list shops Bruges and beyond

Here are some shops that I have visited (or would like to visit), which may be of interest to vegans. Inside Bruges, and outside Bruges.
Note that these are not all VEGAN shops (unfortunately, there are only a handful vegan shops in Belgium).

This list is not exhaustive. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, so I can check it out and add them to the list!

Shops in Bruges

selection of vegetarian products (some are vegan), Bioplanet, Bruges  Bioplanet, Sint-Pieterskaai 53, 8000 Brugge, location
Organic supermarket. Just outside city center. Branch of chain store, several shops in other Belgian cities too. REVIEW
Biovita, Organic Shop, Sint-Kruis, Bruges  Biovita, Torhoutsesteenweg 179, 8200 Sint-Andries Brugge, location + Maalsesteenweg 299, 8310 Sint-Kruis Brugge, location
Organic shop, two branches just outside the city center. The main shop in Sint-Andries has a large collection of toys. Opened a 3rd shop at the end of 2014 in Roeselare (40km from Bruges).
See my POSTS about Biovita.
   Chez Mariette, no storefront – catering
Vegan catering: pies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins.
Olijfboom, Brugge De Olijfboom, Smedenstraat 58, 8000 Brugge, location
Near ‘t Zand. Wide variety of special olive oils, herbs, spices, harissa, Japanese products, … It’s a small shop, but packed with special goodies. We love it 🙂
 DilleKamille Dille & Kamille, Simon Stevinplein 17-18, 8000 Brugge, location
City center. Chain store with several shops in Belgium. Pots and pans and other cooking and baking materials, kitchen supplies
20210311_124826 Forrest Food, Moerkeksesteenweg 132, 8310 Brugge, location
Vegan shop/traiteur. Oven dishes, moussaka, bread spreads, cakes, icecream …
Everything is vegan, except for some cheezes. Update Fall 2021: all vegan now!
Great shop!
 ??????????????????????????????? Horeca Totaal, St. Pietersgroenestraat 8, 8000 Brugge, location
Very large shop, aimed at horeca professionals, food professionals. REVIEW 
 Holland & Barrett, Noordzandstraat 63, 8000 Brugge, location
Chain of health stores, with vitamine supplements, body and care products (some vegan labelled), nuts, flours, … REVIEW
KarmaMarkt, waste free shop, with also selection of vegan products, sometimes vegan cupcakes. REVIEW
 kudzu Kudzu, eco webshop, with several vegan items (eg. bodycare). Free delivery inside Bruges
   Leeloo, vegan clothes shop, also has some body and care products. Vegan since April 2018.
 IF L’ Occitane en Provence, Noordzandstraat 58, 8000 Brugge, location
In main shopping street. Body and care products. Woldwide chain. Most products are animal free (except for some with honey etc). Some sites list their products as vegan, others not because of the changed requirements on animal testing (in China).
Magpies, vegan catering of cakes, pastry.
No storefront.
 Noranure  Nora Nure, Kongostraat 11, 8310 Brugge, location
Energetic beautysalon (facials, Japanese facial massage, foot reflexology, medical pedicure, …). Artistic, cosy, biological, individual.
Nearly all products are vegan.
 Origin’O, Generaal Lemanlaan 147, 8310 Brugge, location
Organic shop (branch of chain store, several shops in other Belgian cities too). (used to be in Katelijnestraat, moved end of 2017 to current location)
See my BLOGS about Origin’O.
Raanasia1  Raan Asia, Oostendsesteenweg 135, 8000 Brugge, location
Just outside city center. Food shop with asian specialities.

Shops & other outside Bruges 

Zuiver Genieten
Aalter (in between Bruges and Ghent), small vegan shop with vegan cheeses. Does weekday catering and also catering of parties, events, …
Antwerps Kookhuis

Antwerp / Antwerpen, kitchen, cooking, baking material. REVIEW
 Het Natuurhuis

Antwerp / Antwerpen, organic shop. REVIEW
 Auvelais (in between Namur and Chareleroi), Vegmarket, vegan shop, open in evening. Also webshop.
 Barcelona, vegan shop with handbags, shoes, wallets, … REVIEW
Cal Veganic Barcelona, vegan shop with food, body and care products, books. Poblenou area. REVIEW
 Barcelona, vegan supermarket. This was awesome! REVIEW
 VeGala Vegan Beauty
 Barcelona, vegan shop, body and care products and cosmetics. REVIEW

 Beernem (near Bruges), organic shop. With also vegan products like plant milk drinks, vegan wines, seitan, … Travellers through Belgium: this shop is only 5 minutes from the highway E40, exit Beernem! REVIEW
V.GAN Brussels – Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.
Vegan shop on east side of Brussels. REVIEW

Everberg, British Store, between Brussels and Leuven – REVIEW
 Bakerij Frimout

Ghent / Gent, Bakery, has vegan ‘koffiekoeken’ (suisses, boules de berlins, ‘boterkoeken’, …) REVIEW
Beo Versmarkt

