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#336 Thai vegan at the beach promenade, Bua & Gwen, Oostende

restaurant review #336 – Bua & Gwen is a Thai restaurant in Oostende. We were here last Summer for dinner. Small place, near “‘t Klein Strand”.

entrance Bua & Gwen, Oostende
menu, Bua & Gwen, Oostende

Had a nice mocktail (7,5€) and some vegan appetizers (dimsums 12€ and dumplings 11€). Main dishes were both 16€: paneng vegan (dark red curry) and Thai House Express (a red curry dish).

mocktail, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
appetizers, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
appetizers, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
appetizers, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
appetizers, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
main dish, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
main dish, Bua & Gwen, Oostende

Every section on the menu has a vegan option. It’s great to see vegan mentioned on the menu! But the vegan options are simply the ‘basic’ dish – with extra vegetables (at 16€). Would love to see some protein options added to the menu, like tempeh, tofu, vegan chick pieces or stripes, etc.
So in that respect, we were a bit disappointed that it was simply vegetables with more vegetables. Although OK.

Service was very friendly!

interior, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
toilets, Bua & Gwen, Oostende – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
near Klein Strand, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
main dishes, Bua & Gwen, Oostende

We had the dessert to take home with us.

desserts as take away, Bua & Gwen, Oostende
front window, Bua & Gwen, Oostende

Bua & Gwen, , location

Albert I-promenade 7
8400 Oostende

website: https://het-thaise-eethuisje.eatbu.com/

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