55, location
Burgerbar. City center, near fishmarket. Since 2019 seperate vegan menu available. Four vegan burgers, vegan nachos, shared vegan platter, kids menu, vegan dessert. Sweet potato fries are baked in 100% vegetable oil (mail 2019/04).
 Kaffee Kamiel, Zilverpand 7, 8000 Brugge,  050 68 66 60, location.
In shopping center Zilverpand. All day brunch. Some vegan options like banana bread and toast avocado.
 Kottee Kaffee, Korte Zilverstraat 8, 8000 Brugge, location
Coffee lunch bar. Limited options: ‘Most breads are vegan and we have jam. Soy yoghurt. Plantbased milks for coffee. Bagels are not vegan. Currently no vegan pastry/pie’ (mail 2018/07).
la-buena-vista  La Buena Vista, Sint Clarastraat 43, 8000 Brugge, 050 33 38 96, location.
Tapasbar. ‘Yes, I can make something, if you let us know in advance’ (mail 2016/09).
 Lago, Doornstraat 110, 8200 Brugge, 050/67 28 70, location
Brasserie at swimming pool. Falafel balls in tomato sauce, vegan salad and southern dish with vegetables (18-19€). Still need to check it out!
 La Tache, Blankenbergsesteenweg 1, 8000 Brugge, location
Gastronomical. ‘We are happy to make the adjustment. Mention it when making the reservation. It can be more difficult on a Saturday evening though’ (mail 2018/02).
 Latrattoria  La Trattoria, Oostmeers 88, 8000 Brugge, 050/690.125, location
In between ‘t Zand and Minnewaterpark. Italian pizza and wine bar. The menu does not include a vegan pizza, but you can order the vegetarian pizza with tofu, and leave out the mozarella. Pizza dough is without animal ingredients (mail 2015/01).
lpqbruggebis10  Le Pain Quotidien, Simon Stevinplein 15, 8000 Brugge, (0)50 34 29 21, location
Part of chain with many branches all over the world. Opened Summer 2016. City center, near shopping street Zuidzandstraat. Several vegan options standardly available. Closed for dinner. Tea-room-brunch-snack style. REVIEW
 Li o Lait, Dweersstraat 30, 8000 Brugge, 050 70 85 70, location
Near ‘t Zand and Zilverpand. Same street as That’s Toast. Coffee, breakfast, light lunch, pastry. Sometimes vegan pastry. Bagels are vegan. Bread spread can be made vegan (mail 2016/08). REVIEW
marphasushinepali1 Marpha Sushi & Nepali Kitchen, Philipstockstraat 21, 8000 Brugge, 050/34 54 03
We had a sushi boat. Nice food, friendly service (the sushis were just rice with fruits and vegs, some tofu or such would be nice). REVIEW
   Mount Ghorka, Katelijnestraat 148, 8000 Brugge, 050/33 25 55 location
Nepalese. French fries, snacks. ‘Yes’ (pm 2018/04).
   Mister Spaghetti, Zonnekemeers 15 Parkingsite Oud Sint Jan, 8000 Brugge, location.
Chain of restaurants with several locations in Belgium. Menu on website mentions three vegan dishes (filter vegan).
2021monkeyeleven1  Monkey Eleven, Vlamingstraat 64, 8000 Brugge, location
Near Schouwburg. Healthy fastfood. Has many vegan options: lasagne, pizza, wraps, soup. Opened 2020/01. Have had take away and been on site. Nice food, but long queue. SEE REVIEW

