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#232 Vegan carrot cake at The Gulliver Tree, Bruges

restaurant review #232 – The Gulliver Tree is not really a ‘restaurant’ but more a coffee / tea house. The Gulliver Tree also serves breakfast. and light lunch. Several vegan options are mentionned on the menu (or items that can be ordered vegan). It is located in the city center, just 2 minutes from the Belfry, in a side street from the Philip Stock streat.

#21 Le Pain Quotidien, Bruges **

Restaurant review #21 – Chances are you’ve probably been in one of the many establishments worldwide of Le Pain Quotidien. Or at least you’ve seen one of them! There is also one in the heart of Bruges, near the central market place and the Burg. Pain Quotidien is French for Daily Bread. They sell a wide variety of bread over the counter, and you can also sit down for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee with some baked goodies. The restaurant always has one large communal table (for 10 people or more), but also other tables for 2 if you want to have a more private conversation. There’s always something vegan available and vegan items are clearly marked on the menu card. Le Pain Quotidien confirmed to us that the bread served at the table is always vegan. Most of the breads sold over the counter are also vegan, but the raisin bread (kramiek), sugar bread and brioche are non-vegan. UPDATE – see below We were at Le Pain Quotidien in Bruges for lunch on a Friday, and the …