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#275 Nice falafel lunch at vegetarian resto Alfalfa, Leuven

restaurant review #275 – Alfalfa is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Leuven, not far from the central train station. We were here a couple of weeks ago, and had a light lunch.

front and entrance with outdoor seating, Alfalfa, Leuven

Vegan options are clearly labeled on the menu (the menu is in very small print though, some larger letters would be helpful šŸ˜‰
The mushroom pesto dish was not available that day, pity, because it sounds good!

allergenes labels , Alfalfa, Leuven

menu, Alfalfa, Leuven

menu, Alfalfa, Leuven

We had the falafel sandwich (10ā‚¬) and the falafel dish (12ā‚¬) (falafels with baba ganoush).

falafel dish, Alfalfa, Leuven

Falafel sandwich, wrapped in oven paper, Alfalfa, Leuven

falafel sandwich, unpacked, Alfalfa, Leuven

falafel sandwich, filling, Alfalfa, Leuven

Both the falafel sandwich and the falafel dish were nice.
The sandwich came wrapped in oven paper. When unpacking, it was a bit unhandy to eat though.
Both were large portions, and the falafel dish came with bread on the side. But 10ā‚¬ for the sandwich was perhaps somewhat overpriced.
Falafels were nice, although a bit on the dry side.

For drinks we had lemonades (ginger lemon 3ā‚¬ and lime mint 3,5ā‚¬), which were lovely! (and no plastic straw!)

lemonades at Alfalfa, Leuven

Alfalfa is a nice, bright place. There is some outdoor seating as well. Chairs are hard wooden chairs though, not so comfy.
Toilets are small, but clean. Some soft paper tissues to dry one’s hands.
Only part of the inside of the restaurant is accessible, one room is elevated (step of about 1 foot). No accessible toilet.


toilet at Alfalfa, Leuven. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, wooden chairs, Alfalfa, Leuven

plant, decoration, Alfalfa, Leuven

counter on ground level, Alfalfa, Leuven

All in all: we had a nice light lunch. Definitely worth a try!

Alfalfa, location

JP Minckelersstraat 48
3000 Leuven
0467 09 91 71

website: no website
FB: https://www.facebook.com/alfalfa.leuven/

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logo on menu, Alfalfa, Leuven

flowers and mirror, Alfalfa, Leuven

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