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#228 Cheap healthy food at Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

restaurant review #228 – Pasta Puur is a vegetarian restaurant in the center of Oostkamp, a small village just outside of Bruges. Pasta Puur started out as a catering and take away business, but evolved into a lunch restaurant. There are also several premade dishes to take away, several are vegan.

front of Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

Interior, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

vegan take-away, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

The pasta in the counter is however not vegan (egg). So if you want to have a pasta dish on site, that is only possible if it is not too busy, and the vegan pasta can be cooked on the spot.
We were there early for lunch so that was possible.

Counter. Note: the pasta is not vegan. Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

Menu of the day, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

Next to that there is also vegan soup (6€) and a vegan salad which you can compose with quinoa or couscous and vegetables, nuts and vegan dressing (8€). Unfortunately no vegan proteins to add like tofu or vegan cheese. Would love to see some more vegan options here.

soup, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

Pasta, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

salad with quinoa, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

The pasta dish was tomato and vegetables and with tempeh, but at first I thought they had forgotten to add the tempeh. Then later on in the dish, I discovered a handfull of very tiny tempeh snippets. So that was a bit of a bummer. But all in all, the dishes are very cheap! The pasta was 9 euro, the salad only 8 euro, and was a large portion.

The staff at Pasta Puur was very friendly. It is semi self service: one orders and pays at the counter, and then food is brought to your table. In the end, you are supposed to clear your table.

Interior is accessible – no accessible toilet. Nice modern and bright interior.

Toilet at Pasta Puur, Oostkamp. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Interior, Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

Lovely new addition in the region. And if you want a vegan ice cream for dessert, you can go to Gelaton Queen just around the corner!

Pasta Puur, location
Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 6
8020 Oostkamp
0498/49 77 66

website: https://pastapuur.be/

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Front of Pasta Puur, Oostkamp

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