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#276 Chocolatemousse and a piece of cake at Het Strand (2), Leuven

restaurant review #276 – Het Strand (‘the beach’) is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Leuven (Louvain, near Brussels). We have already visited Het Strand in Leuven before (review here). We visited again in July 2020, this time not for dinner, but simply for an afternoon drink. Had a fresh juice, coffee, and the two available desserts: chocolate mousse with speculoos crumble (4,5€) and mokka chocolate pie (4€). Both were nice, although a bit heavy (would not be able to eat this immediately after having lunch or dinner, too much!).

#266 Delicious vegan pizza, Otomat Leuven

restaurant review #266 – Otomat is a chain of restaurants in Belgium (5 locations). We have been to various locations of Otomat before: the ones in Bruges and Brussels. The menu is the same in all locations (at least for the vegan pizzas). This was our first visit to the Otomat in Leuven, a couple of weeks ago. There are 3 vegan pizzas standardly available (and they have been the same for quite a while now, some change would be nice ;-). The Dirty Vegan, The Mega Vega and the Las Vega. We had the Dirty Vegan (with cabbage and seitan, 14,9€) and the Las Vega (with spinach and espuma of soy yoghurt espuma and coconut flakes, 13,9€). Which were again great. Crispy crust and enough topping.

#220 The Beyond Meat Burger at Greenway, Leuven (3)

restaurant review #220 – Greenway is a Belgian vegetarian brand (restaurants and products) and was founded in the mid nineties. There are three Greenway restaurants in Belgium: in Ghent (it’s been ages since I was there!), in Louvain and in Antwerp. There’s also a Greenway foodstall at the train station of Gare du Midi, where we had a nice lunch before boarding on the Eurostar to London (previous reviews of Greenway here). In 2018, Greenway announced that all it’s restaurants would become fully vegan! This is from a visit at the Greenway in Louvain a couple of months ago (end of 2018). We’ve been to the Greenway in Louvain several times before, but on this occassion, we went to try the Beyond Meat burger, a new vegan burger that has been getting quite a few headlines lately for its supposedly ‘meaty’ taste and texture. Greenway in Louvain is in the city center, next to the Oude Markt (Parijsstraat). The Beyond Meat burger does live up to its reputation: it does taste really meaty! For some vegans this might be a deterrent, …

Fancy a vegan pancake (or two, or ..)? LEO pancakes, Louvain

LEO pancakes is a coffee/lunch house in the city center of Leuven. And as the name suggests: they serve pancakes! We were here a couple of months ago, in the Fall of 2018. It was a nice sunny afternoon, and we could sit outside (small terrace in front). The menu mainly consists of pancakes, and a handful of lunch options (one vegan bagel available). Vegan options are clearly labelled. We had the Chocolate drops pancake (8€) and the Fruit circle pancake (9€) and some tea and lemonade. Unfortunately it took a very long while for our pancakes to be served (more than half an hour), which was a real bummer. Especially since the outdoor chairs are not really comfortable. The pancakes eventually came, and they were great! Loved it! Huge portions and as we already had lunch shortly before, we could not finish all of it. Note: Interior is wheelchair accessible (ramp to go in – didn’t see an accessible toilet though). LEO Pancakes, location Mechelsestraat 45 3000 Leuven 0484/46.04.66 no website facebookpage:  

#213 The Dutch weedburger at Life Bar, Louvain

restaurant review #213 – Life Bar is an all vegan lunch restaurant in the city center of Leuven (near Brussels). Not so far from the central market square. We visited Life Bar for lunch a couple of weeks ago, in the Fall of 2018. The menu is noted on a board above the counter and a menu card was also brough to our table. One orders at the counter, and there you also get your drinks. The food is brought to the table. We had the Dutch weedburger (9,50€), and a soup (it was leek soup) with a slice of bread (5€). We have eaten the Dutch weedburger on many occasions before, and I quite like the taste and texture! Life Bar is a cosy little place. Everything seemed newly renovated, and all was clean. Terrace out front. Reserved but friendly service. About accessibility: the restaurant is on ground level. There’s a small step to get inside. Toilets are on ground floor, but there is no accessible toilet. Toilets were clean and tidy. One damp …

#207 Nice dinner in a relaxed decor, Het Strand, Louvain

restaurant review #207 – Het Strand (‘the beach’) is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Leuven (Louvain, near Brussels). We were here for dinner during the Summer. We didn’t make a reservation as the restaurant only takes reservations for parties of six and more. We had to search a little bit, because the restaurant is located in a brand new complex (with cinema etc). Luckily, there were still plenty of free tables (we were there quite early, the place soon filled up though). Het Strand is a spacious modern place, everything is brand new. An enjoyable atmosphere, although quite uncomfy (hard!) schoollike wooden chairs. Lunch and dinner options are noted on the large chalkboards in the back. Most options seemed vegan, although that was not noted on the chalkboard. So to us, it was unclear whether everything was vegan or not. We asked the waiter, and he said he would check to be sure with the kitchen staff. The walnut spread with onions was unfortunately sold out. This is what we had for dinner: cauliflower …

#177 Vegan gastronomic dinner at Taste, Louvain

restaurant review #177  – Taste is a gastronomic restaurant in the city centre of Louvain / Leuven. They offer a vegan menu on request (mention it when making the reservation). I made a reservation online a couple of days before we wanted to go (and had to make a deposit, by bank transfer). This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, during the past Winter. We were warmly welcomed when we arrived and given the menu, and asked whether we wanted a 4-course or 5-course menu. We went for the latter, which was 95€ per person. Additionally, Jim had the beers* (22,50€), and for me the non-alcoholic drinks (18,75€) to go along with the courses. This is what we had for dinner (in sum, we tried to remember as many as the recited ingredients as we could, but – as is often the case in gastronomic restaurants, there were plenty more ingredients on the dishes and enumerated!). a trio of amuse geueles to start with: pumpkin soup, red beet and pumpernickel, and …

#165 Light lunch at vegan tea house T&Ko, Louvain

restaurant review #165 – T & Ko is a new vegan tea house in the city of Louvain. It is located in de Tiensestraat, which seems gradually to become the vegan street of Louvain, with the Loving Hut and Vegaverso all in the same street! (Update Fall 2018 see below). We were here for lunch a couple of weeks ago. T&Ko offers some light lunch options, like soup and hummus, and also a plat du jour. They also have vegan pancakes, and lots of pies and cakes! This is what we had for lunch: Very nice lunch, and very good value for money (we though the main dishes were quite cheap actually). The interior at T&Ko is simple but bright, with wooden chairs and tables. The silence was on occasion deafening though, at one point I even started hearing the buzzing of the lights (or maybe that was my imagination?). Anyway, one could hear a pin drop, and as there were also other patrons in the establisment, we hardly dared to speak to each other, …