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#328 Nice ‘wurger’ lunch at B-NUT, Brasschaat

restaurant review #328 – B-NUT is a vegetarian restaurant in Brasschaat, close to Antwerpen. We were here for lunch a couple of months ago, in March, on our way home from the GENESIS concert in Amsterdam (see video at bottom). It was a beautiful sunny Spring day, so we sat on the terrace at the back.

Front, B-NUT, Brasschaat
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#327 Healthy and fresh, lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Kortrijk

restaurant review 327 – Hawaiian Poké Bowl is a chain of restaurants with about a dozen locations in Belgium. I have been to their restaurant in Leuven and in Ghent several times and and have also visited the Hawaiian Poké Bowl in Kortrijk several times now in the past couple of months.

Next to the City Hall, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
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#326 Dinner at vegan resto Beet, Belval – Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX)

restaurant review #326 – This is the second restaurant of vegan restaurant Beet in Luxembourg, the first one being in the city center of Luxembourg city. This one is located in Belval, a bit outside of Esch-sur-Alzette, where the annual International Animal Rights Conference takes place. It is on a renovated/former industrial site. There are several shops and restaurants in the area, one of which is Japanese restaurant Origami, which we visited in 2019.

We were at Beet in Belval for dinner a couple of months ago, in 2021.

interior, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
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#325 Nice lunch in traditional decor, Hiller, Hannover (GER)

restaurant review #325 – Hiller is a vegan restaurant in Hannover, it is located at the edge of the city center. It was founded in 1955 and is the oldest vegetarian (turned vegan) restaurant in Germany.

front of Hiller, Hannover (GER)
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#324 A piece of vegan cake at Vero Caffè, Brugge (2)

restaurant review #324 – Vero Vaffè is a coffee and lunch house in Bruges. It is located in the heart of the city, but nonetheless on a very quiet square, away from the crowded masses on the market and other busy streets.

It had been a couple of years since I visited Vero Caffè in Brugge (see review here) and there weren’t that many vegan options then.
This review is from a visit in 2021 (Yes, I know I’m late with posting this – I’m still catching up on many restaurant reviews 😉

front terrace, (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
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#323 Fastfood vegan pizza, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg

restaurant review #323 – The Tube Bar is located in the buzzing center of Luxembourg city. We were here a couple of months ago, and sat on the spacious terrace. I had seen many positive reviews on Happy Cow, and was excited to try this place!

on the corner, spacious terrace, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city
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#322 Vegan burgers and more at La Brasserie, Zedelgem

restaurant review #322 – La Brasserie is like one in a dozen brasserie/tea room style restaurants in the more rural area around Bruges, in Zedelgem. What is special though is that there are vegan options standardly mentioned on the menu!

on the corner, La Brasserie, Zedelgem
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#321 Nice salad and pasta, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

restaurant review #321 – Eetcafé ‘t Folk is part of Muziekcentrum Dranouter, where concerts and other music events are organised. Dranouter is well known for its yearly Folk festival, which takes place just around the corner.
We were at Eetcafé ‘t Folk for lunch a couple of weeks ago, and went for a bikeride in the beautiful area. This part of Flanders is more sloped, with small hills, which are very popular with cyclists and also feature in cycling races.

the area around Dranouter
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#320 Nice fast lunch at Loving Hut, Louvain La Neuve

restaurant review #320 – Loving Hut is worldwide chain of vegan restaurants. They can either be small lunch places, take away restos or full size restaurants, depending on the local manager. We have visited many branches of Loving Hut restaurants over the years, in Leuven, Brighton, New York, Maastricht, … What they all have in common is they don’t serve any alcohol, and they follow or are inspired by ‘Supreme Master’ Ching Hai.
We have no interest in the latter, but only go for the vegan food!

Galerie des Halles, shopping mall where the restaurant is located, Loving Hut, Louvain-la-Neuve
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#319 Nice light lunch at vegan resto Wildgroei, Delft (NL)

restaurant review #319 – Wildgroei is a vegan lunch restaurant in the city center of Delft (the Netherlands). It is located just at the foot of the church. We were here for lunch a couple of months ago, when we visited a quilt and patchwork fair in nearby Rijswijk.

on the corner, Wildgroei, Delft (the Netherlands)
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