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#357 Lovely lunch at TO80 vegan, Köln (GER)

restaurant review #357 – TO80 Vegan is a -well the name does give it away – vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Köln / Cologne in Germany. It is at the edge of the city center, within walking distance from the main street. We went here when we were in Köln in Summer of 2022 for the show of Transatlantic (a super progressive rock band). See video below, and more on my YouTube. 🎶🎤🎵

Front and outdoor seating, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
logo, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
Interior, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)

Wanted to make a reservation (as I read reservations required in description on HC) but nobody answered the phone (on a Sunday morning, tried several times). No reservation form on website. So went there hoping it was open and we could get a table!
There was plenty of space available!

just part of the menu, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)

Was hard to choose from the menu! So many great sounding options. As appetizers we had the edamame and tofu stick (5,90€ each) and as mains the balance bowl (14,90€) and the mekong bowl (12,50€).

alcoholfree drinks, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
edamame, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
tofu sticks, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
balance bowl, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
Ingredients Balance bowl, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)
Mekong bowl, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany)

Great food! Loved it! Would probably ask the bowl without the vegan mayo though next time.

Downside was the comfort of the outdoor seating (wooden benches). Toilets downstairs, did not see an accessible toilet.

toilets, TO80 Vegan, Köln (Germany) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Gave them a Happy Cow window sticker. Hope they put in on the door! 🤗💚

Pros: Great food, friendly, all vegan, extensive menu, lots of choice

Cons: Pick up the phone? Or have a voice mail, accessibility, comfort outdoor seating

TO 80 Vegan, location

Händelstraße 28, 50674 Köln


website: https://www.to80vegan-koeln.de/

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One of my favourite songs from Transatlantic. It begins really sloooow … and then goes crescendo. Prog at its best 🙂 I filmed this in Köln

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  1. Dirk B. says

    Thanks for the nice review – again, lovely pictures.
    I was at their restaurant in Düsseldorf a few weeks ago, which is full most of the time… but it was also a good experience.

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