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#281 Lovely lunch in great setting, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

restaurant review #281 – Slot Oostende is a traditional restaurant in Goes, which is in Zeeland just across the border, and not that far a travel for us. We had already passed by on several earlier visits to Goes in the past, and noticed that they have a seperate vegan section on the menu. This review is from a visit to Slot Oostende a couple of weeks ago, before the new lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic went into effect.

#142 Light lunch at vegan resto Redemption, London

restaurant review #142 – Redemption is a vegan restaurant in London, on the upper east side of Hyde Park. We had visited the Museum of Brands and Packaging that morning, which is not so well known, but very worthwhile (see pic below)! Everyday products and packages from 19th century life till present day. Really fascinating! After a stroll down Portobello Road in Notting Hill where the famous (and very touristic) Portobello market is (too crowded, too much noise) we headed towards Redemption. Redemption is a bright space with large windows and lots of light coming in. Nicely renovated (modern, but still classic and sober). Tables are not so closely placed together, so one can enjoy lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s also a terrace in front, but the restaurant is located at a busy bus stop, so it did not seem very enjoyable to have our lunch outside with busses driving on and off. Redemption also offers take away. Everything is not only vegan, but also wheat free, sugar free and the restaurant …