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#269 Fresh and healthy lunch bowl, Ohana Pokebowls, Oostende

restaurant review #269 – This review is from a restaurant visit to Ohana Pokébowls in the beginning of 2020, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started.

Ohana Pokébowls is a new place in the city center (Groentenmarkt). We were here for lunch on a Thursday (market day).
We wanted to go in at 11.30, but were told it was still closed (a bit strange on a market day, when there are so many visitors for the market around).

front / entrance, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

interior, before the place was packed, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

So we went back at noon, opening time. Good thing we were there early, because the place soon filled up (there are not that many seating places) and also people queueing for take-away (you can also call in your order).

The ginger and ponzu dressing were said to be vegan, although I didn’t trust the latter, as that normally contains fish (so went for the ginger dressing, which is also standardly included in the vegan option).

menu, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

menu, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

Friendly service. We didn’t have to wait long for our food to be served.

Everything was fresh, the bowls were nice, and there’s some soy sauce on the table to spice it up a bit.
The small bowl was more than enough for me.
Prices are very fair, cheap even: 8,95€ for a small bowl, and 10,95 for a medium.

medium bowl, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

small bowl, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

Everything was clean. Toilets in the back (did not see an accessible toilet).
Entrance: one large step to get in. No ramp.

toilets at Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

All in all: very happy with this new addition in Ostend. We had a lovely lunch.

NOTE: This review is from before a visit before the COVID19 measures, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

Ohana Pokébowls, location
Groentemarkt 18
8400 Oostende

059 44 07 55

website: no website

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Ohana-Pok%C3%A9bowls-103267894430729/

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small and medium bowl, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende

on the wall inside, Ohana Pokébowls, Oostende


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