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#255 Nice vegan lunch at Japanese resto Origami, Esch-sur-Alzette (Lux)

restaurant review #255 – Japanese restaurant Origami is located at the back of the new shopping center. There is a large outdoor terrace, but we were here on a rainy day in September, so went inside. We were in the area for the International Animal Rights Conference, which takes places every year in September in Esch-sur-Alzette. On this edition I gave a presentation about ‘Representations of Other Animals. About Vegan Turkey and Voiceless Animals‘. We were asked if we wanted to sit at the carroussel, but declined (don’t want to see all those animal based dishes going by). There are plenty of other seatings in the restaurant room, it’s very spacious.

#96 Lovely dinner at raw vegan restaurant Nama Foods, London (UK)

Restaurant review #96 – Nama Foods is a raw vegan restaurant in the city of center of London. It is located in one of the quieter streets of Notting Hill. After after having spent all day at Vegfest London on Saturday, we phoned to make a reservation and shortly afterwards headed to the restaurant. We were seated upstairs which is the ground level (there’s also a downstairs in the basement) We didn’t order an appetizer because we had already tasted several lovely vegan foods at VegFest. Update  – see below For drinks we had a glass of (vegan of course) prosecco (£7) and a freshly pressed juice ‘Internal radiance’ (carrot, orange, peer, lemon, turmeric, sea buckthorn oil) (£6). We ordered the vegan sushi (£14) and a specialty of the day being a terrine (14,50). The desserts looked very appetising so we could not resist. We had the pie of the day and the hazelnut moccha torte (each £7,50) and a capuciono (£3,2). All the food was presented very nicely and tasted very good! The staff was very friendly and welcoming …

A look inside vegan shop Veganz in Vienna, Austria

Shop review #25 – A couple of weeks ago, we went to Vienna for a couple of days (see other reviews from our trip to Vienna). Upon arriving in Austria’s capital, the first thing we did was head to vegan shop Veganz. I had not packed any toiletries for our citytrip (toothpaste, deo, body lotion, …) so needed some supplies to get us through the holiday. And I was also hoping to discover some new brands! (UPDATE 2017 – see below) Veganz is about a 10 minute walk from the Opera (walk down south on the Operngasse and you walk stray up to it). We were also quite hungry (it was already afternoon and we hadn’t had any lunch), so we bought a drink, a wrap and sushi from the Vreshtogo fridge and ate them on the bench just outside of Veganz. Lovely! Veganz is sometimes referred to as a ‘supermarket’, which led me to expect a bigger store. It’s not as big as the supermarkets like Delhaize, Carrefour or even Bioplanet (BE) and Ekoplaza (NL). But Veganz is a reasonably sized store, comparable …