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#350 Lots of mock meats, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld (Germ)

restaurant review #350 – This is from a visit to vegan restaurant Veggie Delicious in Germany in 2022, when we were on route from Hannover to Cologne to go to several GENESIS shows (see video clip below and more on my You Tube).

front – banner: vegan buffet 15€ on Sunday, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld
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#349 Nice vegan sushi boat, Marpha Sushi & Nepali Kitchen, Bruges

restaurant review #349 – A couple of weeks ago, we went for lunch to Sushi & Nepali restaurant Marpha in Bruges. It’s in the PhilipStock straat, close to the market square.

Front & entrance, Marpha Sushi & Nepali kitchen, Bruges
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Vegan options on the menu :-)

True! 😄 At least with respect to non-vegan restaurants.

In vegan restaurants, I’m often overwhelmed by the menu, and don’t know what to choose! 🤤🙈 #choiceoverload

Credit: Catana Comics

#348 Nice lunch at Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven (NL)

restaurant review #348 – This is from a visit to Poke Bowl Original in the Spring of 2022. We stopped in Eindhoven to have lunch, on our way to Hannover for some music shows.

Front with outdoor seating, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
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#347 Nice burger and bowl at Theory, Levallois, Paris (FR)

restaurant review #347 – Theory is a small vegan restaurant in Paris (Levallois-Perret). We were here when we were in Paris for a show of GENESIS, during their final tour 🙂 See videos below and more on my you tube channel.

Interior, Theory, Paris
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#346 Vegan nachos and more! vegan queer bar Sprout, Bruges

restaurant review #346 – Sprout is a is a queer vegan bar at the edge of Brugge, serving snacks and drinks 🎉🎉👏💚🌈 Sprout opened in the beginning of 2022 and we have visited a couple of times!

Front terrace, Sprout, Brugge
interior, Sprout, Brugge
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#345 Great falafel at vegetarian Palestinian restaurant Dar Za, Leuven

restaurant review #345 – A couple of months ago, I went to vegetarian Palestinian restaurant Dar Za in Diestsestraat in Leuven for lunch. Nearly everything is vegan, except for some dishes with cheeze.

Front, DAR ZA, Leuven
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#344 Nice lunch at vegan resto brEAThe, Paris (FR)

restaurant review #344 – BrEAThe is a vegan Asian maki bar. It is the second location of this restaurant, based in Montorgeuil in Paris. We were here for lunch in March (yes, I’m still cathing up on restaurant reviews!) when we were in Paris for a show of GENESIS on their last ever tour (see some videos below, and more on my You Tube channel).

Front of restaurant, BrEAThe, Paris
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#343 Vegan Indian food at Chandigarh, Brussels

restaurant review #343 – Chandigarh is a new vegetarian restaurant in Brussels, in the city center, near the Cirque Royal (concert venue). We were here for dinner last Summer just before going to a show at the next door Cirque Royal. We went to see Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, a tour with the drummer of Pink Floyd, playing early Pink Floyd songs (see a clip below and more on my You Tube). And it was awesome!

So happy that there is now a restaurant with vegan options in the area! 😊👍👍

Front Chandigarh, Brussels
Interior, Chandigarh, Brussels
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#342 Lovely take away, Wasabi at the O2, London (UK)

restaurant review #342 – We were in London in March for the final shows of GENESIS (see some clips below and more on my YouTube). The O2 is a very large venue, with dozens of restaurants and stalls in the surrounding hallways.

entrance, Wasabi O2, London
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