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#262 – Vegan menu in nice decor, Epiphany’s kitchen, Ghent

restaurant review #262 – It’s been a while since I posted. And this review is from a restaurant visit a couple of months ago, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. Epiphany’s kitchen opened at the end of 2018. The restaurant is situated in the city center, next to the medieval castle Gravensteen. We visited mid January 2020, on a Sunday, for lunch. We made a reservation, and that was absolutely necessary, as the place soon filled, and patrons had to be turned away. The interior at Epiphany’s kitchen is very nice. It’s and Instagram worthy decor 😉

#238 Nice light lunch at Jardin, Goes (NL)

restaurant review #238 –  Jardin is a cosy little place in the center of Goes (Zeeland, NL), just near the market. It opened in the Spring of 2019. There are three  vegan options: the sandwich with hummus, a vegan salad, and a vegan bowl. We took the sandwich and the bowl. The hummus is homemade, and was very nice. The bowl came with white sticky rice, and vegetables / sprouts (and some avocado too).

#235 Lovely lunch at Brasserie Forestière (2), Bruges

restaurant review #235 РBrasserie Forestiere is a restaurant in the city center of Bruges, just a 5 minute walk away from the Belfry and central market. This was my second visit to Brasserie Foresti̬re, the first visit dating back several years (one of the first reviews on my blog actually, see review here). I was here with a friend for a weekday lunch a couple of weeks ago. I had made a reservation (which is advised, the place was nearly full).

#226 Tea at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

restaurant review #226 – Full Circle Coffee is a vegan tea and coffee house in Ghent. It is located a little bit out of the city center, in between het Zuid and Sint-Anna square. The interior is nice, spacious and there is also outdoor seating at the back. There are several vegan cakes and donuts available. One orders at the counter and then your order is brought to you.

#224 Vegan dinner at d’Afspanning, Beernem

restaurant review #224 – d’Afspanning is a traditional restaurant in Beernem, about 15 km outside of Bruges. “Afspanning” is an old Dutch word for a restaurant or sleeping place along a travel route, where travellers dismounted from their horses and could stall the carriages and animals. We had been wanting to go to this restaurant for quite a while. When I inquired a couple of years ago whether they wanted to make a vegan menu, I received a negative response. But times change, and now they do make a vegan menu on request! Do make a reservation though and mention vegan specifically, preferably two days in advance. This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, in December 2018. We were warmly welcomed and could take a seat in the ‘voute’ room . I have no idea how ‘voute’ translates into English. It’s a room which is usually about 3 to 4 steps higher than the rest of the downstairs area, and was traditionally the bedroom in old houses. A cosy small room, …

#221 Lovely dinner at The Gate (Islington), London

restaurant review #221 – The Gate is vegetarian restaurant in London. Actually there are already three The Gate restaurants in London (Islington, Marylebone, Hammersmith), and in March 2019 a fourth one will open (St. John’s Wood). We had already been to the one at Marylebone (see review here), so this time we went to the one in Islington. This was during our stay in London for VegfestUK, in the Fall of 2018 (see post here). The Gate at Islington is a spacious place, and nicely renovated. A combination of old and new. There’s a restaurant room at ground level, and a room in the back which is up a few steps. I had made a reservation online, and we were warmly welcomed and took place in the ground floor restaurant room, with a view at the bar. Everything on the menu at the Gate is vegan, except for the non-vegan options labelled as such (NV = not vegan). We had a lovely dinner. Mezze platter (£22) to share as a starter. Mushroom risotto (£16) and …

#213 The Dutch weedburger at Life Bar, Louvain

restaurant review #213 – Life Bar is an all vegan lunch restaurant in the city center of Leuven (near Brussels). Not so far from the central market square. We visited Life Bar for lunch a couple of weeks ago, in the Fall of 2018. The menu is noted on a board above the counter and a menu card was also brough to our table. One orders at the counter, and there you also get your drinks. The food is brought to the table. We had the Dutch weedburger (9,50€), and a soup (it was leek soup) with a slice of bread (5€). We have eaten the Dutch weedburger on many occasions before, and I quite like the taste and texture! Life Bar is a cosy little place. Everything seemed newly renovated, and all was clean. Terrace out front. Reserved but friendly service. About accessibility: the restaurant is on ground level. There’s a small step to get inside. Toilets are on ground floor, but there is no accessible toilet. Toilets were clean and tidy. One damp …

#212 Disappointing fastfood at vegan hipster place By Chloe, London

restaurant review #212 – By Chloe is an American chain of vegan fastfood restaurants. It has two locations in London. We went to the one in the Theater district (Covent Garden) during our last London trip (to visit VegfestUK). By Chloe is selfservice (order at counter, go pick your food up at counter, and clean up yourself). People at the counter were very friendly. We had the meat balls with pesto (£9,60), and toast with smashed avocado, cauliflower and radish (£8,40). That was a very awkward tasting combination. Fries on the side were airfried (£4). I was amazed by the amount of waste that was produced in the restaurant (also a lot of plastic). Not really big portions too, and all in all quite expensive. We found the seatings to be very uncomfortable, and there was loud music. Nice 70’s-80’s music though, I think we were the only ones at the restaurant who were actually around when this music was aired on the radio (lots of millenials on the tables around us) 😉. The place …

#209 ‘Beet the roots’ at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Louvain

restaurant review #209 – Ellis Gourmet Burger is part of a chain of restaurants, with several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. There is one vegan burger standardly available: “beet the roots”, which is made with (the name already gives it away) beet roots. We were at the restaurant in Leuven (Louvain, close to Brussels) during the Summer. The restaurant has a nice interior. There’s also a large terrace outside in front of the restaurant. We inquired about any other vegan options. The waitress was very friendly and went to check ingredients/allergenes with the kitchen. The Portobello burger could be made vegan: without the bun, and without the cheese (but not much remains then; in hindsight, I wonder why they cannot just take the buns from the vegan beet the roots burger?). The other vegetarian burgers were said to be not vegan. So we both ordered the vegan ‘beet the roots’ burger (11€), with fries (3,70€). Fries are baked in vegetable oil. The burger and fries came with mayo. The waitress realized her mistake, and came …

#207 Nice dinner in a relaxed decor, Het Strand, Louvain

restaurant review #207 – Het Strand (‘the beach’) is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Leuven (Louvain, near Brussels). We were here for dinner during the Summer. We didn’t make a reservation as the restaurant only takes reservations for parties of six and more. We had to search a little bit, because the restaurant is located in a brand new complex (with cinema etc). Luckily, there were still plenty of free tables (we were there quite early, the place soon filled up though). Het Strand is a spacious modern place, everything is brand new. An enjoyable atmosphere, although quite uncomfy (hard!) schoollike wooden chairs. Lunch and dinner options are noted on the large chalkboards in the back. Most options seemed vegan, although that was not noted on the chalkboard. So to us, it was unclear whether everything was vegan or not. We asked the waiter, and he said he would check to be sure with the kitchen staff. The walnut spread with onions was unfortunately sold out. This is what we had for dinner: cauliflower …