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#304 Food OK-ish, but not so relaxed, Foodbar Rauw, Enschede (NL)

restaurant review #304 – This is from a visit a couple of weeks ago, when we were in Enschede.
Foodbar Rauw is located just a little bit outside of the city center in the Twentsche Foodhall.

the side of Twentsche Foodhall, Enschede (NL)
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#303 Traditional vegan dishes and dame blanche! Groenendijk Weert, Bornem

restaurant review #303 – Groenendijk Weert is a traditional restaurant/brasserie along the river Scheldt, in Weert/Bornem.

Front terrace Groenedijk Weert, Bornem
terrace at the back, Groenedijk Weert, Bornem

There is a seperate vegan menu of the month with traditional vegan dishes like vegan vol au vent and vegan stew (stoverij).
We had made a reservation this Summer on the Belgian national holiday (July 21) and that seemed really necessary. It was fully booked for lunch and several patrons were turned a way.

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#302 Nice lunch at vegan restaurant Veggie Galore, Nijmegen (NL)

restaurant review #302 – Veggie Galore is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Nijmegen (the Netherlands). Veggie Galore serves vegan Creole dishes. We were here a couple of weeks ago with friends.

front and terrace, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
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#301 – Vegan wrap and pizza at Monkey Eleven, Bruges

Restaurant review #301 – Monkey eleven is a rather new place in town, it opened nearly two years ago, in the beginning of 2020.

Interior Monkey Eleven, Bruges (photo from beginning 2020)

Β There are several vegan options standardly available. The style is of ‘healthy fastfood’. Each section of the menu has a vegan option (vegan pizza, wrap, bowl).Β 

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#300 Loved it! Original dishes at vegan restaurant Rucolino, Dudelange (LUX)

restaurant review #300 (yes, 300!!! πŸ™‚ ) – Rucolino is a vegan restaurant in Dudelange in Luxembourg, a bit south of the capital, Luxembourg city. We were here a couple of weeks ago, when we were in the area for the International Animal Rights Conference (I gave a presentation there about Animal Resistance and human saviourism, see here).

Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
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About animal resistance and human saviourism. Presentation at IARC 2021, Geertrui Cazaux

Stories of animal resistance. About human saviourism and not so-voiceless animals – Geertrui Cazaux

Other animals resist their oppression, by escaping, retaliating, and acts of everyday resistance. Centering other animals and sharing their stories helps us move away from a human saviourist framing and is an expression of solidarity with them. They are not voiceless and we are not their saviours but their allies.
In this presentation, I will document stories of animal resistance.

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#299 Fabulous vegan breakfast at B&B Dageraad, Bocholt (Limburg)

restaurant review #299 – Ok, this is not really a ‘restaurant’ review, as Dageraad is not a restaurant but a bed and breakfast, but I wanted to share our experiences anyway, because it was so good!

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#298 Nice food and warm welcome, vegan resto Honderprocentmianne, Genk

restaurant review #298 – Honderprocentmianne is a new vegan restaurant in Genk (Limburg). We were here for lunch a couple of weeks ago.

Front, Honderprocentmianne, Genk
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#297 Take away vegan lunch from The Olive Street Food, Bruges

restaurant review #297 – The Olive Street Food is a small take-away place in the city centre of Bruges, very close to the central Market and the belfry (like, 5 steps away!). It is associated with the Olive Tree restaurant a bit further down the street.
We had take away from The Olive Street Food a couple of weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday in Bruges.

Front + Entrance, The Olive Street Food, Bruges
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#296 – Nice salad at Low-C, Ypres / Ieper

restaurant review 296 – Low-C is a salad bar in the city center of Ieper (Ypres). We had lunch here a couple of weeks ago.

Front + outdoor benches, Low-C, Ypres
Entrance, Low-C, Ypres
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