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#354 Nice vegan pizzas at Otomat, Gent

restaurant review 354 – Otomat is a chain of restaurants in Belgium (half a dozen locations). We have been to various locations of Otomat before: the ones in Bruges, in Brussels, in Leuven, and also this one in Ghent.

interior, Otomat Gent

The Otomat in Gent is right next to the Gravensteen, in the city center. The menu is the same in all locations (at least for the vegan pizzas – I never quite look at the other menu items).  There are 3 vegan pizzas standardly available.

I’ve been to this Otomat in Ghent several times, and we nearly always order the Dirty Vegan (with cole, seitan, spring onions, ..) and the Las Vega (with mushrooms, spinach, soy espuma). Also had take-away once during the lockdown.

Las vega, Otomat Gent
Dirty Vegan, Otomat Gent

On most occassions, the pizzas are nice. One one occassion, I got a pizza that in no way resembled the las vega and smelled awefull (meat). Ew. Mistake! Was then quickly replaced by the las vega. On another occasion the las vega was really REALLY hot. I know it’s supposed to be spicy, but this one was nearly inedible. Then on another occasion, I got the las vega without any mushrooms. Called the waitress, they took the pizza back to the kitchen, and after about 10 minutes got it back with some ‘bakes’ mushrooms on top (no, that was not the same …).

I immediately saw, and smelled that this was NOT the Las Vega!, Otomat Gent

Despite these mistakes, I still like to go here. I love these pizzas, and I hope they will add more vegan items to the menu. Like desserts please?

Las Vega, take-away, Otomat Gent
Toilets at Otomat – always either downstairs or upstairs – as in Ghent, Otomat Gent – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
sink to wash hands, toilets, Otomat Ghent

Service is often friendly, although it can be a bit of a wait.
The interior is the same as in other Otomat locations. And it seems that they really don’t take accessibility into consideration. In none of the locations, toilets are on ground level. They are always upstairs or downstairs (in Ghent: two floors up). And often the entrance is not accessible.

interior, Otomat, Ghent

All in all: I love the pizzas. But the service is a bit hit and miss.

Otomat, location

Kleine Vismarkt 3
9000 Gent

website: https://otomat.be/en

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