 Nakhon Thai, Philip Stockstraat 12, 8000 Brugge, location
City Center. Thai restaurant. Some vegan options. Main dishes 15-16€. Lacked flavour. REVIEW
 Naraï Thaï  Narai Thai, Smedenstraat 43, 8000 Brugge, 050/68.02.56, location
Thai restaurant, city center, close to ‘t Zand, vegan dishes on the menu, main veg dish +/-10-12€. It’s been many years since I’ve been here, need to check again.
   Nomad, ‘t Zand 12, 8000 Brugge, 050/73 64 88, location
Openend 2015. The vegetarian burger is vegan, the bun isn’t, but can be served with different bun (mail 2016/05). Nicely renovated place. But culinary rather disappointing (way overpriced for what mostly seemed prepackaged store bought food). Sheep skins on terrace. Very loud inside. REVIEW
Update 2023
: new menu. Vegan Thai peanut curry
OhanaPokebowl_Brugge11 Moana Poke Bowls, Vlamingstraat 31, 8000 Brugge, location (formerly Ohana Pokebowls)
Near stadschouwbrug. One vegetarian bowl which can be made vegan (sauce) or compose your own bowl (has tofu). Cheap and healthy!
Otomat_Leuven4  Otomat, Simon Stevinplein 12, 8000 Brugge, 050/66.21.21
Opened Summer 2018. Part of chain of restaurants in Belgium. Three vegan pizzas standardly available. Uses beer in pizza dough. Service can be hit and miss.  REVIEW
Update March 2023: No longer have the Las Vega pizza, my favourite :-((. Bummer bummer bummer
   Oyya, Noordzandstraat 1, 8000 Brugge, 050/33 32 13, location.
Icecream bar. Near central Market. Vegan icecream available, seen on this FBpost (2017). Dropped by in Summer of 2017, but there was none available that day 😦 Passed by again 2018/06: several vegan icecream flavours, only in prepackaged small pots though (no scoops) (see photo).
 Parazzar  Parazzar, Torhoutsesteenweg 10, 8000 Brugge, 050 33 55 28, location
Outside city center, near Smedenpoort (across ‘t Zand). Not really a restaurant, but a soulbar with live shows. Food is freshly prepared, with variable eating options and opportunities for vegans (soup, risotto, couscous, wok). Preferably ask it a day in advance.
 Paula Mostaert, Geldmuntstraat 9, 8000 Brugge, 050 33 93 41, location
Vegan hotdog and hummus sandwich available. Vegan French bread for hotdog (stokbrood) (mail 2019/02). REVIEW
   Passion for Food, Philipstockstraat 39, 8000 Brugge, 0477/40.17.14, location
City center, near Burg. Mediterranean. Some vegan options. Nice, but would have liked some more spices/flavours. Bit of a wait too. REVIEW
   Pastis, Speelmansrei 8, 8000 Brugge, 050/45.18.09, location
Bistro (restaurant style). Very close to ‘t Zand. Vegan options on the menu (stir fried vegs with tofu or wrap with seitan, each 13€). Or the chef makes you a special vegan suggestion (which was very nice!). Best to request in advance if you want a full vegan menu. REVIEW
 patrick devos  Patrick Devos, Zilverstraat 41, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.55.66, location
Fine dining in historical building. Since 2022 plantbased menu standardly available. Organic vegetables, variety olive oils. Expensive drinks though. REVIEW (2013) and REVIEW2 (2023) will follow
 Bohemian Burgers Brugge, Sint-Amandsstraat 22, Brugge, location
Burger bar, chain with several locations. Formerly Paul’s Boutique. 2 vegan burgers on menu. Note: I’ve read so many conflicting reviews about PB over the years (about the frying oil, about the vegan burgers, …) that I’m a bit reluctant to go.
   Petit Bruges, Sint-Amandsstraat, 21, 8000 Brugge, location
City center (Belfry/market). Opened March 2018. Labels itself a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but also has cow, scampi, fish on menu. Some vegan options (falafel, pasta), labeled on menu (pasta 16-17€).
NOTE: Warning! I have not visited myself (and have no intention). I have read too many negative experiences about this place.
Primavera3  Primavera, Korte Vuldersstraat 14, 8000 Brugge, location. 050/34.06.30
Vegetarian – Restaurant is only open for groups, with reservation (min 8 persons and reserve 1 week in advance). Located in B&B huis ‘t Schaep. Beautifully restaured house. Most often gluten free. Been here a couple of times years ago and good value for money. Small portions though.
Update Oct 2020: also offers takeaway.
 Postbar, Langestraat 86, 8000 Brugge, 0486 11 57 01, location
Breakfast and lunch. Always one or two vegan options. Lots of postcards for sale, which one can write and post on site.  REVIEW
 Puss and books, Ezelstraat 35, 8000 Brugge, location
Cat Cafe (to meet cats who can be adopted). Free entrance contribution. Book swap. Coffee and vegan pastry. Soy, coconut and oat milk. Advised to make a reservation (online). CLOSED
   Punta EsT, Predikherenrei 1, 8000 Brugge, 050 33 03 49, location
No vegan options standardly available, but if you request it in advance, we will try our best (mail 2018/02).
 Refter  Refter, Molenmeers 2, 8000 Brugge, 050/444.900, location
Bistro. Nothing vegan on menu (35€), but they confirmed vegan is possible (mail 2014/1).
Ribs n beer Ribs ‘n Beer, Ezelstraat 50, 8000 Brugge, +32 50 70 76 77, location
Well, the name says what type of restaurant it is (content warning for the website …) … There is one vegan option standardly on the menu: vegan fajitas with no chicken chunks (23€). I am in no hurry to go, but maybe you end up there, it’s good to know they offer something vegan.
 RockFort  Rock Fort, Langestraat 15, Brugge, 050/334.113, location
Nothing standardly vegan available, but willing to take the challenge (mail 2014). Request vegan upon reservation. Menu 49€, dishes 20-30€.
 Royal Frituur, Langestraat 181A, 8000 Brugge, 050/684.184, location.
Near Kruispoort. Snackbar with a large variety of vegan snacks (burgers, shrimp, spring rolls, etc.), vegan sauces. Also vegan cupcakes. Clearly labeled on menu. Baked in plantbased oil. REVIEW . – CLOSED Fall 2022
   Salade Folle, Walplein 13, 8000 Brugge, 050/349.443, location
Near Minnewater, Salad bar/bistro, spacious place, several websites list this as a vegetarian restaurant, but it is not- serves meat & fish, request vegan upon reservation, main dishes 15-20€. REVIEW. CLOSED
 Sans Cravate, Langestraat 159, 8000 Brugge, 050/67.83.10, location
Michelin*, menu from 35€ (3-course, only for lunch) to 85€ (6 course). Vegan menu possible, request in advance. We liked it a lot! REVIEW
   Sanseveria Bagelsalon, Predikherenstraat 11, 8000 Brugge, location
In between Burg and Queen Astridpark. There does not seem to be anything vegan on the menu, but the owner mailed us vegans are welcome! (e-mail 2015/01). Visited Spring 2016, salad with guacamole & beetroot. After my visit, I also got confirmation that the bagels contain no animal ingredients, so next time I’ll order a bagel! SEE REVIEW.
