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#229 Lunch at vegan restaurant Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

restaurant review #229 – Les 4 Jeudis is vegan organic restaurant at the North East Side of town (about a 15 minute walk from the music hall Cirque Royal). It is located in the Sint-Joost-ten-Node neighbourhood (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode). Les 4 Jeudis is only open for lunch on weekdays.

We were here a couple of weeks ago, before going to a show at the Cirque Royal that evening. Luckily, I had telephoned in the morning to make a reservation, as the place was packed and we saw several patrons turned away.

Front of Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

One can choose a cold starter (7€) and a plat du jour(12€), which are cheaper when combined as a menu (16,50€). The menu was noted on a chalkboard.

Menu of the day, Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

We ordered one starter, and for the both of us the main dish. The starter was a rather simple salad, with a nice dressing of cashew apple cream.

starter: salad with cashew apple cream, Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

The main dish was a nice selection of vegetables, mille feuille of pumpkin, tofu croquettes and quinoa and millet.

Main dish, Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

Mille feuilles on main dish, Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

Service was very friendly, but a 45 minutes wait between the starter and main dish was way too long. Several people who came in after us had already been served their main dish and we were still waiting … So that was a real bummer.
As we had such a long wait, we didn’t fancy inquiring about dessert anymore, so I don’t know what options they serve.

The restaurant is not accessible (step to get in, hardly any room between tables), and it was very crowded and loud. There are two restaurant rooms – the main room where one enters, and then a smaller room at the back, a few steps down, with a handful of tables. Small tables with not so comfy pub like chairs.
Toilet was OK. There were paper towels to dry ones hands.

Toilet at Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Interior of the front room, Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

Room at the back also has a handful of tables, Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

All in all: nice lunch. Fair value for money. Very crowded though and pity about the long wait.

Les 4 Jeudis, location
Hamerstraat 36a
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node
+32 2 721 10 49


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If you fancy a vegan tiramisu, head over to the Loving Hut Express near the St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral:

That evening, Steven Wilson at the Cirque Royal.



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