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#191 Mango avocado salad at burgerbar Pistache, Valkenburg (NL)

restaurant review #191 – Valkenburg is a small town in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border. We were here a couple of weeks ago, and also visited several restaurants in Maastricht at the time. The city center of Valkenburg is very touristic. Valkenburg is well known among cycling fans, as it is the place where the Amstel Gold race finishes. De ‘Grote Straat’ (the main street) is one restaurant next to the other, with all more or less the same – very traditional – menus (‘seafood, steak, lobsters, etc …). Very disappointing 😦 Also spotted this sign in one of the tourist shops). Beforehand, we had found references of two other places in Valkenburg with vegan options (El Castillo, and Eten bij Ziza), but both are closed for lunch. We suddenly saw a sign at the wall of a restaurant with ‘vegan wine’ written on it, so that was a pleasant surprise. We asked the waitress if they had any vegan options on the menu, and they have one: a salad with …


Pinnacle of speciesism: when an animal is reduced to her function or yield   Animals are not ‘egg’, ‘bacon’, ‘wool’ or ‘milk’, but each and every one sentient feeling beings, who can suffer pain, each with their own individuality. Spotted in a shop in Valkenburg (the Netherlands)