Update 2017: vegan bagel standardly available (labeled on menu) (SEE REVIEW of visit to location in Ostend – which closed 2020).
 Shalimar, Gaston Roelandtsplein 25, 8310 Assebroek, 050/355.828, location
Indian restaurant, just outside city center (Gentpoort), spacious place, nice decor, vegetarian dishes on the menu, most are vegan (+/- 14€). Been here a couple of times, changed ownership. Very nice lunch! REVIEW
 sforno  Sforno, Sasplein 11 – 8000 Brugge, +32 50 69 26 82, location
We can make a pizza with lots of tomato and vegetables on top‘ (mail 2015/12).
   Starbucks, Stationsplein 5, 8000 Brugge, 050/72.09.25, location 
In train station. Has a vegan wrap (prepacked in fridge) plus vegan dessert. Soy lattes.
   Sud, Mallebergplaats 5, 8000 Brugge, at +32 (0)50 344.562, location
Near Market. Italian food, bistro style. Lunch. Dinner on Saturday. 24€ for appetizer and main dish. Loved the food! Original and varied. Long wait though. REVIEW
SolYsombra  Sol Y Sombra, Langestraat 121, 8000 Brugge, 050/31.73.01, location
Tapasbar. ‘Several vegan tapas standardly available: olives, cucumbersalad, mixed lettuce, paprikamarinade, artichokes, mushrooms, green asparagus, lentils, ratatouille, toast tomato and patatas bravas’ (mail 2014/02).
 taboule  Taboulé, Langestraat 81, 8000 Brugge, 050 33 87 01, location
Middle Eastern style fast food, East side of town. Vegan items indicated on menu. Also take away.
TajMahal  Taj Mahal, Philip Stockstraat 6, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.22.42, location
Indian restaurant, city center (market, Burg), vegan options on menu. Main dishes 12-14€. Still need to check it out!
 Tanuki, Oude Gentweg 1, 8000 Brugge, 050/34.75.12, location
Near Minnewaterpark/Beguinage. Japanese restaurant. Nothing vegan on the menu, but a vegan menu is possible, if you ask it two days in advance (mail 2015/01). 85€ for 4-course menu. Visited Spring of 2018 for our anniversary. Nice food, but way too expensive. REVIEW
   ‘t Brugs Pitahuis, Philipstockstraat 35, 8000 Brugge, 050/67.76.11, location
City center, near Market. No website. Chalkboard mentions vegan options. Still need to check it out!
   Tête Pressée , Koningin Astridlaan 100, 8200 Sint Michiels, Brugge,  0470 21 26 27, location
Yes, but we cannot guarantee 100% that it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients’. So that was a ‘no’ (mail 2014/2). Recently asked again, and said that a vegan menu is possible, when asked a week in advance. A WEEK! (mail 2018/01).
   ‘t Gulden Vlies, Mallebergplaats 17, 8000, Brugge, 050/33.47.09, location
City center, near the Burg. Some vegan dishes standardly available (eg wholegrain penne with oyster mushrooms, leeks and nuts) (14-16€). Small place. Dishes were good. REVIEW
 That’s Toast, Dweersstraat 4, 8000 Brugge, 050/68 82 27, location 
Breakfast, lunch. The regular bread isn’t vegan, but there is glutenfree bread without milk and eggs (mail 2017/10). Had a nice light lunch. REVIEW (note: be sure to check again about the bread though)
 The Gulliver Tree, Cordoeaniersstraat 4, 8000 Brugge, 050 73 15 16,  location 
Coffee/tea house. Breakfast and lunch. Vegan options available! (mail 2017/08). Nice place. REVIEW
the-olive-streetfood1  The Olive Street Food, Wollestraat 12, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.00.81, location
City center, near market. Healthy fastfood type, take away and delivery. Fries baked in olive oil. Menu mentions some vegan labeled options. Take away branch of The Olive Tree. REVIEW 
 The Olive Tree, Wollestraat 3, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.00.81, location 
City center, has several vegan dishes (2018/05). Same owners as The Olive Street Food (but restaurant).
 The Potato Bar, Sint-Amandsstraat 31, Brugge, 050/33.91.19, location
Has some vegan options (vegan cheeze croquettes, burger, salad) labelled as such on menu. Fries not vegan (beef drippings in oil). Sweet potato fries are baked in vegetable oil (2020/07).
 The Rabbit Hole, Koolkerksesteenweg 7A, Brugge, 0492 53 83 54, location
At the edge of the city, next to Music shop Metronoom. Small vegetarian cafe inside bike shop Steershop. Nice sunny terrace outside. Some light lunch options like vegan toast avocado and toasto with vegan cheeze. And vegan pastry. REVIEW.
 Thai Zen, Katelijnestraat 44, 8000 Brugge, 050/69 95 52, location
Has seperate vegan options on menu (from 7 to 14€) Spiced soup with tofu, coconut milk, galangal and coriander, spiced papaya salad with tofu and peanuts, Fried vegetables and tofu with vegan oyster sauce, Fried tofu with chilli paste and vegetables.
 Huidevettershuis  ‘t Huidevettershuis, Huidenvettersplein 10, 8000 Brugge, +32 50 33 95 06, location
City center, near fishmarket. Nothing vegan on the menu. ‘We can get a salad with warm vegetables, prepared in oil, and they also have pasta, rice and nuts in the kitchen. Soups are all made with bouillon’ (I’m guessing animal bouillon) (mail (2016/2). It doesn’t sound like a gourmet experience, but maybe when you are really hungry, or your company takes you there …
TomsDiner5  Tom’s Diner, West Gistelhof 23, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.33.82, location
Traditional restaurant, there doesn’t seem to be anything vegan on their menu, but vegan menu is possible (mail 2014/2). Request with reservation. Visited Spring 2016. Overpriced and gastronomcially disappointing (noodles with vegetables and RAW tofu for 17,50€).  REVIEW
Update 2023
: menu is still all but vegan friendly, so in no hurry to go again
2022verocaffe8  Vero Caffè, Sint Jansplein 9, 8000 Brugge, 050/70.96.09, location
Coffee bar in the city center (close to Theater – schouwburg – Burg). Light lunch and pastry  REVIEW.
UPDATE 2020: now also serving lunch. Friday is vegan day. REVIEW2
 Wiphada Thai Food, Langestraat 93 – 8000 Brugge, 050/ 31. 51. 55, location
Thai restaurant. Vegan options are marked on menu. REVIEW – CLOSED 2023
 Wild Foodz, Rijselstraat 82, Brugge, 050 73 15 46, location
At the back of train station (St Michiels). Wraps, salads, sandwiches – Only Take-away.
 Yasmina Take Away, Klerkenstraat 28, Brugge, 0490 13 70 80, location.
Moroccan. Vegan tajine, mezze and couscous.
 juice-for-life-brugge  Zest fresh Juice Bars, Stationsplein 5, 8000 Brugge, 0484 380 734, location
In train station Bruges. Not really a restaurant: fresh fruit and veg juices for take-away. Several locations in Belgium.
 zushi1  Zushi, Dweersstraat 3, 8000 Brugge, 050/96 8000, location
Take away Sushi. Near ‘t Zand. Vegetarian options which can be veganised (leave out the mayonaise) – personal communication Summer 2016 + mail 2021.


