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Bags and more! Cuco Vegan Fashion, Barcelona

shop review #60 – We were wondering around the Barri Gotic area (the historical city center) in Barcelona and discovered this vegan shop by accident. What a nice discovery!
Cuco Vegan fashion opened end of 2018 and has a nice collection of bags, backpacks, wallets, purses  and more.

front of Cuco Vegan Fashion, Barcelona

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#239 Beyond Meat burger at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Bruges

restaurant review #239 – Ellis Gourmet Burger is part of a chain of restaurants, with several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. We had been to the Ellis in Louvain before and had the beet the roots burger then (see reviews of Ellis Gourmet Burger here). Since then, another vegan burger has been added to the menu: the Beyond Meat burger, so on this visit to the EGB in Bruges, we wanted to try the Beyond Meat burger.

front of Ellis Gourmet Burger with a sign for the Beyond Meat burger, Bruges

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Beautiful cakes and more at vegan bakery La Besnéta, Barcelona

Shop review #59 – La Besnéta is a little bakery in the Gracia area in Barcelona.

Front of vegan bakery La Besnéta, Barcelona

Interior, vegan bakery La Besnéta, Barcelona

jams, cakes, … vegan bakery La Besnéta, Barcelona

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Animal liberation and disability liberation

Beasts of Burden, Animal and Disability Liberation, by Sunaura Taylor is a must read for anyone interested in the intersections between ableism and speciesism and disability studies and critical animal studies.

There is an in detail review on Crip Humanimal, written by Chloë Taylor.

Book cover of Beasts of Burden, Sunaura Taylor [IG: Book with blue greenish cover with title and author on cover. Held up against background of purple flowers and green foliage. Top caption of book cover reads: “Sunaura Taylor will turn your world inside-out – Rebecca Solnit”. Bottom half of cover shows two silhouettes in white: on left a cow with hind legs supported by wheels, on right a person in wheelchair]

#238 Nice light lunch at Jardin, Goes (NL)

restaurant review #238 –  Jardin is a cosy little place in the center of Goes (Zeeland, NL), just near the market. It opened in the Spring of 2019.

Front with terrace, Jardin, Goes (NL)

interior, Jardin, Goes (NL)

There are three  vegan options: the sandwich with hummus, a vegan salad, and a vegan bowl.
We took the sandwich and the bowl.
The hummus is homemade, and was very nice. The bowl came with white sticky rice, and vegetables / sprouts (and some avocado too). Read More

#237 Vegan lunch at the beach: Pele Surf Shack, Hoek van Holland (NL)

restaurant review #237 – Pele Surf Shack is an all vegan beach place. It opened in the Spring of 2019. From the parking area, it’s about a 5-10 minute walk to the beach. Then at the end, Pele Surf Shack is on your left.
We were here for lunch in May.

Pele Surf Shack, Hoek van Holland (NL)

interior, Pele Surf Shack, Hoek van Holland (NL)

entrance, Pele Surf Shack, Hoek van Holland (NL)

Pele Surf Shack is a nice spacious place, with tropical vibes. It also has a large outdoor terrace, looking at the beach and the sea. It was still a bit too chilly to sit outdoors (and windy), so we sat inside. Read More

The Cow with Ear Tag #1389 by Kathryn Gillespie

The Cow with Ear tag #1389 gives a very good insight into the dairy industry. And also a short analysis in the last chapter on how the different oppressions are connected, and a critique of ethical consumerism (not enough to change the system).
Very accessibly written ! (no academic jargon!). Glad I read it.

The Cow with Ear tag #1389, Kathryn Gillespie, University of Chicago Press (2018). 
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#236 Vegan vol-au-vent and cheeze croquettes at Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

restaurant review #236 – Bistro Denderend Lekker is located in Aalst, just a 5 minute walk from the central market square. We were here for lunch on a weekday, and sat on the spacious terrace in front of the restaurant.

Front with terrace, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

Vegan options are clearly noted on the menu as such. There are some vegan appetizers like vegan cheeezeballs, spring rolls, dumplings… The main dishes include wrap, cheezecroquettes, chili sin carne, vegan vol-au-vent, … Read More

#235 Lovely lunch at Brasserie Forestière (2), Bruges

restaurant review #235 – Brasserie Forestiere is a restaurant in the city center of Bruges, just a 5 minute walk away from the Belfry and central market. This was my second visit to Brasserie Forestière, the first visit dating back several years (one of the first reviews on my blog actually, see review here).
I was here with a friend for a weekday lunch a couple of weeks ago. I had made a reservation (which is advised, the place was nearly full).

Front of Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

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#234 Another nice lunch at Hashtag Food, Bruges (5)

restaurant review #234 – We have visited Hashtag Food ( or #Food) in Bruges several times the last couple of years. Previous reviews, both from the old location in the city center, and the new location at Scheepsdale, can be seen here.

Front of Hashtag Food, Bruges

interior, Hashtag Food, Bruges

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