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#292 Lovely dinner at Hashtag Food (6), Bruges

restaurant review #292 – We have visited restaurant Hashtag Food several times over the years, and it’s always a pleasure to go dining there. Nice decor, lovely food and friendly service (previous reviews HERE). It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they do offer several vegan dishes, and all the desserts are vegan. 

This is from a visit a couple of months ago, before the second lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. Meanwhile, we also had take away from Hashtag Food (see pic below), which was also very nice.  

Interior/counter, Hashtag Food, Brugge
Our drinks non-alcoholic, (each 8,50€) Hashtag Food, Bruges (other drinks with our food were 3,90€ and 4,90€)
small appetizer with drinks, Hashtag Food, Brugge

As a starter, we had the  Shimokitasawa (vegan tuna, salmon and vegan sushi) a shared platter for two (18€). What a lovely presentation! And with homemade vegan sushis, which were great. It included vegan tuna and salmon sashimi from Vegan Seastar. Coincidentally, we had just tasted those that same week as a take away dish from Royal Frituur in Bruges (see pic of the ‘vegan salmon’). The sashimis look lovely, and the colour and texture are great, but unfortunately they taste like … nothing really. So that was a bit of a bummer.  

vegan ‘tuna, salmon and sushi’, Hashtag Food, Brugge

As main dishes we had the chili sin carne (21€) and the stew in beersauce (22€). This was with jackfruit.

stew in beersauce, Hashtag Food, Brugge
chili sin carne, Hashtag Food, Brugge
our dinner, Hashtag Food, Brugge

The dishes were large portions and too much for us but it was no problem to have the rest packaged so we could take it with us.

For dessert we shared the ‘ashtrey dessert’ (12,90€), really funny  (and delicious!). For more examples of food illusions see the book of Ben Churchill.

Food illusions! ashtery dessert, Hashtag Food, Brugge
all desserts are plantbased, Hashtag Food, Brugge
Interior, Hashtag Food, Brugge
toilets at Hashtag Food, Brugge – zalways clean and tidy (and stylish!)
Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
Love this giraffe statue, Hashtag Food, Brugge

All in all: lovely dinner, great food, nice presentations. A bit on the expensive side (especially the drinks are pretty steep), but creative and innovative cuisine.

Note: This review is from a visit before the lockdown due to COVID, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

Hashtag Foodlocation
8000 Brugge


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Take away from Hashtag Food:

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