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#314 Nice lunch at vegan resto Het Slachthuis, Leiden (NL)

restaurant review #314 – Het Slachthuis is a vegan restaurant in Leiden (the Netherlands). We were here for lunch with friends a couple of months ago. ‘Slachthuis’ is the Dutch word for slaughterhouse, so that’s a peculiar name for a vegan restaurant! It is located a little bit outside of the city center, in a former flower/wheat factory, and cohouses with a communal sewing atelier.

#103 Indonesian take-away from Toko Bunga Mas, Leiden (NL)

Restaurant review #103 – Bunga Mas is an Indonesian restaurant in the center of Leiden (the Netherlands). It also offers take away, and that is what we did, when visiting our friends living nearby a couple of weeks ago (so technically speaking, this isn’t really a restaurant review, but anyway, you get an idea of the place nonetheless 😉 We love Indonesian food, but unfortunately, there are hardly any Indonesian restaurants in Belgium. There are plenty in the Netherlands though (given the colonial history/connection), and whenever we are there, we try to go visit one! We arrived at Bunga Mas just as the shop/restaurant opened, at 1PM. It is a small place, with just a handful of tables. They do seem to be more oriented towards take away. Bunga Mas is not a vegan place (also serves animal based dishes), but they do have a large selection of vegetarian dishes. The lady at the counter was very friendly, and could immediately tell us which vegetarian dishes were also suitable for vegans (most of them). We bought a …