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#274 Light lunch at Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

restaurant review #274 – Nabucco Obrador is a take-away place in the Gracia district of Barcelona (More reviews of Barcelona HERE).

This review is from a restaurant visit to Nabucco Obrador in 2019 (I know I’m late with my post 😉 ), so from before lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic.

There weren’t so many options for vegans in the neighbourhood for an early lunch (at noon), so we ended up going here. It is only take away (and a very small place), but there is one small bench (for two) at the front window. So we could have our lunch there (no table though, so a bit unhandy to eat).
Vegan options are labelled and the lady at the counter had no problem telling us what was vegan.

Front, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

counter, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

vegan cake, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

Had a sandwich and a sort of pizza. And a fresh juice. Tasted OK. Nothing extraordinary, but we were happy to have found something to eat for a light lunch.

Fresh juice, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

pizza sort of bread, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

sandwich, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

Nabucco Obrador, location

Carrer de la Fraternitat, 31,
08012 Barcelona,
+34 931 93 65 19

website: http://nabuccotiramisu.com/

NOTE: This review is from before a visit before the lockdown, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

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lunch on our lap, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

They also have vegan croissants … 🙂 Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

interior, Nabucco Obrador, Barcelona

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