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#290 Lots of vegan fastfood and nice fries, Royal Frituur, Bruges

restaurant review #290 – Royal Frituur is a fastfood fries shop at the edge of the city, near the Kruispoort (on the north east side). We had take away from Royal Frituur a couple of months ago.

entrance, Royal Frituur, Bruges
counter, Royal Frituur, Bruges

Royal Frituur has a great selection of vegan options: burgers, small snacks (dumplings, mini spring rolls, vegan shrimps, …). Fries are also baked in plantbased oil (is still a rarity in Belgium). Vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu.

vegan options clearly labeled, Royal Frituur, Bruges
some of the vegan options, Royal Frituur, Bruges
some of the vegan options, Royal Frituur, Bruges

We had a vegan sunset burger, vegan mix (small snacks like dumplings), vegan shrimp, two portions of fries: one with stew sauce and one with veganaise, and two cans of elderflower lemonade). Total 31,40€, so very fair price.

Royal Frituur, Bruges
sunset burger, Royal Frituur, Bruges

There are also vegan cupcakes available (from Magpies).

vegan cupcakes, from Magpies, Royal Frituur, Bruges

There’s less than a handful of seatings inside (and with COVID19 regulations now, in dining is still not possible). There are several public benches near the Kruispoort, which is just ten steps away. We had a blanket cover with us, and sat in the evening sun on the grass, overlooking the water.

Beware: it is a fries shop, so food is fried and is greasy, which your stomach needs to be able to handle (which isn’t the case for me at that time unfortunately, but I ate it anyway as I really wanted to visit the shop!).

Very friendly people (new ownership since the end of 2019).
I visited this place once before, in 2012, and since the owner at that time didn’t want to open up the toilet to customers and was not really friendly, I hadn’t visited again.
So with the new ownership, I wanted to visit again (note: toilet is now open to customers, although I didn’t go inside – so no photo this time).
Entrance is accessible – no accessible toilet.

counter, Royal Frituur, Bruges
counter (NOTE: not all vegan), Royal Frituur, Bruges
menu on wall, Royal Frituur, Bruges

A while ago, we went again and had some take away to eat at home: 

2020 Royal Frituur bis
Take away from Royal Frituur, Bruges (BE).

All in all: Straightforward fastfood and nice take away dishes!
A pity they are only open in the evening, because we have passed in the area many times around lunch time looking for a lunch place! 

Royal Frituur, location

Langestraat 181
8000 Brugge
0468 03 96 48


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logo on window, Royal Frituur, Bruges

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