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#356 Cosy location, food underwhelming, Logica, Leiden (NL)

restaurant review #356 – Logica is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Leiden. I was here for lunch a couple of months ago. It’s a cosy location, quiet rooms, and some outdoor seating in a quiet street (no cars) along the canal.

Front, Logica, Leiden
Menu, December 2022, Logica Leiden
interior, Logica Leiden

Vegan options are clearly labelled on the menu. About half of the menu is vegan.

We had the seitan rendang (16,50€), and the Logica trio (a soup, burger and salad, 13,50€).

Seitan rendang, Logcia, Leiden
Logica trio, Logica, Leiden

The rendang was nice, but the ‘sweet sour’ vegs were so sour I simply couldn’t eat them. To me it seemed like they just came out of a barrel of vinegar.
The trio was a rather small portion. A small burger, small soup and a rather uninspirational salad. The soup was also quite bland…
So as for the food, it was rather disappointing.

Very friendly service though!

Front restaurant room is accessible, didn’t see an accessible toilet. Loved the individual towels to dry one’s hands at the toilets.

PS: comparing my photos of the menu from end of 2021 (I passed by) and this visit end of 2022, it seems prices have gone up considerably in a year!! The rendang from 11,50€ to 16,50€! The trio from 9,95€ to 13,50€

toilet at the back, loved the individual towels to dry one’s hands, Logica, Leiden – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
there was also vegan dessert, but we didn’t fancy any, Logica, Leiden
vegan carrot cake, Logica, Leiden

All in all: cosy location, friendly service, but the food was rather disappointing.

Logica, location

Stille Rijn 11

2312 DE Leiden

the Netherlands

website: https://www.lunchroomlogica.nl/

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street sign Logica, Leiden
beautiful city, Leiden

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  1. That’s too bad about the food. The ceiling is so pretty, though (not the chandelier, in my opinion, but the actual textured ceiling is gorgeous, I don’t know what that’s called), and so is the city!

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