Ghent / Gent, City center. Organic shop (not vegan, but the vegan lunch bar inside is all vegan). Waste free containers with nuts, etc. website
 Moor & Moor
Ghent / Gent, small shop with vegan specialities (like vegan caviar, see this postREVIEW
mainly lunch/coffee bar now, shop greatly redecued

Ghent / Gent, organic shop. REVIEW 

Hasselt, vegan bakery. REVIEW

Kortrijk / Courtrai, organic shop, REVIEW
Bio Planet
Kortrijk, Courtrai, organic shop, part of Belgian chain. New location since 2018. Nice shop.
 Zonder Meer  Kortrijk / Courtrai, low package, organic, fair shop, with small selection of vegan food in fridge (to take away), REVIEW
 Bakkerij Filip

Kuurne (near Kortrijk), bakery with vegan pastry and pies. And also a selection of vegan products for sale, which are not so easily found in other shops. REVIEW
 BMS Wijndepot

Kuurne (near Kortrijk), supplies for home brewing, cooking, canning, bottling, … fantastic store!! REVIEW
 Go Veg vegan Shop
 Liège, small vegan shop with variety of products: from food to body and care products. REVIEW
 Biodésir  Lisieux (Normandy, France), large organic shop with several vegan products. We shopped here to buy stuff for lunch on the road. REVIEW

 London (UK), small vegan shop, on the west side of town. REVIEW

 London (UK), vegan icecream shop. We loved it! REVIEW
Asian Supermarket Circle

Louvain / Leuven, Asian shop, mainly food. REVIEW
De Broodenier
Louvain / Leuven, vegan bakery. REVIEW

 Louvain / Leuven, organic shop, part of chain (about 20 stores throughout the region), with several vegan products. REVIEW
 tAK – a plant based lifestyle

 Marke (near Kortrijk), vegan shop: tAK. Vegan breakfast and lunch to take away. Vegan products, and lovely postcards made by Vanessa. REVIEW
Update 2018: now only webshop
 Middelburg (Zeeland, NL), Italian icecream shop. Vegan icecream flavours, vegan cookies and pie. REVIEW
 Kookwinkel Bianca Bonte

Oostburg (NL), cooking shop. MY REVIEW
Blue Bay Trimsalon
Oostende, dog grooming & trim salon, vegan and cruelty free products. Blue Bay trimsalon.
 Chow Chun

Ostend / Oostende, Azian supermarket. MY REVIEW
 Gelato Maxim  Ostend/Oostende, Icecream bar, some varieties of vegan icecream (vanille, chocolat soy)

Ostend / Oostende, organic shop on two locations OUR REVIEWS of the Mordan at the edge of city, and the Mordan in the city center 
 Un monde Vegan

 Paris (Fr), vegan shop (also webshop). REVIEW
 VG Pâtisserie

 Paris (Fr), vegan patisserie. Delicious! REVIEW
 Vegan Mania
 Paris (Fr), Vegan body and care products and cosmetics. Also webshop. REVIEW

Poeke, windmill, flours, glutenmeal (to make seitan) and other bakery products. REVIEW

PS: looking for gluten to make seitan? Check out this post on Graswortels

 Biovita Roeselare
Roeselare, organic shop, many vegan products 3rd shop of Biovita. REVIEW
Roeser, Luxembourg, vegan shop, packed with vegan goodies! REVIEW
 Heavenly Cupcakes

 Rotterdam (NL), vegan patisserie, also small selection of vegan products for sale, see REVIEW

The Hague, Den Haag (NL), vegetarian shop, with lots of vegan stuff. Mainly food. REVIEW


   Green & Clean Bakery, No address
Makes cakes and pies (catering on demand only, no shop for now). Update: Stopped 2018
 ZaboerasianFood Zaboer Asian Food, Hoefijzerlaan 6, 8000 Brugge, location
Asian and african products, small shop near ‘t Zand.
SHAVT Louvain / Leuven, vegan shop: food, homemade vegan cheeses (Since 2017, only online shopping). OUR REVIEW
Closed 2018

V|edge, Ghent / Gent, vegan shop, food, clothes. Update: now only webshop MY REVIEW 
Closed 2017 or 2018? 

Ostend / Oostende, clothes, shoes, body and care products. OUR REVIEW
Update: Closed, from Summer 2019 only webshop

Oudenburg, zero waste shop with also vegan products (cake, candy, …). REVIEW

Veganz, Vienna (Austria), vegan shop, part of chain OUR REVIEW
UPDATE Summer 2017: Closed 😦
 Vier de Seizoenen, Astridlaan 14, 8310 St Kruis, location
Organic shop just outside city center (Assebroek). Also small restaurant in the back with vegetarian plat du jour (vegan upon request). OUR REVIEW 

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