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#273 Cheap and delicious healthy fastfood, Fitchen, Brugge

restaurant review #273 – Fitchen is a chain of restaurants with locations in Ghent, Antwerp and since the Summer of 2020 also one in Bruges. It is located in the Zilversteeg (an alley leading to the shopping center Zilverpand), near ‘t Zand. You can also choose to take your lunch with, as they offer take-away.

part of interior, Fitchen, Bruges

entrance at Zilversteeg, Fitchen, Bruges

vegan options clearly marked, Fitchen, Bruges

There are some vegan options standardly available (with tofu and tempeh). Or you can compose your own bowl or wrap (actually the staff does it for you, at the counter).
In small – medium – or large size.
We had the seasonal vegan bowl (medium) and the spring avocado wrap (small), and two cans of elderflower lemonade.

sesaonal vegan bowl (medium) and small vegan avocado wrap, Fitchen, Bruges

Seasonal vegan bowl, Fitchen, Bruges

small wrap, Fitchen, Bruges

my wrap being made, Ficthen, Bruges

More than enough portions! The ‘small’ was way too much for me.
Healthy fresh fastfood for a very reasonable price (considering afterall, it is Bruges …). We paid 22,96 euro for the wrap and bowl and two cans of elderflower lemonade.

Entrance is accessible (small curved step to get in). Toilets are upstairs. All seemed brand new and spotlessly clean. Did not notice an accessible toilet.

Toilets at Fitchen, Bruges. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

take away menu, Fitchen, Bruges

All in all: very nice healthy lunch, for a reasonable price! Very happy with this new addition in Bruges!

Fitchen, location

Zilversteeg 16
8000 Brugge
050/12 30 06


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logo, Fitchen, Bruges

Our lunch at Fitchen, Bruges

at Zilversteeg, Fitchen, Bruges

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