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#232 Vegan carrot cake at The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

restaurant review #232 – The Gulliver Tree is not really a ‘restaurant’ but more a coffee / tea house. The Gulliver Tree also serves breakfast. and light lunch. Several vegan options are mentionned on the menu (or items that can be ordered vegan). It is located in the city center, just 2 minutes from the Belfry, in a side street from the Philip Stock streat.

front, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

interior, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

menu, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

We were there in the afternoon. We ordered a fruit tea (3,50€) and latte machiatto with oat milk (3,80€ + 0,50 for plant milk). There is also almond milk and soy milk available. We were served a chocolate on the side (normally it comes with non-vegan cake, but since we had ordered vegan cake), which was nice of them to pay attention to this aspect. The fruit tea came with miniature hourglasses on the side, to give you a time indication of how ‘strong’ your tea would become. A nice peculiarity.
We also ordered two pieces of the homemade vegan carrot cake (4,50€ a piece). Delicious!

latte machiatto with oat milk, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

fruit tea and latte, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

two pieces of carrot cake, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

fruit tea with hour glasses, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

The interior was quite cosy and service was very friendly. Unfortunately not accessible though. Some steps to get in (and inside is rather cramped for space).

counter, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

also some items for sale, like the mini hourglasses, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

The Gulliver Tree is a nice spot to have a chat with friends or enjoy a light lunch or a piece of cake!

The Gullver Tree, location
Cordoeaniersstraat 4
8000 Brugge
Tel: 050 73 15 16


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part of menu noted on, chalkboard on wall, The Gulliver Tree, Bruges


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