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#377 Delicious food, but very crowded inside, Preps, Maastricht (NL)

restaurant review #377 – We love visiting Maastricht! The city has a great vibe, and there are more and more places where you can get vegan food.
This is from a visit to Preps in the city center, in the Fall of 2022.

lunch at Preps, Maastricht, the Netherlands
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#376 Indonesian ricetable at De Parel van Flores, Delft (NL)

restaurant review #376 – Vegan in Delft in the Netherlands! One of our favourite cuisines … Indonesian! When we driving back home from a small trip to the north of the Netherlands, around New Year (2022-2023) we passed by Delft and went to De Parel van Flores, an Indonesian restaurant.

De Parel van Flores, Delft (NL)
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#375 Plantbased fine dining. Delicious, but expensive, Amaranth, Merelbeke

restaurant review #375 – Amaranth is a plantbased fine dining restaurant in Merelbeke (close to Ghent). It is run by chef Pieter-Jan Lint and Carmen Duytschaever.

We’ve previously already tasted Pieter-Jan Lint’s creations at a party at friends (see HERE) and had take away for Christmas (see HERE). Delicious! So we were very pleased with this new restaurant (opened in 2022).

Front of Amaranth, Merelbeke, (photo end of 2020)
interior, Amarnth, Merelbeke
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#374 Light lunch By Lima, Haarlem (NL)

restaurant review #374 – By Lima is a vegetarian restaurant/lunch room in the city center of Haarlem, the Netherlands. I was here for lunch, when I spent a couple of days in Haarlem in the Summer of 2022 after the show of Pearl Jam (which was awesome! – see video below and more on my You Tube). )

Outdoor seating, By Lima, Haarlem (NL)
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#373 Art quilts and art kitchen, Lunch at Kunstküche, Krefeld (GER)

restaurant review #373 – We had a nice lunch at vegan restaurant Kunstküche at the end of 2022. We were in Krefeld to visit the gallery of quilt artist Claudia Pfeil. Lovely work! (see my Tiktok video here).

studio of Claudia Pfeil, Krefeld, Germany. Read about her project ‘Piece for Peace’ with quilts for Ukrain here
art quilt by Claudia Pfeil, quilt studio Krefeld, Germany
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#372 Another lovely dinner at vegan resto Soul Kitchen, Ghent (2)

restaurant review #372 – Soul Kitchen is a vegan restaurant at the edge of the city, near Sint-Anna square. We had already had lunch here in October 2022 (see REVIEW) and loved it! So we visited again, this time with friends on a Saturday evening.

nice interior, Soul Kitchen, Gent
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#371 Nice fastfood – but slow – lunch at Veganlicious, Breda (NL)

restaurant review #371 – This is from a visit to Veganlicious in the foodhall of Breda (NL) a couple of weeks ago. 🌿🌿 Unfortunately Veganlicious has meanwhile closed 😔.

Foodhall, Breda (NL)
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#370 – Mixed feelings, vegan resto New Vegas, Haarlem (NL)

restaurant review #370 – New Vegas is a vegan restaurant in the city center in Haarlem (the Netherlands). It is located just at the corner of the main square. I visited twice for dinner in the Summer of 2022, when I spent a couple of days in Haarlem after a show of Pearl Jam in Amsterdam (which was awesome! see video below and more on my You Tube!)

Front/entrance, New Vegas, Haarlem, the Netherlands
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#369 Nice lunch at ‘Van die Vegans’, Hilversum (NL)

restaurant review #369 – Van die Vegans is a vegan restaurant/catering business in Hilversum, the Netherlands, outside the city center. It translates as ‘From those vegans’ 😉

entrance + ramp, Van die Vegans, Hilversum (NL)
interior, Van die Vegans, Hilversum (NL)
menu and logo, Van die Vegans, Hilversum (NL)
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#368 Nice lunch at Smaeck, Weert (NL)

restaurant review #368 – Smaeck is a lunch room in Weert, in the south of the Netherlands. We were here at the end of 2022.

front and outdoor seating, Smaeck, Weert (NL)
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