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#233 Vegan icecream at Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

restaurant review #233 – Gelato Queen is not really a ‘restaurant’, but a ice cream and coffee house in the center of Oostkamp (just outside of Bruges).
We were here a couple of weeks ago, after we had lunch at vegetarian restaurant Pasta Puur, just around the corner.

Front of Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

interior at the back, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

Large terrace at the back, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

Gelato Queen is a nice spacious place, with a clean and modern interior. There’s a large sunny terrace at the back.
There are several vegan flavours available (mainly sorbets). Sometimes there’s also vegan pastry available. There is also almond, oat and coconut milk available for coffee (+0,50€)

vegan ice cream flavour, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

vegan ice cream flavour, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

We each had a coppa medium (4€) with a selection of vegan icecream flavours. Delicious.
Note: the icecream cones are not vegan and as we were not sure about the ingredients of any of the toppings, so we did not take any.

Coppa, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

on the terrace, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

Counter, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

Gelato Queen, location
Brugsestraat 93
8020 Oostkamp
0471 69 40 37

website: https://gelatoqueen.be/

carpet, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

Mini truck to serve on location, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

front, Gelato Queen, Oostkamp

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