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Vegan bakery De Broodenier, Leuven

shop review#63 – De Broodenier is a vegan bakery in Leuven and opened in the Summer of 2020.
Finally a vegan bakery in Belgium that offers and vegan pastry ánd vegan bread! There are already several traditional bakeries offering vegan options like Danish pastry (see Frimout in Ghent, Filip and Liraz in Kuurne) and many bakeries that offer cakes and pies (see Peas in Hasselt), but a traditional vegan bakery with bread and pastry is still a rarity in Belgium.

De Broodenier is a run by brother and sister Michiel and Hilke. Hilke previously ran tea house T&Ko in Leuven, which I wrote about here.

front of De Broodenier, Leuven. The entrance was not accessible – but this was in December during road construction works – so maybe that has changed by now)

This is from a visit to De Broodenier in December 2020. There were construction works in the street, so it was a bit of a hassle to get there. The shop is located in the city center, about a 5-10 minute walk from the city hall.

Their main offer seems to be sourdough bread, but there are also cookies and some pastry. I bought some vegan cookies, cinnamon rolls and bread pudding (they were good, but rather dry).
‘Boterkoeken’ (Danish pastry) were sold out unfortunately, so it is advised to make a reservation for those!

interior – counter, De Broodenier, Leuven
cinnamon rolls and bread pudding in counter, De Broodenier, Leuven
cookie jars, De Broodenier, Leuven
cookies from De Broodenier, Leuven

Would love to see they expand their offer (when we were there only a handful of options) and have more variety to choose from!

But when we’re in Leuven, will definitely visit again. If we can get there on time, since they already close at 2PM (which is a bit early for us, as we often can only make it to the city centre by the afternoon).

De Broodenier, location
Mechelesetraat 75
3000 Leuven


See the list of shops, on my blog The Bruges Vegan, which may interest vegans.

logo De Broodenier, Leuven

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