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#249 Piece of cake at Koffie ende Koeck, Amsterdam

restaurant review #249 – This is from a visit to lunch and coffee house Koffie ende Koeck in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. All vegan! It’s located at the edge of the city, on the northwest side.

on the corner, Koffie ende Koeck, Amsterdam, NL

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#248 Another delicious dinner at Rasoterra(2), Barcelona

restaurant review #248 – Rasoterra is a vegetarian restaurant in the old city center of Barcelona (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). We had already visited Rasoterra in the beginning of 2018 (see review) and we liked it so much that we definitely wanted to visit again during our visit to Barcelona in the Spring of 2019.
Rasoterra often pops up as one of the best places to go dining on vegan or vegetarian lists of Barcelona – or even the world! We agree!

I had made a reservation by phone, and it is definitely advised to make a reservation, because the place soon filled up again.

Front of Rasoterra, Barcelona

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#247 Nice Indonesian rice table at Warung Adinda, Hilversum

restaurant review 247 – Warung Adinda – the name kind of gives it away πŸ˜‰ – is an Indonesian restaurant in the city center of Hilversum in the Netherlands.
There are plenty of Indonesian restaurants in The Netherlands (given the historical link with the country), but unfortunately they are a rarity in Belgium. So whenever we are in the Netherlands, we try to go to an Indonesian restaurant.

This is from a visit a couple of weeks ago, when we spent a couple of days in the Netherlands on holiday.

Front, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

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#246 Nice dinner at Rode Peper en Basilicum, Ede (NL)

restaurant review #246 – Rode Peper en Basilicum is located in the city center of Ede, near De Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands. I had seen online that they have some vegan options and so I made a reservation, and inquired about their vegan options and this was confirmed. It definitely turned out to be necessary that I had made the reservation, because after we came, the place soon filled up.

entrance, Rode Peper en Basilicum, Ede (NL)

interior, Rode Peper en Basilicum, Ede (NL)

There are several vegan options clearly labelled on the menu. Read More

#245 Nice bowl with tempeh at Urban Salad Bijlmer, Amsterdam (NL)

restaurant review 245 – Urban salad is a take away place (also some seatings) in the Bijlmer area in Amsterdam. It is part of a chain with a handful locations throughout the Netherlands. It is very close to the music venues (Ziggo Dome, Arena, etc).

street sign in front of Urban Salad, Amsterdam (NL)

front, Urban Salad, Amsterdam (NL)

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#244 Great vegan pizza with homemade vegan cheeze at Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos, Barcelona

restaurant review #244 – Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Barcelona. It is located between the Gracia area and the Sagrada Familia (at the end of the Passeig de Sant Joan parc).

Front of Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos, Barcelona (Spain)

the front room, Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos, Barcelona (Spain)

Vegan options are clearly noted, and it was very hard choosing from so many options on the menu. Not used to having so much choice! Read More

Geertrui Cazaux – Interview for Animal Culture Magazine

Honoured to be featured in the July edition of Animal Culture Magazine!

[ID: screenshot of page of interview. On top is photo of Geertrui, in pasture, sitting bent down, presenting snack to two grey/brow donkeys, brown donkey in the back]

I talked about my background, my activism, why I started the platform Crip HumAnimal, …
The full interview is available HERE (with permission from Animal Culture Magazine, thanks!)

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Cover of the July 2019 issue of Animal Culture

#243 Nice 3 course vegan menu near Hoge Veluwe, restaurant CΓ¨pes, Otterlo (NL)

restaurant review #243 – CΓ¨pes is the restaurant of Hotel De Sterrenberg. It is located just outside the western entrance of De Hoge Veluwe, a nature reserve in the middle of the Netherlands.

Restaurant Cèpes and Hotel De Sterrenberg, Otterlo, the Netherlands

interior, Cèpes, Otterlo (NL)

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#242 Vegan burgers at the beach, Jilles, Oostende

restaurant review #242Β  – Jilles Beer and Burgers is a Belgian chain with three restaurants: one in Bruges, Oostende and in Ghent. Since a couple of months, Jilles has a seperate vegan menu. Yeah!
The menu lists four vegan burgers: all the same hazelnutburger, with different extras.

Interior, Jilles Beer and Burgers, Oostende

front with large terrace, Jilles Beer and Burgers, Oostende

We visited a couple of weeks ago, as we wanted to try the new vegan burger before going to a show in the neighbouring Kursaal. We sat on the terrace. And waited. And waited. And waited …
It took about 25 minutes before a waiter came to simply give us a menu. Read More

#241 Loved the food at Veggieburger by Biocenter, Barcelona

restaurant review 241 – Veggieburger by Biocenter is a vegetarian restaurant in the food court of a shopping mall in Barcelona. It doesn’t really sound attractive, but these burgers were some of the best we ever had!
Veggieburger by Biocenter is located near the Poblenou district (Avenu Diagonal) close to the University where we went to the conference of the European Association of Critical Animal Studies.

The counter in the foodcourt, Veggieburger by Biocenter, Barcelona

The food court is located in the basement (-1 floor) and the Veggie Burger stand is on the far side, next to the meat court unfortunately. Vegan options are clearly labelled on menu. Read More