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#66 Another great lunch at HashtagFood (2), Bruges ****

Restaurant review #66 – Just a couple of months ago, I already posted a review about Hashtag Food in Bruges. We were so excited about this place that, although it was not so long ago, we decided to go visit again, this time with family (omnis). Hashtag food or #Food is a more bistro-style restaurant. It is in the city center, about 5 minute walk from the main market square, close to the shopping street and just around the corner of Simon Stevinsquare. (update: new address since Dec 2017, see below) Since our last visit, the menu has changed (it changes every couple of months), and there was now also a vegan burger standardly available. Vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu, and next to every meal there’s info about allergens. It’s funny to see that the names of the dishes refer to classic pop songs 🙂 This is what we ordered. As a starter, some con tomate (9,60€ – tomato salsa with garlic on toasted bread). I had a freshly squeezed orange juice (4,50€), which comes in a individual …

I’m now also on Instagram!

I finally made an account on Instagram! I will mostly be posting photos of vegan products, impressions of restaurant visits, things I see on the road, pictures from my garden and of course photos from in my kitchen. I’ll still be posting reviews and other thoughts on my blog of course, either here or on our Dutch blog (or sometimes on both). My account is trudi_brugesvegan Are you on instagram? Let me know! Do you have any tips about instagram (which hashtags to use, etc), please tell me, as I am a total newbie 😉