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Vegan Donuts from Royal Donuts, Leuven

Shop review #64 – Royal Donuts is a German chain of donut shops, and has several locations in Belgium. This is from a visit to the shop in Leuven a couple of months ago.

Front of shop Royal Donuts, Leuven – Note: not accessible
Street sign at Royal Donuts, Leuven

I had seen on social media that they also have vegan donuts on offer, so I wanted to go check it out. The Royal Donuts is in the city center, very close to the city hall, in a side street of the Bondgenotenlaan.

There are several vegan options (see menu). We chose six donuts: three regular ones and three filled ones ( I really cannot remember the flavours, too many options and I just picked randomly 😉 ) That was a total of 18,30 euro.

vegan menu at Royal Donuts, Leuven

The vegan donuts weren’t available in the counter, but they would make them immediately and so it would be a 10 minute wait. We ordered them, went somewhere else meanwhile and then picked them up on the way back.

The donuts look beautiful, and they tasted really good (the donuts themselves are very light and fluffy, nice!).

Box with donuts, Royal Donuts, Leuven
6 donuts, Royal Donuts Leuven

Yes, I know they are sugar bombs, but I really don’t eat this every day (because there’s no Royal Donuts in Bruges 😉 )

Pros: great selection of vegan donuts

Cons: they weren’t all standardly available – wait time – shop is not accessible

Royal Donuts written on wall of shop, Royal Donuts, Leuven

Royal Donuts Leuven, location

Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 117

3000 Leuven

0491/63 55 52


See the list of shops, on my blog The Bruges Vegan, which may interest vegans.

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