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#363 Nice lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende

restaurant review #363 – Vegan in Oostende! At the Belgian coast 🌊🌊 Oostende is the place where I grew up!

View at Oostende, this is where I grew up

There are unfortunately still not that many places with vegan options, but it’s gradually improving! So last year I was very happy to learn that Hawaiian Poke Bowl now also has a restaurant in Oostende. 💚🤗

I’ve visited several locations of this chain, in Louvain, Gent, Kortrijk, Bruges and now also in Oostende. It is in the city center, on the main square: Wapenplein.

Entrance, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende – accessible entrance
Interior, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
Freshly prepared, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
counter, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende

The food is great, healthy, fresh and more than enough. And cheap! You can choose from two vegan bowls, or compose your own, and there’s tofu available. 🥕🌽🥑🍎🥦
This is from a visit a couple of months ago, in the Fall of 2022. It was really crowded and loud inside though (and loud music). So we choose to sit outside. Very uncomfy chairs, and terrace needed some cleaning.

a let’s tofu and a self composed bowl, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
with ingredients that I chose, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
let’s tofu, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende

Interior is accessible – there’s a small ramp to get in. Toilets downstairs (forgot to take a pic), didn’t see an accessible toilet. (toilet access was with a code – probably to prevent passers by from using the toilets).

Have also had take away, and service was swift!

take away, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
take-away Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
interior, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende
counter, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Oostende

Hawaiian Poke Bowl, location

Wapenplein 6A
8400 Oostende

website: https://hawaiianpokebowl.be/

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