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Waste free shop with vegan pastry, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

Shop review #61 – KarmaMarkt is a waste free shop in the city center of Bruges. I visited the shop a couple of weeks ago.

front, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

interior, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

Most of the products are organic. Nuts, seeds, tea etc are available in bulk. There are also cleaning products to refill.
As my visit to KarmaMarkt was quite unexpected, I did not have any pots to fill with me (although you can buy some glass jars to fill in the shop).

cleaning products to refill, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

There’s also vegan pastry available from ZOETS (cupcakes, muffins, cake, cheesecake).

vegan cupcakes and muffins from ZOETS, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

KarmaMarkt is not an all vegan shop (also vegetarian burgers from La Vie est Belle, honey, …) but has several vegan products which are not so easy to find in regular shops (eg kala namak!).

Kala namak available at KarmaMarkt, Bruges

vegan shampoo bars, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

resuable water bottles, resuable straws, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

And of course waste free! (bring your own bags or container, or you buy some glass jars in the shop).

selection of products (not all are necessarily vegan), KarmaMarkt, Bruges

nuts, seeds, tea etc to refill, KarmaMarkt, Bruges


Langestraat 22
8000 Brugge
0476 21 14 49


See the list of shops, on The Bruges Vegan, which may interest vegans.


counter, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

some seating place in the front area, KarmaMarkt, Bruges

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