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#262 – Vegan menu in nice decor, Epiphany’s kitchen, Ghent

restaurant review #262 – It’s been a while since I posted. And this review is from a restaurant visit a couple of months ago, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. Epiphany’s kitchen opened at the end of 2018. The restaurant is situated in the city center, next to the medieval castle Gravensteen. We visited mid January 2020, on a Sunday, for lunch. We made a reservation, and that was absolutely necessary, as the place soon filled, and patrons had to be turned away. The interior at Epiphany’s kitchen is very nice. It’s and Instagram worthy decor 😉

#257 Nice lunch at vegan restaurant BEO Versbar, Ghent

restaurant review #257 – Restaurant BEO Versbar is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Ghent, near the Belfry. The restaurant is at the back of the BEO Versmarkt (an organic shop – selling organic produce – lots of stuff in bulk too). The shop BEO Versmarkt is not all vegan, but the restaurant BEO Versbar is (PS: ‘Vers’ means ‘fresh’, so using fresh produce). We were here a couple of weeks ago, at the end of Summer.

#226 Tea at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

restaurant review #226 – Full Circle Coffee is a vegan tea and coffee house in Ghent. It is located a little bit out of the city center, in between het Zuid and Sint-Anna square. The interior is nice, spacious and there is also outdoor seating at the back. There are several vegan cakes and donuts available. One orders at the counter and then your order is brought to you.

Impressions from Vegan Summerfest 2018, Ghent

Vegan Summerfest 2018 is already a couple of months behind us, but I still wanted to add some photos of the event to my blog. I have documented all the previous editions (2015-2016-2017), so also did not want to have this edition missing. So here are some impressions! The edition in 2018 was the first time Vegan Summerfest was held in the EXPO in Ghent, a more spacious and accessible location. That also comes with a price, and this year was also the first time the festival was no longer free, but with an admission fee. But that also came with a spacious parking, and Expo has great connections with public transport of Ghent. We were there early, as we wanted to avoid the bigger masses that usually come in the afternoon. There was however a huge queue leading up to the entrance though. Although it was pretty dark that morning, luckily it stayed dry! Once inside there were the usual suspects: lots of stalls with food, some with clothes, and body and care products. …

#182 Lunch menu at restaurant/hotel Lof, Gent (2)

restaurant review #182 – Lof is the restaurant in Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof, in the center of Ghent (about 10 min walk from Korenmarkt). This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, at the start of 2018. We had visited Lof previously with friends, a bit more than a year ago. And had some mixed feelings about that visit: the food was nice, but the service was somewhat erratic, for as a restaurant profiling itself for offering a vegan menu, it was somewhat disappointing that they did not pay attention to some ‘details’ (like vegan butter, no vegan chocolates with coffee) (see my previous review of Lof here). We were here for a Saturday lunch with family. We arrived in the lobby at about 12.15, and were not allowed to enter the restaurant (it opens at 12.30) and only got a rather annoyed ‘no you can’t enter the dining room‘ reply. And so we just stood there. Had to ask where we could wait then, and the waiter pointed towards the lounge area. It …

Can I look at you in peace now? Premiere of Dominion in Ghent

A couple of weeks ago, the documentary Dominion was shown for the first time to a public audience in Belgium. The premiere was in the Sphinx cinema, in the heart of the city of Ghent (next to the McDonalds, oh the irony). The screening was organised by the ‘Dominion Movement Belgium’. Dominion is an Australian documentary (2018) and is announced as following (website): Exposing the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden & handheld cameras, the feature-length film explores the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.

Vegan brownie at Cat CafĂ© Dreamcathers, Ghent

Dreamcathers is a cat cafe in between the city hall and the Vrijdagmarkt, in a small alley. It is not far from vegan lunch bar Mie Vie. There are a couple of resident cats who are up for adoption. Dreamcathers work together with the organisations Dierenasiel Gent (shelter Ghent) and Kat Zoekt thuis (Cat looking for a home). Dreamcathers has vegan cakes and brownies and also offers drinks to enjoy while being among the cats (I think all the cakes are vegan, but not quite sure). Cats and vegan cake: a great combination! 🙂 I was here a couple of weeks ago with a friend, after our lunch at vegan cafe Mie Vie. Dreamcatchers works with timeslots. It is advised to make a reservation, but you can always try to inquire on the day itself to check availability. So I did (telephoned beforehand) and it was no problem to come over. The entrance fee is 3 euro per person (if you become a member, which is 10 euro, the entrance fee is reduced to 1,5€). …

#170 Paninis at vegan lunch bar Mie Vie, Ghent

restaurant review #170 – Mie Vie is a vegan lunch and coffee bar in the city center of Ghent. It is located just next to the Vrijdagsmarkt, on the north side of town. I was here for lunch a couple of weeks ago with a friend. Afterwards we visited Cat CafĂ© Dreamcathers which is just 2 minutes away, where we had vegan brownie (review will follow). The website mentions MieVie is a place for “brunch, lunch and sweet hunge”. The menu mentions several sandwiches, paninis, salads, and muffins. One orders at the counter, the food is brough to the table, and when one leaves, pays at the counter. We both had a juice with apple & mango  (2,40€). And for lunch we had paninis: one with mushrooms and tofu, the other with ‘mozarella’ (each 8€). I didn’t visit the toilets at Mie Vie, so have no photo to include here, and don’t know whether it’s accessible (Why do I otherwise include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE ). The restaurant itself is with …

Dare to think. Dare to speak

Dare to think. Dare to talk. Dare to act. when you see animal abuse when someone says one needs to eat animals to be healthy when someone invites you for a visit to a zoo when it is said that it all comes down to personal choice when someone says cow’s milk is necessary for strong bones when it is said that eating animals is ‘natural’ when someone says it has always been done this way when it is said that animals don’t have feelings when at a barcecue, someone shoves a ‘steak’ up your face when someone says ‘humane meat’ is better when someone replies but a cow ‘gives’ milk when the rights of animals are violated Speak up! #animalrights #vegan Inspired by a clip made by my Alma Mater, Ghent University:

#159 Lunch at vegan branch of LPQ: Le Botaniste, Ghent (2)

restaurant review #159 – Le Botaniste is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Ghent. I visited shortly after it opened and wrote a review here. I was in Ghent a couple of weeks ago to buy some items at nearby shop Moor & Moor (see review here) and a couple of  little springform pans to make my own vegan cheeses at next door shop Dille and Kamille. All in the same neighboorhood, so I decided to combine it with lunch at Le Botaniste. Le Botaniste is founded by Alain Coumont, the same founder of world wide chain Le Pain Quotidien. The first room one enters at Le Botaniste (where one orders and the food is prepared) is very nice and refers to an old pharmacist shop, with old bottles and jars lined up, and ‘prescriptions’ written on the menu. Behind that, are two smaller rooms to take a seat, one with mainly high barstools, and in the veranda at the back a long communal table with benches, and a handful of tables for two.  …