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#314 Nice lunch at vegan resto Het Slachthuis, Leiden (NL)

restaurant review #314 – Het Slachthuis is a vegan restaurant in Leiden (the Netherlands). We were here for lunch with friends a couple of months ago.

city center of Leiden, The Netherlands

‘Slachthuis’ is the Dutch word for slaughterhouse, so that’s a peculiar name for a vegan restaurant! It is located a little bit outside of the city center, in a former flower/wheat factory, and cohouses with a communal sewing atelier.

Front, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
interior, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
menu, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)

Had some appetizers (bitterballen etc). And then the Dutch weedburger (16), Caesar salad (13€) and Philly cheesesteak (10€).
Fries on the side are 2,75€.

bitterballen etc as an appetizer, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
Dutch weedburger with froes and salad, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
Cesar salad, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
Philly cheese steak, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)

Food was very good and service friendly and swift.
We bought some pastry to take with us (unfortunately after the bike ride it was no longer photo-presentable 😉 )

The only downside is that the restaurant room is rather noisy (bad accoustics) and not so comfortable seatings and as such not so relaxed. Toilets were a bit further in the hall, basic but clean, and nicely decorated with old religious statues and ornaments. That was special 😉

toilets at Het Slachthuis, Leiden, (the Netherlands) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
entrance to the restaurant, just next to the sewing space, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)
sewing space next to the restaurant, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)

vegan pastry, Het Slachthuis, Leiden (the Netherlands)

All in all: we had a nice lunch! Good value for money, but not so relaxed setting.

Het Slachthuis, location

Meelfabriekplein 1
2312 LK Leiden
the Netheralands

website: https://hetslachthuis.nl/

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city center of Leiden, the Netherlands

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