We appreciate restaurants taking the time to reply to our request, even if they answer they can’t provide a vegan menu (because it’s not their specialty, because they don’t know how, because it requires too much reorganisation, etc.). Rather they are honest about it, than ending up being served some salad and tomatoes.
It’s a pity some restaurants don’t reply at all.

Anna’s Asia No reply (mails 04/2019 and 07/2019).
 Arthies No, the vegetable burger contains egg, and the sauce that goes along with it too. The fries are baked in planted based oil though. (mail 2015/08). Asked again 2019. Exact same reply  (2019/02)
Assiette Blanche Previously: no reply (2014/2016).
Update: ‘No, we work with a small team and a full vegan menu is not in line with our work’ (mail 2018/07)
Au Petit Grand no (e-mail 2014/1). Specialised in grilled meat and fish dishes. Pasta contains egg.
Bagientje no (e-mail 2014/2).
Baobab (CLOSED) no (e-mail 2014/2)
Bistro Bruut no (e-mail 2015/1)
Bistro De Eetkamer no ‘we don’t serve vegan dishes’ (e-mail 2014/1)
Bistro De Schilder no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2015/01)
Bistro Pro Deo no (e-mail 2014/2)
Bistro Tableau no (e-mail 2014/2)
Bodega Lorenas no. ‘we have not enough food that meets your requirements‘ (mail 2019/07)
Brasserie Raymond  No reply to our e-mails with request for info (2015/04). Although they have a vegetarian dish (wok with pasta, mushrooms and vegetables) on the menu which is possibly vegan (at 24€ though!).
Brasserie Venice  no (e-mail 2015/1)
Cafedraal no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2014/02)
Carlito’s two restaurants, Italian. Pizzacrust is not vegan, we don’t have vegan cheeze (Mail 2019/07)
 Cambrinus  Beerpub. No, frying in beef fat, soups are with animal bouillon, and all other meals contain one or more animal ingredients (2016/02)
Christophe Sorry but no. (mail 2020/08)
 Cookies Cafe  No, too divergent from our regular menu card (mail 2016/09)
Curiosa no (e-mail 2014/2)
De Bottelier  no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2013/11). Although they have several vegetarian (possibly vegan?) items on their menu
 De Dyver  restaurant well know for using beers in food. Reply to our second e-mail (2013/12) was the strangest reply we ever had: “Dear, It’s very difficult for a beer restaurant to cook for a vegan. Everything with beer has gluten. And vegetables with beer isn’t really pleasant. So you need to excuse me, grts”
Meanwhile, the restaurant has switched owners. Mailed again, no reply (2015/12)
De Florentijnen  no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2014/1)
De Grilloir no (e-mail 2014/2)
De Passage no, we cannot serve you such a menu‘ (e-mail 2014/2)
 De Waterweelde no (mail 2017/07): ‘we have vegetarian meals and take note of allergies, but we are not at home in pure vegan dishes’.
 Franco Belge  no reply to our e-mails with request for info (last mail on 2016/08).
Den Gouden Harynck no (e-mail 2014/2) No. We’re still a fishrestaurant and don’t offer vegan menus. (mail 2020/08).
De Pepermolen no (e-mail 2014/2)
Du Phare no (e-mail 2014/2)
Gingerbread  no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2015/01)
Guillaume no (e-mail 2014/1). Guillaume did a vegan dinner on 2016/08/26 though! SEE OUR REVIEW.
 Kok au Vin  No. A lot of our dishes contain homemade bouillon and about everything of what you name (e-mail 2015/12)
 Komtuveu  No, unfortuately this is not possible for us. (mail 2017/04)
Kurt’s Pan no, but maybe in the future (mail 2014/1) Closed
 Le Mystique  no, our chef cannot arrange a vegan menu for you (mail 2016/12)
 L-e-s-s  no (mail 2016/08). we would have to leave out so many ingredients in our dishes, that it wouldn’t be the kind of experience our customers expect. We prefer to make our dishes to a standard recipe.
 Lokkedize  Bistro. no reply to our mails (2016/09 and 2016/12), although reportedly vegan is possible (falafel – see comment of Caz in comments section).
Mangerie no (e-mail 2014/2)
 Mariloup  no (e-mail 2016/10): there are always traces of animal products in our menu, and don’t have the time to make a seperate menu.
Monikkenwerve  Asian style tapas bar, all you can eat buffet. “We have several vegetarian dishes ” + some examples of those dishes. I asked whether they are vegan (eg the springrolls, baked in vegetable oil? do they contain egg? etc), but then received a reply stating that ‘he doesn’t really have an answer to that’. I inquired again, but got no reply anymore (mail 2015/12).
 Nous  no, vegan requires such a specific and specialised approach (mail 2016/10)



