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#355 Great vegan buffet at Sattgrün Mitte, Köln (GER)

restaurant review #355 – Sattgrün is a chain of vegan restaurants with locations in Cologne and Dusseldorf. We visited two of them in Cologne last year. This one in ‘Mitte’ (now called Kolumba Viertel) and the one at Neumarkt (now closed unfortunately).

Front, Sattgrün, Cologne
interior, Sattgrün, Cologne
the bridge thear the Koln Dom

It’s a buffet style restaurant, where you can fill your small/normal (11,90€) or large plate (13,90€) yourself and then take a seat.

buffet, choose the size of your plate, Sattgrün, Cologne
buffet, Sattgrün, Cologne
buffet, Sattgrün, Cologne
also soup available, Sattgrün, Cologne
nice dinner from the buffet, Sattgrün, Cologne
great selection of foods, Sattgrün, Cologne
and more variety, Sattgrün, Cologne

Nice food, and plenty of choice! We had a nice, varied meal.

We took some of the desserts with us to have as a treat on our hotel room.

vegan pastry at Sattgrün, Köln
take away pastry, Sattgrün, Köln

There’s not so much seating inside, and people were very close together. Not so comfortable.
The other location in Köln (Neumarkt – now closed) was much more cosy.

There is a large outdoor seating area too, so in Summer that’s probably nice.

large outdoor terrace in front, Sattgrün, Köln
accessible toilet!! , Sattgrün, Köln – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Bonus: accessible toilet!

until every cage is empty, written above counter, Sattgrün, Köln
seatings at window, Sattgrün, Koln

All in all: nice food, reasonably priced, bit crowded inside, but large terrace.

Sattgrün Mitte – Kolumba Viertel, location

Ludwigstrasse 11
50667 Köln

website: https://www.sattgruen.com/

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