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#270 Nice vegan pizzas from Kingslize, Louvan

restaurant review #270 – Kingslize is chain of pizza restaurants (take away) in Belgium. It has currenty seven locations. This is from a visit to the one in Louvain, at the end of 2019.

counter, Kingslize, Leuven

Kingslize has four vegan pizzas standardly available: vegan bolognaise, vegan chicken, vegan margherita and vegan pepperoni. Prince size is ranging from 11 € to 13 € and kingsize from 17 to 19€.  And you can also compose your own pizza with vegan cheeze, vegan chciken, vegan pepperoni and sevral vegs and herbs.

menu, with vegan section, Kingslize, Leuven

also some vegan toppings, Kingslize, Leuven

We had the vegan chicken (18,90 €) and the vegan pepperoni (17,90€), both kingsize. It took about 15 minutes for the pizza to be ready. They offered a drink to compensate for the wait.

Vegan pepperoni, Kingslize, Leuven

Vegan ‘chicken’, Kingslize, Leuven

The pizzas tasted great. The pepperoni is covered with a sort of vegan chorizzo, but was baked really hard and thus very dry. But otherwise fine. The vegan ‘chicken’ was with sweet BBQ sauce, and well spread with garnish. Both also had vegan cheeze on them, which was nice.

front, Kingslize, Leuven

All in all: good pizzas. Great to see that they have added 4 vegan pizzas to their menu!

Note: This review is from a visit before the lockdown and COVID19 measures, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have meanwhile changed.

Kingslize pizza, location
Arnould Nobelstraat 54
3000 Leuven
Tel 016 50 33 33

website: https://kingslizepizza.be/leuven/

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front, Kingslize, Leuven

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