 Novotel Brugge Centrum, Katelijnestraat 65, 8000 Brugge, (+32)50/930802, location
At the edge of city center. Restaurant of hotel chain. Serves Dutch weedburger (made from seaweeds) 11€. Salad or soup as starter. No gastronomical experience, but nice to have the Dutch weedburger in Bruges. Unfortunatley not with the traditional tartar sauce, as they didn’t have that vegan. REVIEW.
UPDATE: no longer serves the Dutch weedburger. ‘we have a vegetarian lasagne’ (mail 2017/10)
 Osteria45  Italian restaurant. No reply to our mails (mails 2020/08; 2016/10 and 2016/12).
 O’Teur  Moroccon restaurant. Replied that vegetarian dishes are possible, tapas, tajine, couscous (2015/12). I asked again (several times) whether they are vegan (the use of dairy, eggs?), but go no response anymore.
Pergola although their website mentions vegetarian dishes are available and can be made à la minute, they replied a vegan menu is not possible (mail 2014/01)
Pasta Maria  no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2015/05)
Pasta Presto  no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2015/05)
 Petite Aneth  no (vegetarian yes, vegan not, mail 2016/08). A pity, because they have several vegetarian dishes that seem easy to be veganised.
Phare de Vie  Inititally a positive reply (pastas and pesto), but when I asked whether the pasta didn’t contain egg and if the pesto was without cheese, I got no reply anymore, so classyfying this as a no (2014)
Quatre mains no (e-mail 2014/2)
   Réliva, Goezeputstraat 6, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.13.07, location
Traditional restaurant with vegan options and vegan menu. We’ve been here several times and always liked the food. See several reviews HERE. Last visit was beginning of 2017.
UPDATE Summer 2017: prices have increased, vegan options have decreased (only one vegan option), and strict and selective reservation policy (eg pay deposit to confirm reservation). Haven’t visited since.
UPDATE 2022: Réliva is no longer serving vegan dishes, also not on request. So disappointing … 😦
Sale e Pepe no (e-mail 2014/2)
Sivalai  Thai restaurant in Katelijnestraat. no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2015/5), although there are some vegetarian dishes on the menu, which are possibly vegan
Spinola no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2014/2)
 ‘t Pallieterke  no, we don’t have the special products nor knowledge (mail 2015/12)
The Noon Moroccan restaurant. No reply to e-mails (2018/04 and 2018/09)
‘t Pandreitje no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2014/02)
‘t Santpoortje no (2020/08)
Uilenspiegel Replied a vegetarian menu is possible. Asked again for a vegan menu, but got no reply anymore (2014).
Willemijn No, maybe in the future (mail 2014/1) Closed


