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#292 Lovely dinner at Hashtag Food (6), Bruges

restaurant review #292 – We have visited restaurant Hashtag Food several times over the years, and it’s always a pleasure to go dining there. Nice decor, lovely food and friendly service (previous reviews HERE). It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they do offer several vegan dishes, and all the desserts are vegan. 

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#291 Gastronomic festive menu from Pieter-Jan Lint

restaurant review #291 – We already had the pleasure of tasting the dishes of plantbased chef Pieter-Jan Lint at a private party (see HERE) and it was delicious. So we were very happy to see the offer of a vegan gastronomic menu for Christmas and New Years eve (end of 2020).

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100+ vegan burgers for International Hamburger Day!

As International Hamburger Day or World Vegan Burger Day was coming up, I thought of making a compilation of some of the vegan burgers we have eaten over the years to celebrate!
Yes, #veganseatburgerstoo !

I hoped I would find a handful of vegan burgers for this post … turns out, I found 100 burgers! 🙂
And no, we don’t eat this every day 😉 I went back to posts from the beginning years of this blog, back to 2014!

There are burgers from restaurants and food stalls in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria. And a handful of homemade burgers too.

The photos are just in random order, and with a link to the review of the restaurant or the event. There you can read whether we liked them or not 😉

I took all of these photos myself, but got some help from my husband in eating them 😉

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#290 Lots of vegan fastfood and nice fries, Royal Frituur, Bruges

restaurant review #290 – Royal Frituur is a fastfood fries shop at the edge of the city, near the Kruispoort (on the north east side). We had take away from Royal Frituur a couple of months ago.

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Vegan Donuts from Royal Donuts, Leuven

Shop review #64 – Royal Donuts is a German chain of donut shops, and has several locations in Belgium. This is from a visit to the shop in Leuven a couple of months ago.

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Vegan bakery De Broodenier, Leuven

shop review#63 – De Broodenier is a vegan bakery in Leuven and opened in the Summer of 2020.
Finally a vegan bakery in Belgium that offers and vegan pastry ánd vegan bread! There are already several traditional bakeries offering vegan options like Danish pastry (see Frimout in Ghent, Filip and Liraz in Kuurne) and many bakeries that offer cakes and pies (see Peas in Hasselt), but a traditional vegan bakery with bread and pastry is still a rarity in Belgium.

De Broodenier is a run by brother and sister Michiel and Hilke. Hilke previously ran tea house T&Ko in Leuven, which I wrote about here.

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Dehydrating figs – and other homegrown fruits and vegs

I still have plenty of dried figs from our fig tree. I put some on my breakfast granola every day. 🌿🌾🌿🌾

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#289 Gastronomic festive take away menu from ‘t Vijfde Seizoen (3), Aalter

restaurant review #289 – ‘t Vijfde Seizoen is a gastronomic restaurant in Aalter (between Bruges and Ghent). This literally translates as ‘the fifth season’. In ‘normal’ (non lockdown) times, there is always a vegetarian menu standardly available, which can be veganised upon request (it’s advised to ask it in advance).
I already posted two reviews of respective visits to ‘t Vijfde Seizoen here.

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#288 Great healthy food, Hawaiian Poké Bowl, Leuven

restaurant review #288 – Hawaiian Poké Bowl is a chain of restaurants with about a dozen locations throughout Belgium. This is from a visit to Hawaiian Poké Bowl in Leuven a couple of weeks ago. At that time (and now still), restaurants were only allowed to offer take away.

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#287 Lunch at Indian Tandoori, Bruges

restaurant review #287 – Indian Tandoori is located in de Oude Gentweg (near the Katelijnestraat) in the east side of town. We had visited this restaurant many years ago, and had good memories of it, and wanted to try again. 

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