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#365 – Nice buffet at Sattgrun Neumarkt, Koln / Cologne (GER)

restaurant review #365 – Sattgrün is a chain of vegan restaurants with locations in Cologne and Dusseldorf. We visited two of them in Cologne last year. The one in ‘Mitte’ (now called Kolumba Viertel – SEE REVIEW) and this one at Neumarkt (now closed unfortunately). So you may wonder, why still write a review, when it is already closed? Well, because it is my blog, and I want it in my archieves 😉

#357 Lovely lunch at TO80 vegan, Köln (GER)

restaurant review #357 – TO80 Vegan is a -well the name does give it away – vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Köln / Cologne in Germany. It is at the edge of the city center, within walking distance from the main street. We went here when we were in Köln in Summer of 2022 for the show of Transatlantic (a super progressive rock band). See video below, and more on my YouTube. 🎶🎤🎵