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#315 CultuurCafé De Grote Post, Oostende (2)

restaurant review #315 – Cultuurcafé De Grote Post is a restaurant located in the former postal office of Ostend – now a cultural center. This review is from a visit a couple of months ago.

the former postal office, now cultural center, CultuurCafé De Grote Post, Oostende
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#314 Nice lunch at vegan resto Het Slachthuis, Leiden (NL)

restaurant review #314 – Het Slachthuis is a vegan restaurant in Leiden (the Netherlands). We were here for lunch with friends a couple of months ago.

city center of Leiden, The Netherlands

‘Slachthuis’ is the Dutch word for slaughterhouse, so that’s a peculiar name for a vegan restaurant! It is located a little bit outside of the city center, in a former flower/wheat factory, and cohouses with a communal sewing atelier.

Front, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
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#313 Fresh and colourful lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent

restaurant review #313 – Hey people, I am way behind on my restaurant reviews, life has been hectic the last couple of months :-). But I have a bunch of reviews coming up! Lots of yummie food and nice dining out experiences 🙂

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#312 Colourful sushi plate at Ichiban sushi, Remich (Luxembourg)

restaurant review #312 – Remich is a small town in the East of Luxembourg, at the banks of the Moselle (Moezel), and the border with Germany. We were here in September, when we were in Luxembourg for the International Animal Right Conference.

Front of Ichiban sushi, Remich (Luxembourg)
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#311 Stew, vol-au-vegan and more at pop-up Oh!ma, Bruges

restaurant review #311 – Oh!Ma is a vegan pop up restaurant in Bruges, run by vegan catering Vegansa. We have visited twice in the last couple of weeks, and hope to visit again before they close mid January!

Front, Oh!Ma, Bruges
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#310 Nice dinner at vegan resto Lento, Hasselt

restaurant review #310 – Lento is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Hasselt (Limburg, BE). We were here a couple of months ago, in the Summer, when we spent some days in Limburg.

front and outdoor seating, Lento, Hasselt
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A look inside vegan shop Venga, Roeser (Luxembourg)

Shop review #65 – This is from a visit to vegan shop Venga a couple of months ago. We were in Luxembourg for the International Animal Rights Conference (where I gave a presentation about animal resistance and human saviorism).

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#309 Lovely vegan lunch, Tastou, Weert (NL)

restaurant review #309 – Tastou is a lunchroom in the center of Weert, a small town in the south of the Netherlands, right across the border with Belgium. We were here for lunch a couple of months ago, when we were on holiday in Limburg.

terrace of Tastou, Weert (NL)
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#308 Nice lunch, lovely location, Eviedemment, Ronse

restaurant review #308 – Eviedemment is a lunchbar in a renovated chapel/church (de Passage) in Ronse, in the south of Flanders (Vlaamse Ardennen). There is indoor seating (also upstairs), but as it was a beautiful Summer day, we sat on the terrace.
It was very quiet, there was hardly any traffic, which was nice.

The renovated church, interior, Ronse
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#307 Vegan fastfood at PapaPizza & Burger, Neeroeteren

restaurant review #307 – Well, the name does give it away! Pappa Pizza & Burger is a fastfood restaurant in Neeroeteren, in Limburg (BE).

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