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#252 Pizza with a view: Mediamatic ETEN, Amsterdam (NL)

restaurant review #252 – Mediamatic ETEN is the restaurant of Mediamatic Biotoop, an arts center organising lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science. It is located in a greenhouse on the waterfront with a nice view over Amsterdam. It is not a vegan restaurant, but they do have a lot of vegan options (on some evenings all vegan) and many vegetables come from their own greenhouse.

#247 Nice Indonesian rice table at Warung Adinda, Hilversum

restaurant review 247 – Warung Adinda – the name kind of gives it away πŸ˜‰ – is an Indonesian restaurant in the city center of Hilversum in the Netherlands. There are plenty of Indonesian restaurants in The Netherlands (given the historical link with the country), but unfortunately they are a rarity in Belgium. So whenever we are in the Netherlands, we try to go to an Indonesian restaurant. This is from a visit a couple of weeks ago, when we spent a couple of days in the Netherlands on holiday.

#246 Nice dinner at Rode Peper en Basilicum, Ede (NL)

restaurant review #246 – Rode Peper en Basilicum is located in the city center of Ede, near De Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands. I had seen online that they have some vegan options and so I made a reservation, and inquired about their vegan options and this was confirmed. It definitely turned out to be necessary that I had made the reservation, because after we came, the place soon filled up. There are several vegan options clearly labelled on the menu.

#238 Nice light lunch at Jardin, Goes (NL)

restaurant review #238 –Β  Jardin is a cosy little place in the center of Goes (Zeeland, NL), just near the market. It opened in the Spring of 2019. There are threeΒ  vegan options: the sandwich with hummus, a vegan salad, and a vegan bowl. We took the sandwich and the bowl. The hummus is homemade, and was very nice. The bowl came with white sticky rice, and vegetables / sprouts (and some avocado too).

#210 Loved the vegan pizzas at Bancale 61, Maastricht (NL)

restaurant review #210 Bancale 61 is a pizza restaurant atΒ the edge of Maastricht. It is across the street from where vegan restaurantΒ the Loving Hut used to be.Β It’s a rather small restaurant, which also offers takeaway. There are not thatΒ many seating places. There’s also a small terrace in front (with two tables). A veryΒ informal atmosphere, with benches made from wooden pallets. This is from a visit at the beginning of Summer. There are several vegan pizzas standardly available. With homemade vegan cheese (from cashews). The pizzas are ovenbaked in a woodfire oven. You can see the flames from in the restaurant. We ordered the Al Bosco and Allure pizza, each 15€. We did not have to wait long for the pizzas to be served. The crust was very nicely baked, and the pizzas tasted great. We had some leftovers and it was no problem to take the remaining piece of pizza with home with us. Service was very friendly. Toilet in the back. Through the kitchen. Was clean and tidy (no photo this time!). The only …

#191 Mango avocado salad at burgerbar Pistache, Valkenburg (NL)

restaurant review #191 – Valkenburg is a small town in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border. We were here a couple of weeks ago, and also visited several restaurants in Maastricht at the time. The city center of Valkenburg is very touristic. Valkenburg is well known among cycling fans, as it is the place where the Amstel Gold race finishes. De ‘Grote Straat’ (the main street) is one restaurant next to the other, with all more or less the same – very traditional – menus (‘seafood, steak, lobsters, etc …). Very disappointing 😦 Also spotted this sign in one of the tourist shops). Beforehand, we had found references of two other places in Valkenburg with vegan options (El Castillo, and Eten bij Ziza), but both are closed for lunch. We suddenly saw a sign at the wall of a restaurant with ‘vegan wine’ written on it, so that was a pleasant surprise. We asked the waitress if they had any vegan options on the menu, and they have one: a salad with …

Our visit to VegfestNL in Utrecht

Last weekend, we went to a vegan festival in the Netherlands. This was the second edition of VegfestNL, this time in Utrecht. Utrecht is only about 2 and a half hours drive from Bruges. The festival was not coincidentally on November 1, which is World Vegan Day. It was located in the Jaarbeurs of Utrecht, a big conference and event hall at the edge of the city. There is supposedly parking nearby, but when we arrived, all nearby parkings were announced as full and the surroundings seemed like a big construction site. Very confusing to get there. Luckily, we found a parking space in one of the streets not too far away, but then it was still quite a walk to the festival venue! It was not a free festival like Vegan Summer Fest a couple of weeks ago in Belgium (see our review here), but with an admission fee of 10€ (which still seems reasonably fair, although it does increase the treshold for a lot of people). There were seperateΒ hallsΒ with dozens of stalls,Β selling food, …