 AlmaVero  Alma Vero, Generaal Lemanlaan 106, 8310 Assebroek, location, +32 (0)474 52 00 29
CLOSED 2016/06 TAKE-AWAY only! Just outside city center. There’s always at least one vegan dish on offer (or vegetarian which can easily be veganised).
Vegan catering. From the website: “Healthy food, no added sugars, no additives, only natural ingredients“.
2021- reportedly closed
bhavani  Bhavani, Simon Stevinplein 5, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.90.25, location
Indian restaurant, city center. Vegan options. Participates in Thursday Veggieday campaign (not necessarily vegan, but vegan upon request). Classy decor. Bit more expensive than the other Indian restaurants in town. Lunch menu (2 course) +/- 20€. We’ve been here a couple of times over the years.
CLOSED Nov 2018
   Bohio, Geldmuntstraat 1, 8000 Brugge, 0485 76 84 08, location
Breakfast and lunch bar. Sandwiches, bowls. Vegan options labelled on menu. Ask for vegan bread. To eat on site or take away. Plat du jour, can be made vegan. Nice lunch! REVIEW.
 Buddhasia9 Buddhasia, Sint-Salvatorkerkhof 14, 8000 Brugge, 050/34 16 91, location
Near main shopping street & ‘t Zand, behind church. Vietnamese restaurant, opened Fall 2014. Menu 5 vegan dishes, 9-14€. Good awareness of what vegan means, which was reassuring.
Nice, but could use some more spicing. REVIEW.
 De Brugsche Tafel, Mallebergplaats 7, 8000 Brugge, 050/68 39 87, location
Not far from Market. REVIEW.
UPDATE June 2018 Vegetarian restaurant (mostly vegan dishes). Large selection of juices. REVIEW 2
UPDATE: November 2018: Vegan restaurant!
UPDATE: Summer 2020: turned into vegan waffle & icesalon.
CLOSED Oct 2021
 DeKarmeliet  De Karmeliet, Langestraat 19, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.82.59, location
City center, gastronomical, Michelin***, Menus 85€ – 210€, vegan possible (mail 2014/1).
CLOSED Fall 2016.
 Gentile  CLOSED no reply to our e-mails with request for info (2016/02). Although there are some dishes on the menu with mushrooms which are possibly vegan. Italian style restaurant.
 Grun9  Grün, Dweersstraat 4, 8000 Brugge, 0476 92 85 80, location.
Bistro, lunch. New place (June 2016). Dishes can easily be veganised (with tofu and falafel). From August 2016: vegan pastry available. Terrace in front and in the back. + take-away (lots of vegan options). Nice place. REVIEW.
‘t Jong Gerecht, Langestraat 119, 8000 Brugge, 050/31.32.32, location
There’s nothing vegan on the menu, but they mailed us a vegan menu is possible, if you request it 2 days in advance. 39€ for a 3-course and 45€ for a 4 course menu. REVIEW
CLOSED 2019. Cocquus now on this location
 BistroLaPorta La Porta, ‘t Zand 2, 8000 Brugge, 050/330.555, location
Italian bistro, city center at ‘t Zand, confirmed that vegan dishes are possible (e-mail 2014/01). Risone & pasta fungi.
Now ‘t Sandpoortje (no info available yet).
  Le Pain Quotidien, Philipstockstraat 21, 8000 Brugge, 050/33.60.50, location
Part of chain with many branches all over the world. City center, near market and Burg. Several vegan options standardly available. Closed for dinner. Tea-room-brunch-snack style. REVIEW
Nepal Kitchen, Blankenbergse Steenweg 29, 8000 Brugge, 050/66.70.66 , location
Nepalese restaurant, at edge of city. ‘we have a couple of vegan dishes, but not that many‘ (mail 2018/09)
Oh My Poké, Dweersstraat 3, 8000 Brugge, location
City centre, near ‘t Zand. One vegan bowl standarly available (with falafel). You can also compose your own bowl. Opened Aug 2019.
 Velusso, Zilverpand 26, 8000 Brugge, location.
Near ‘t Zand. Bicycle theme café, with vegan cake and light vegan lunch options. SEE REVIEW
   Vier de Seizoenen, Astridlaan 14, 8310 Brugge (St Kruis – Assebroek), location
Just outside city center, near Gentpoort. Organic shop, with small restaurant in the back (lunch). Vegetarian plat du jour (sometimes vegan – or veganized on request) on certain weekdays. REVIEW.
CLOSED July 2018
 Zeno  CLOSED Fall 2016. Although their website states you can mention special requests upon reservation (eg vegetarian), they replied us (mail 2013/11) a vegan menu is not possible, because nearly everything contains animal products. Pity, especially because they are mentioned in the ‘Green Gault & Millau 2013’ (restaurants with special focus on vegetables).

