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#269 Fresh and healthy lunch bowl, Ohana Pokebowls, Oostende

restaurant review #269 РThis review is from a restaurant visit to Ohana Pokébowls in the beginning of 2020, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. Ohana Pokébowls is a new place in the city center (Groentenmarkt). We were here for lunch on a Thursday (market day). We wanted to go in at 11.30, but were told it was still closed (a bit strange on a market day, when there are so many visitors for the market around).

#242 Vegan burgers at the beach, Jilles, Oostende

restaurant review #242¬† – Jilles Beer and Burgers is a Belgian chain with three restaurants: one in Bruges, Oostende and in Ghent. Since a couple of months, Jilles has a seperate vegan menu. Yeah! The menu lists four vegan burgers: all the same hazelnutburger, with different extras. We visited a couple of weeks ago, as we wanted to try the new vegan burger before going to a show in the neighbouring Kursaal. We sat on the terrace. And waited. And waited. And waited … It took about 25 minutes before a waiter came to simply give us a menu.

#219 Lunch at the beach promenade: Toi, moi et la mer, Ostend

restaurant review #219 – Toi, Moi et la Mer is a traditional restaurant on the beach promenade in Ostend. The restaurant serves mainly dishes with fish. I had already asked several months ago whether they would be prepared to serve a vegan menu, and was told that is possible, if one asks it two days in advance. So we did! This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, in the Fall of 2018. Toi, Moi et la Mer is located on the beach promenade of Ostend, not so far from the Casino Kursaal. When we arrived, we were the first for lunch. But afterwards more and more people came in for lunch. This is what we were served. as a small appetizer, a little dish with Swissh Chard and red beet then another small appetizer followed: a mousse from chervil, carrot and scorzonera the entree was falafel, scorzonera crips and beet carpacio as a main dish we were served a homemade lentil burger, with haricots salad mix and quinoa The falafel beet …

#214 Vegan lunch at Yak Tibetan restaurant, Ostend

restaurant review #214 – Yak is a tibetan restaurant in Ostend, on the beach promenade, not far from the Casino Kursaal. In 2018, the name changed from Snow Tearoom to Yak Tibetan restaurant (I’m guessing new owners?). With no website and no facebookpage, it was hard to find any info about this place. We had already wanted to go previously, to arrive there and find out that it is closed on Tuesday (see Winter opening hours, sheet on front porch). We were on a Sunday last Winter, and besides a couple of casual visitors drinking a beer on the terrace, we were the only visitors for lunch. The menu has vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections.¬†About half of the vegetarian dishes seem vegan (others are with butter sauce or with the use of dairy in curry). I was a bit anxious about having to ask and explain ‘vegan’ (no dairy no eggs), but the young lady serving us seemed to understand – in a mixture of Flemish and English. We had some springrolls and momos as an …

#211 Very nice vegan lunch at La Vie, Ostend

restaurant review #211 – La Vie is a restaurant and cocktail bar in the city center of Ostend. It is located in the old Fishermen’s quarter (Vissersplein), in a a renovated place. I had already mailed before to inquire about vegan options, and was said to be no problem. So a couple of months later, when making the reservation, I e-mailed again to make the reservation. This is from a visit a couple of weeks ago, in the Fall of 2018. Chef Joicy was very knowledgeable about ingredients, and made some suggestions of what we could order from the menu – in a veganised version. We went for the papadums (6,5‚ā¨) and sushi as appetizers (8‚ā¨) and the curry (18‚ā¨) and faijita (16‚ā¨) as main dishes. There was vegan icecream available, but we were too stuffed for dessert. The food was really nice. Freshly prepared, great taste, nice presentation. Service was swift and friendly. The interior also enjoyable (we were seated in the veranda area, which is bright and spacious – the area more inside …

Vegan eating out in Ostend

Food’ Oostende, the culinairy department of the tourist office of Ostend (visitOostende), asked me to list some restaurants in Ostend, where vegans are welcome. So here is a shortlist with places with vegan options (or offering vegan on request), on their website. If you want to read reviews of places I have visited in Ostend (restaurants, shops, …) see this #tag on my blog vegan Oostende¬†. For a more extensive list of places in Ostend (and other places in Belgium and beyond, see the list on my blog: restaurants outside Bruges

#201 Vegan pizza in the city center of Ostend, Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s (NOTE!)

restaurant review #201 – Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s is a restaurant in the city center of Ostend, just a two minute walk from the main shopping street and the central square Wapenplein. It is just around the corner of the Fishers’ square (Vissersplein). If I remember correctly, there used to be a shop here that sold party costumes, theater and carnaval attributes (was it called De Schaar?). Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s is a family run restaurant, which – the name gives it away ūüėČ serves mainly pizzas and pasta!¬†This review is from a visit at the beginning of August, when I visited the restaurant alone. However – see NOTE at the bottom (update January 2020) There were several vegetarian options indicated on menu, and some options can be made vegan (with leaving out the cheese). The crust was said to be vegan (e-mail conformation August 2017) (however – see update below) I asked which pizza she recommened as a vegan pizza, and was suggested the pizza Poppy’s, but without the dairy cheese. I took the …