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#231 Delicious dinner at vegan restaurant Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Restaurant review #231 – Roots & Roll is a fairly new vegan restaurant (openend Summer 2018) in the heart of Barcelona. It is located in the Eixample area, about a 10 minute walk from the Sagrada Familia.
We were here a couple of weeks ago, during our stay in Barcelona for the 6th Conference of the European Association of Critical Animal Studies.

Front of Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

interior on the front side, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Interior at the back, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

You wouldn’t say so from the front entrance, but it is quite a large place (deep, and the actual restaurant room is at the back). The interior is very stylishly renovated, sober and modern. High ceilings and very spacious. It felt very relaxing (although the chairs are not that comfortable).

The menu was somewhat overhelming. Not used to having so many options to choose from! We had some starters (fried tofu, broccoli popcorn and crepes Okomiyaki) and the sushi suggestion (20 pieces, 35€) to share with two, which we found was a more than enough portion.
For drinks we had an ice tea (2,80€) and a carrot juice (3,90€).

just a small part of the menu, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Ice tea (lime and ginger) and juice, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

cauliflower popcorn, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

fried tofu and cauliflower popcorn, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Okomiyaki pancakes, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

selection of sushi – 20 pieces, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

The starters were great. The fried tofu was really delicious! Some of the sushi were better than the other, but that is more a matter of personal taste.
The juice was also nice, but a pity it comes pre-bottled in plastic.

Although we were quite stuffed, we did want to try dessert: banana pancakes and vegan cheesecake (6,50 each), which were nice (although the cheesecake – despite the beautiful presentation – was not the best we ever had, leaning a bit more towards pudding than cheesecake).

cheesecake and banana pancakes, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

cheesecake, beautifully presented, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

The waiter serving us was very friendly. Service was timely, we hardly had to wait for our starters and main dish to be served (we were also one of the first for dinner in the restaurant). The desserts took a little bit longer, as there were more patrons in the restaurant by that point.

Toilets were clean. The restaurant room is on the ground floor and accessible.

interior at the back, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Toilets at Roots & Rolls, Barcelona. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

washing bassin at the ladies, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Everything was also very stylishly presented. It all comes at a price though: 70€ for our dinner, with two non-alcoholic drinks). All in all, it was worth it and good value for money.
Really loved this place!

Roots & Rolls, location
Carrer del Consell de Cent, 401, bajos, 08009 derecha,
+34 931 71 79 02

website: https://www.rootsandrolls.com/

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sushi, Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Roots & Rolls (counter), Roots & Rolls, Barcelona

Still in progress, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


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