The above lists are certainly not exhaustive, but I aim to update them with new additions as I get more info along the way.
If you have more suggestions, please let me know so I can check them and add them to the list!
Did you find this information useful? Please leave me a comment! 🙂 


  1. Thank you so much for doing all this research and putting it online! My husband and I are vegans from the USA on a bicycle tour across Europe. We are in Bruges right now, doing our best to find restaurants that have vegan options. Your information is so helpful and I am glad you are letting these restaurants know that people are interested in vegan menu items. Thanks again!

  2. hksudan says

    We are visiting from Canada – are there any vegetarian/ vegan restaurants around Oostkamp?

    • Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t know of any such places. I don’t think there are any in Oostkamp, as I keep a good eye on all thing vegan popping up in the area.
      There is even only one vegetarian restaurant in Bruges!
      Enjoy your journey!

  3. I can’t even begin to explain how helpful this post is. I’ve recently transitioned to the vegan lifestyle which has greatly impacted on the time me and my partner spend going out together. We used to love going for dinner and are massive foodies, but it’s quite difficult to find places that cater for vegans in Doncaster (or anywhere in the North of England, really). I’ve booked us a surprise trip to Bruges for my partner’s Christmas present and have been intent on researching some great places to eat that can cater for us both. Your blog has covered that for me and more, thank you so much.

    • Thanks for your comment Ciretta. It’s always nice to get feedback from people who have stumbled upon our blog and find the info useful! 🙂
      Good luck on your vegan journey, and enjoy your holiday in Bruges. If you would find any new (vegan friendly) places, pls let me know!
      And feel free to leave a comment whether you agree or disagree with our reviews of certain places.

