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#234 Another nice lunch at Hashtag Food, Bruges (5)

restaurant review #234 – We have visited Hashtag Food ( or #Food) in Bruges several times the last couple of years. Previous reviews, both from the old location in the city center, and the new location at Scheepsdale, can be seen here.

Front of Hashtag Food, Bruges

interior, Hashtag Food, Bruges

terrace at the back, Hashtag Food, Bruges

This is from a visit a couple of months ago (yes, I am geting way behind with my restaurant reviews! plenty more still to come 😉 ). We were here for lunch during the christmas holiday.
So the menu has changed by now, but anyway, I still wanted to share my photos and impressions from that last visit.

part of menu,Hashtag Food, Bruges

Hashtag Food, Bruges

We shared a cheese platter as an appetizer (18€). Very nice! Pentifully decorated with fruits (maybe a bit too much, this was already quite filling).

some amuse gueules as an appetizer, Hashtag Food, Bruges

vegan cheeze platter to share, Hashtag Food, Bruges

As main dishes, we choose the winter bird stew (21€) and the mushroom burger (22€). The stew was Maroccon inspired, with an original variation of ingredients. Nice, although serving it in a deeper bowl would have been more fitting here (also to keep it warm).  The burger was more of a patty than a real ‘burger’, so I was missing the ‘bite’. As always, lovely presentations, and eye for detail.

Lemonade, Hashtag Food, Bruges

The winter stew, Hashtag Food, Bruges

The mushroom burger, Hashtag Food, Bruges

We were rather stuffed and although their home made pies and desserts are lovely, we decided to skip dessert and just take a dessert with us from the vending machine just in front of the restaurant.

# on the ceiling and counter, Hashtag Food, Bruges

Toilets, with individual towels Hashtag Food, Bruges. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Toilet is in the back, ground floor. Clean and tidy (and love the black!). Individual towels to dry ones hands.
All of the restaurant is on ground floor (there is one large step though at the front of the restaurant at the pavement). No accessible toilet. The double entrance doors are somewhat unhandy to come in, as they turn to each other.

vegan candy with the bill, Hashtag Food, Bruges

All in all: we again had a very nice lunch, in a nice setting. A bit on the expensive side, but everything is homemade and freshly prepared. And beautifully presented!
Definitely recommended if you are looking for vegan dining out in Bruges!

Hashtag Foodlocation
8000 Brugge


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menu, Hashtag Food, Bruges

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