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#256 Sandwich for lunch at vegetarian restaurant Aguaribay, Barcelona

restaurant review #256 – Aguaribay is a vegetarian restaurant in the El Poblenou area of Barcelona. It is not far from the beach. We visited a couple of months ago, when we were in Barcelona for the EACAS conference (European Association of Critical Animal Studies). We were too early for lunch (starts at 1PM) but we could get a sandwich with hummus and tomatoes, which was nice.

#248 Another delicious dinner at Rasoterra(2), Barcelona

restaurant review #248 – Rasoterra is a vegetarian restaurant in the old city center of Barcelona (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). We had already visited Rasoterra in the beginning of 2018 (see review) and we liked it so much that we definitely wanted to visit again during our visit to Barcelona in the Spring of 2019. Rasoterra often pops up as one of the best places to go dining on vegan or vegetarian lists of Barcelona – or even the world! We agree! I had made a reservation by phone, and it is definitely advised to make a reservation, because the place soon filled up again.

#244 Great vegan pizza with homemade vegan cheeze at Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos, Barcelona

restaurant review #244 – Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Barcelona. It is located between the Gracia area and the Sagrada Familia (at the end of the Passeig de Sant Joan parc). Vegan options are clearly noted, and it was very hard choosing from so many options on the menu. Not used to having so much choice!

#241 Loved the food at Veggieburger by Biocenter, Barcelona

restaurant review 241 – Veggieburger by Biocenter is a vegetarian restaurant in the food court of a shopping mall in Barcelona. It doesn’t really sound attractive, but these burgers were some of the best we ever had! Veggieburger by Biocenter is located near the Poblenou district (Avenu Diagonal) close to the University where we went to the conference of the European Association of Critical Animal Studies. The food court is located in the basement (-1 floor) and the Veggie Burger stand is on the far side, next to the meat court unfortunately. Vegan options are clearly labelled on menu.

#225 Lunch at vegetarian restaurant De Vleesch Lobby, The Hague (NL)

restaurant review #225  – De Vleesch Lobby is the restaurant from De Vegetarische Slager (‘the vegetarian butcher’), a Dutch brand of vegetarian and vegan products. We were at their restaurant in The Hague for lunch a couple of months ago, with friends. The restaurant is a little bit outside of the city center of The Hague. I was a bit disappointed that the lunch menu only seemed to have rather simple fastfood snack items, as opposed to the dinner menu (with more elaborate dishes). But on the other hand, we were glad to at least be able to have lunch at this restaurant, as many other restaurants seem to be closed for lunch in the Netherlands. As it is the restaurant of De Vegetarische Slager brand, all of their dish contain their products, like ‘kipstuckjes’ (‘chicken’ pieces) or ‘visvrije Mackreel’ (fishfree mackerel). Although I do like to eat their vegan range of products, I have my reservations about naming vegan products as animals or animal parts, as it consolidates an objectifying view on animals (this …

#221 Lovely dinner at The Gate (Islington), London

restaurant review #221 – The Gate is vegetarian restaurant in London. Actually there are already three The Gate restaurants in London (Islington, Marylebone, Hammersmith), and in March 2019 a fourth one will open (St. John’s Wood). We had already been to the one at Marylebone (see review here), so this time we went to the one in Islington. This was during our stay in London for VegfestUK, in the Fall of 2018 (see post here). The Gate at Islington is a spacious place, and nicely renovated. A combination of old and new. There’s a restaurant room at ground level, and a room in the back which is up a few steps. I had made a reservation online, and we were warmly welcomed and took place in the ground floor restaurant room, with a view at the bar. Everything on the menu at the Gate is vegan, except for the non-vegan options labelled as such (NV = not vegan). We had a lovely dinner. Mezze platter (£22) to share as a starter. Mushroom risotto (£16) and …

#207 Nice dinner in a relaxed decor, Het Strand, Louvain

restaurant review #207 – Het Strand (‘the beach’) is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Leuven (Louvain, near Brussels). We were here for dinner during the Summer. We didn’t make a reservation as the restaurant only takes reservations for parties of six and more. We had to search a little bit, because the restaurant is located in a brand new complex (with cinema etc). Luckily, there were still plenty of free tables (we were there quite early, the place soon filled up though). Het Strand is a spacious modern place, everything is brand new. An enjoyable atmosphere, although quite uncomfy (hard!) schoollike wooden chairs. Lunch and dinner options are noted on the large chalkboards in the back. Most options seemed vegan, although that was not noted on the chalkboard. So to us, it was unclear whether everything was vegan or not. We asked the waiter, and he said he would check to be sure with the kitchen staff. The walnut spread with onions was unfortunately sold out. This is what we had for dinner: cauliflower …

#204 Light vegan lunch at organic vegetarian resto Imagine, Middelburg (NL)

restaurant review #204 – Imagine is an organic vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Middelburg (NL). We were here in the Summer of 2018, and had lunch on the terrace. It was a blooming hot day, and we were happy to take a seat under the big umbrellas on the large terrace in front, offering shade, with a nice view on the church. The lunch menu at Imagine is mainly snack items, like paninis and wraps. Vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu. There is also a small shop area inside, with nuts and seeds etc in dispensers (waste free). We ordered a vegan toasti with pesto, mushrooms, parsley and walnut (5,8€) and a wrap with cannelini spread, mushrooms, peanut, crunched onion and pickled red onion (8,5€). The food combinations were a bit odd and felt strange to our taste buds. Not really our cup of tea. There were several vegan cakes and pies on offer. We had a piece of strawberry and a piece of banana cake, and an ice coffee, which were …

#200 Nice dinner at vegetarian resto De Brugsche Tafel, Bruges (2)

restaurant review #200 – Wow, time flies! When I started this blog at the end of 2013, I could never have imagined that I would one day publish restaurant review number 200 🙂  In those five years, the vegan scene in Bruges and Flanders and Belgium, has changed quite a lot! While there were only a handful of restaurants that served vegan options in 2013, the list with places in Bruges where one can now enjoy a vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner is steadily growing (list outside Bruges, see here).  There’s of course still a lot of progress to be made, and many places remain very traditional and oldskool, but still, there is change and hope! Restaurant De Brugsche Tafel, in the city center is a great example of that evolution. This traditional family restaurant, run by Pol and Charlotte, used to serve the local classics: stew, mussles, steak. At the end of 2017 they added some vegan options to the menu. And only a couple of months later, in June 2018, the restaurant went …