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#313 Fresh and colourful lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent

restaurant review #313 – Hey people, I am way behind on my restaurant reviews, life has been hectic the last couple of months :-). But I have a bunch of reviews coming up! Lots of yummie food and nice dining out experiences 🙂

Hawaiian Poké Bowl is a chain of restaurants with about a dozen locations in Belgium. This is from a visit to Hawaiian Poké Bowl in Ghent a couple of months ago. I’ve been to the locations in Leuven, Ghent and Kortrijk (review to follow).

front of Hawaiian Poke Bowl, with outside terrace, Ghent
interior upstairs, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent
interior upstairs, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent
Love the lights! Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent

All Hawaiian Poke bowl restaurants have the same concept. There are a couple of vegan bowls standardly available (let’s tofu, vegan advocado) or you can compose your own bowl, for which you can choose tofu als protein. Medium bowl is 9,90€ and large bowl is 12,90€.

You order at the counter, and take your bowl with you to your table (or take away).

The counter where you place your order, seen from upstairs, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent
our lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent: a medium (self composed) and a large bowl (let(s tofu)

I love the food! Healthy, fresh and colourful! The interior is also nice, colourful and vibrant, and is the same style in all Hawaiian poke bowl restaurants. Note: the downstairs section only has limited seating. More seating upstairs (not accessible).

Toilets are only accessible through stairs, did not see an accessible toilet. Toilets were clean and tidy.

Toilets at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Ghent – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

All in all very reasonably priced. And although there was a queue, we didn’t really have to wait long to order.
I love these fresh bowls! Every town should have a restaurant like this!

Ohana Poke Bowl Ghent, location

Kalandestraat 1
9000 Gent

09/279 18 20

website: https://hawaiianpokebowl.be/

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  1. Wij waren er een tijdje geleden ook, wel de andere vestiging in Gent. We hebben ook gesmuld, heel leuk om als vegan te kunnen kiezen uit véél verse en kleurrijke ingrediënten :-). Zeker een aanrader; ik zag dat er in Oostende ook een vestiging komt binnenkort.

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