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#318 Salad and toast at Books & Brunch, Brugge

restaurant review #318 – Books and Brunch is a breakfast/lunch restaurant, a ten minute walk from the city center of Bruges. As the name gives away, there are plenty of books to read in the restaurant. This is from a visit in 2021. I am way behind on posting restaurant reviews, but trying to catch up 😉

front, Books & Brunch, Brugge
interior, with lots of books, Books & Brunch, Brugge

I had been wanting to visit Books & Brunch for years, but since they didn’t have a lot of vegan options years ago, I kept postponing.
Going by positive reviews on Happy Cow (mentioning several vegan options) we decided to give it a go and called to make a reservation for lunch (which is advised, they are often full).

menu at Books & Brunch, Brugge

We were really disappointed to only see one vegan option mentioned on the menu: a vegan salad with couscous, olives, cucumber, tomatoes and chickpeas (18,50€).
Next to that you can order a toast with mashed avocado and add some greens as topping (16,50€).
(in retrospect: I think it is adviced to double check on the bread and whether it’s vegan).

We inquired whether there were any vegan ‘day suggestions’, but the waitress said the day suggestions are never vegan.

couscous with vegs, Books & Brunch, Brugge
salad, Books & Brunch, Brugge
our lunch, Books & Brunch, Brugge
drinks, (note: the cakes are not vegan), Books & Brunch, Brugge

The salad and toast were fine, but really overpriced and not culinairy exciting. Nothing on the table (like sauce, oil or herbs) to spice things up a bit.

Hope they will add more vegan options in the future, or add some items like tofu, seitan, tempeh or such to the dishes, and be more attentive to vegans. Eg despite having asked for everything vegan, we got non-vegan cookies with the drinks.

outdoor seating at the back, Books & Brunch, Brugge

Ground floor is accessible (narrow doorway though and small step to get in). Toilets are upstairs – didn’t see an accessible toilet. Toilets clean and tody. Paper towels to dry one’s hands.
Relaxed atmosphere, modern interior, surrounded by plenty books. Uncomfy chairs though.

There’s a nice outdoor terrace at the back.

toilets upstairs, not accessible, Books & Brunch, Brugge – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
upstairs area, Books & Brunch, Brugge

All in all: few options for vegans, and not really culinair exciting. We were a bit disappointed. Hope they will add more options for vegans.

Books & Brunch, location

Garenmarkt 30
8000 Brugge


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