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#335 Loved it! Sushis and more at vegan restaurant Udum, Koln (Ger)

restaurant review #335 – This is from a visit to Udum a couple of months ago in Spring, when we were in Köln for two GENESIS shows (we went to see them multiple times during their last ever tour – videos below and more on my youtube!).

Udum is a little walk from the city center. It’s a trendy, more upstyle Vietnamese (Asian) vegan restaurant.

Front, Udum, Köln (Germany)
interior, Udum, Köln (Germany)
View at the city in the evening! Köln

Nice spacious place. And although there was plenty of space available at the windows and benches, we were ordered to sit at a small table just in front of the counter (??). No other people occupied any of those places while we were there.

We were overwhelmed by the menu and choice! I can’t remember exactly what we ordered, but we loved the food! One dish was very spectacular, with smoke crawling over the table!

three appetizers, Udum, Köln (Germany)
lunch at Udum, Udum, Köln (Germany)
smoke! Udum, Köln (Germany)
smokey food, Udum, Köln (Germany)

Service was not so friendly, it wouldn’t hurt to smile … Toilets at the back, can’t remember seeing an accessible toilet. The restaurant room is divided into several sections, some with steps. Also a stept to get in.

interior, Udum, Köln (Germany)
toilets at Udum, Köln (Germany) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
interior, Udum, Köln (Germany)

All in all: loved the food, service was a bit mèh. But for the food – do want to visit again when in Koln!

Udum, location

Am Rinkenpfuhl 55,
50676 Köln

website: https://www.udum.de/

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