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100+ vegan burgers for International Hamburger Day!

As International Hamburger Day or World Vegan Burger Day was coming up, I thought of making a compilation of some of the vegan burgers we have eaten over the years to celebrate! Yes, #veganseatburgerstoo ! I hoped I would find a handful of vegan burgers for this post … turns out, I found 100 burgers! 🙂 And no, we don’t eat this every day 😉 I went back to posts from the beginning years of this blog, back to 2014! There are burgers from restaurants and food stalls in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria. And a handful of homemade burgers too. The photos are just in random order, and with a link to the review of the restaurant or the event. There you can read whether we liked them or not 😉 I took all of these photos myself, but got some help from my husband in eating them 😉

#246 Nice dinner at Rode Peper en Basilicum, Ede (NL)

restaurant review #246 – Rode Peper en Basilicum is located in the city center of Ede, near De Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands. I had seen online that they have some vegan options and so I made a reservation, and inquired about their vegan options and this was confirmed. It definitely turned out to be necessary that I had made the reservation, because after we came, the place soon filled up. There are several vegan options clearly labelled on the menu.

#239 Beyond Meat burger at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Bruges

restaurant review #239 – Ellis Gourmet Burger is part of a chain of restaurants, with several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. We had been to the Ellis in Louvain before and had the beet the roots burger then (see reviews of Ellis Gourmet Burger here). Since then, another vegan burger has been added to the menu: the Beyond Meat burger, so on this visit to the EGB in Bruges, we wanted to try the Beyond Meat burger.

#173 La Trocadero, vegan fastfood near Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

restaurant review #173 La Trocadero is a vegan fastfood self service bar near the Sagrada Familia. You order food at the counter, then go pick up your food at the counter (number called out in Spanish or Catalan). And one is expected to clean up after finished. We went here for lunch, after our visit to the Sagrada Familia. (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). The menu is shown on TV screens above the counter. There’s an English explanation, and photos of the dishes next to it. The girl serving at counter was a bit rude, and not very welcoming. She hardly spoke any English, but we managed to place our order. La Trocadero is not for elaborate dining and wining. It is fastfood: burgers and hotdogs. No alcohol served, except some rootbeer. The place seems newly renovated and seems very hip and modern. Very simple furniture though, but very creative (with vegetable boxes). There was retro stuff as decoration, like old televisions and radios. A very colourful interior. We had a notdog (3,75€), onionrings (3,90€), a …

#124 Fancy a double burger? Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

restaurant review #124 – Vegan Junk Food Bar is a new place in Amsterdam (opened Spring 2017). It is located just north of the Vondelpark, overlooking a quiet square. Well the name says it all! It’s all vegan and it’s junkfood! 🙂 There’s a small terrace in front of the restaurant and some beach chairs. When we arrived, all seats were taken, but soon after, some people left from the terrace, and we could sit outside (it was a very hot day in Amsterdam and we were glad to be sitting on the shady terrace!). It is semi self service: one orders at the counter and then the food is brought to your table. This is what we had: a double sumo burger (9,50€, with two burgers, cheese, fried onion rings, lettuce, baked onions and sauce) and the shoama sandwich (8,50€). Two portions of fries on the side, one with mayo and one with garlic sauce (3€ + sauce 0,75€, each). For drinks we had several lemonades and a coke (ranging between 2,50 and 3€) …

#94 Nice lunch at I love Veggie Burger, Vienna

Restaurant review #94 – I love Veggieburger is vegan burgerplace in the city center of Vienna. It is a 2 minutes walk from the Swedenplatz (where the boat excursions start) and a 5 to 10 minute walk from the Stephanschurch. We went to I Love Veggie Burger for lunch during our city trip to Vienna this Summer (see other reviews from our trip to Vienna). It was a very hot day and we sat on the front terrace (inside the restaurant was very hot!). There is some traffic in the street passing the terrace, but despite being close to the historical center, it is a quiet area. The menu is quite extensive, and we are not used to having so much choice! 😉 You can also ‘pimp’ your own burger (choose the bread, a patty, extra vegetables or leave some out, …). What a relief though to have a full vegan menu. Wines are also clearly labelled as vegan (see photo). This is what we had for lunch: Service was very friendly. The interior looked pretty …

#60 Fast food lunch at the Loving Hut Veganerie, Leuven ***

Restaurant review #60 – The Loving Hut Veganerie is a new vegan place in Leuven (Louvain, close to Brussels) and part of the international chain of Loving Hut restaurants. It opened in 2015. There was already another Loving Hut restaurant in Louvain (just around the corner!), and next to those two Loving Hut restaurants, there is also the Viva Vega! Loving Hut Express, a fast food truck which you can encounter at festivals and other events (for example at Vegan Summer Fest or Fair Festival). UPDATE – see below Louvain has quite some options for vegans! The Loving Hut Veganerie is the third all vegan restaurant in town (the other ones are the first Loving Hut and Vegaverso), and is just around the corner from vegan shop SHAVT. Although the Veganerie it is not really a restaurant. The menu consists mainly of burgers and other typical fastfood things, and it is self service (you order at the counter, and after notification that your food is ready, you can go pick it up). Our photos and review is from two visits: in …

#34 Our lunch at vegan restaurant Vegaverso (2), Leuven *****

Restaurant review #34 – This was our second visit to vegan restaurant Vegaverso in Leuven, which opened only a couple of months ago. We already blogged about Vegaverso here, and in that blog you can also see photos from Vegaverso’s interior. Vegaverso is the second all vegan restaurant in town (the other one is the Loving Hut), and just around the corner from vegan shop SHAVT. We were there for a quick lunch. We had these juices from isis, bitter lemon and apple sparkle, 2,50€ each. — UPDATE – see below — As we had both eaten sandwiches on our previous visit to Vegaverso, we wanted to try the burgers. We had a de luxe burger soft (8€) and a smokey burger (8,90€) with a bowl of salad on the side (don’t remember the price of that). The ‘bacon’ in the smokey burger tasted creepingly real! Or as real as we both could remember what bacon actually tastes like (being nearly 20 years ago that we both had eaten any). The burgers are huge (for the record, you can also …