  4. Nicole Jergovic says

    Tried to go to Jillies for the vegan burger and vegan fries. Terrible service. We waited 20 minutes after being told we could take any table. A lot of tables were open. After 20 minutes my husband went and very politely just let the waitress know which table we had gone to. (We hadn’t even been given menus or been able to order drinks). The waitress got angry that he said something. We left. Also, there is a mounted dead young moose on the main dining room wall. So even though the have a vegan burger (on a non-vegan bun) you have to look at a murdered baby animal while you eat). Zero starts is what’ I’ve give this place.

    • Wow, that indeed sounds terrible. We haven’t been at Jilles yet, but are not so eager to go there, hearing your experience. Thanks for your feedback Nicole!

  5. Nicole Jergovic says

    Tried the DutchWeedBurger at Novotel. Nobody knew if the fries were fried in vegetable oil or in dead cow fat. So we couldn’t order fries or onion rings. It was ok. But it’s not something I feel like I’d have to go get a second time. Also the place is so family friendly that during dinner time (about 8pm) there were some parents actually knocking on the dining room window to get the attention of their child, so that wasn’t super fabulous… unless you just want a family room style dining experience.

    • We have also tried TDW at Novotel, our experiences are here.

      At this visit, they affirmed us the fries were baked in vegetable oil, although seeing salmon listed on the menu card as ‘vegetarian’, didn’t give us a reassuring feeling.
      Similar experiences about the atmosphere at Novotel. The restaurant/bar is a spacious place, but all patrons were asked to sit on the same side, making it very crowdy and noisy.

      Pity! I hope you will have or have had better dining out experiences while in Bruges!
      Thanks for your comments 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing! We often go to Lokkedize on Korte Vulderstraat for their tasty falafel pitas and mixed salad. The sauce is not vegan but we take our own soya cuisine and they mix up some yummy samurai-esque or garlic sauce for us. The salads are tasty… Often greens, grated carrot, sweetcorn and sometimes watermelon. Super friendly staff too who are happy to help. Maybe ring in advance to tell them you are coming because sometimes they run out of falafel!

  7. Helen Madden says

    Hello! I have just been looking at your blog as I am coming to Bruges in December 🙂 Your list of restaurants are great, but I wondered if you could tell me what are your favourite top 5 restaurants? and perhaps if you could recommend one in particular for my birthday dinner? (somewhere I can get dressed up nice). Any suggestions most welcome! Thank you, Helen

    • Hello Helen. There are several more gastronomic restaurants (more fancy) that are willing to make a vegan menu on request (they are in the list above).
      We like going to Réliva (more restaurant) and Hashtag Food (more bistro). Both have standard vegan options available.
      Patrick De Vos is also more fancy, but it’s been a while since we’ve been there.
      Enjoy your stay in Bruges!
      Would love to know where you went then, and pls give us some feedback on the blog 🙂

  8. LiOLait

    Vegan on request.

    Thanks to Trudi from ‘The Bruges Vegan’ to guide us towards this place, otherwise we would most likely have skipped Bruges for lunch, since there is really not a lot of vegan choices unfortunately.

    LiOLait is right in the city centre of Bruges, since we were by car, we parked it in ‘Parking Zilverpand’, which mentioned ‘full’ now we still managed to get in and found a spot.

    It’s a nice looking place inside and outside, as well as friendly staff who speak Dutch and English (also the card is available in both languages).

    On the card they indicate can be made ‘veggie’, now it is not very clear what that means and I would recommend to talk with the staff.
    The owner we talked to knew very well what vegan was, and assured us that everything we took was made vegan for us.

    They look like being quite specialized in ‘Bagels’, some kind of bread, sandwich, donut mix and which is vegan in all cases.

    Unknown to us, we decided to take the bagels vegan tapas, which was quite nice and a quite nice mix for lunch.

    While we were eating, the owner also came to see us, saying afterwards that if we would like some dessert, that they had just prepared some fresh new vegan cookies, which we of course decided to try out as well.

    Overall, we had a nice experience, it is just unfortunate that we had to know about this proposal from other visitors and that on their own they do not set any further effort in this.
    A majority of vegans will pass this place since there is no indication of what they can do.

    I left an ‘I love veggies’ sticker in the hope it will ring a bell.

    Pros: Nice place for vegan lunch, Friendly staff

    Cons: Should set more effort on communication around vegan options

    • Thanks fo your review on LiOLait Steven. Sounds good, although yes, I agree they could put in more effort to communicate about vegan options. We hope to go visit this place in the next couple of weeks.

  9. Onlangs bij Petite Aneth geweest, ze serveren enkel nog menu’s maar die wordt op vraag volledig veganistisch gemaakt! Wij hadden het op voorhand doorgegeven voor de zekerheid. Zeer lekker en uitstekend geprijsd 🙂

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