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#334 Nice food, but very busy, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)

restaurant review #334 – El Castillo is a Mexican style restaurant in the city center of Valkenburg (not so far from Maastricht). We already wanted to go here years ago, when we were in Valkenburg, but it wasn’t open for lunch. So coupleof months ago, we were here in the evening (last May) and went to check it out.

Front El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
Front room, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)

Hadn’t made a reservation, and the place was packed. Fortunately, we only had to wait about 10 minutes on one of the outside tables, and then could take a seat inside.

There is a seperate vegan section on the menu.

vegan section on menu, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
vegan desserts menu, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)

We had Seitan jackfruit ribs (22,50€), cactus soup (7,75€) the tortilla dip (6€) and the cauliflower wings (20€). 🌵👍💚

cactus soup and tortilla dip, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
tortilla dip, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
cactus soup, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)

seitan jackfruit ribs, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
cauliflower wings, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)

Nice food, but didn’t like the parrots in the restaurant 😕 (and also a reptile, I think an iguana? in a terrarium). (no photos, didn’t want to disturb them even more …)

And a bit chaotic service. Practically had to beg to get a waiter’s attention, went to get cutlery ourselves and the chocolate mousse never came, so left without.

interiuor at the back, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
LOL, in the toilets! El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)
very nice furniture in toilets, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
front, El Castillo, Valkenburg (NL)

Nice to see vegan soap in the toilets!

Very large place, very busy and loud. Full house. (the photos of the interior are from when we left, most people had gone by then). Entrance was accessible, but inside it is divided into several rooms, some with stairs.

All in all: Nice vegan options, but very crowded and loud. Staff was busy busy busy. Don’t think we will visit again…

El Castillo, location

Muntstraat 6
6301 BW Valkenburg NL

website: https://www.elcastillo.nl/

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canal, Valkenburg (from a visit in 2018)

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