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#230 Two vegan pizzas at Otomat, Brussels

restaurant review #230 – Otomat is part of a chain of restaurants in Belgium. We had already visited the Otomat in Bruges a couple of weeks before and liked it (see review here). We went to a concert at the Ancienne Belgique a couple of weeks ago, and decided to have pizza at Otomat before going to the show. It is located at the Oude Graanmarkt, not far from De Beurs / La Bourse.
There are two vegan pizzas standardly available: the dirty vegan (a new pizza) and Las Vega.

Front of Otomat, Brussels

vegan pizzas on the menu, Otomat, Brussels

Description of Dirty Vegan pizza, Otomat, Brussels

The dirty vegan (14,9€) is with several sorts of onions, white cole, garlic sauce and seitan. The Las Vega (13,90€) with spinach and coconut flakes and yofu espuma.

The dirty vegan is rather spicy. And you have to be a fan of onions to like it! I like the Las Vega more.

Dirty Vegan pizza, Otomat, Brussels

Las Vega Pizza, Otomat, Brussels

No vegan desserts available though at Otomat.

The interior is the same like other locations of Otomat in Belgium. Lots of wood. Chairs are old skool like wooden chairs (not very comfortable).
There’s a nice upstairs seating area as well, and also a large tarrace in front.

upstairs interior, Otomat, Brussels

downstairs interior, at the back, Otomat, Brussels

No accessible toilet (toilets upstairs). Toilet was clean.

Toilet at Otomat Brussels. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Service was friendly and swift.

View from the upstairs area at the terrace and square, Otomat Brussels

All in all: Relaxed atmosphere. Mixed feelings about the new pizza. Nice snack before going to a show at the AB.

Otomat, location
Oude Graanmarkt 6
1000 Brussel
02/303 91 91

website: https://otomat.be/contact/brussel/

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downstairs interior, Otomat, Brussels

nearby Sint Katelijnekerk (church), Brussels


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