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#266 Delicious vegan pizza, Otomat Leuven

restaurant review #266 – Otomat is a chain of restaurants in Belgium (5 locations). We have been to various locations of Otomat before: the ones in Bruges and Brussels.
The menu is the same in all locations (at least for the vegan pizzas). This was our first visit to the Otomat in Leuven, a couple of weeks ago.

Front of Otomat with outside seating, Leuven

There are 3 vegan pizzas standardly available (and they have been the same for quite a while now, some change would be nice ;-). The Dirty Vegan, The Mega Vega and the Las Vega.

We had the Dirty Vegan (with cabbage and seitan, 14,9€) and the Las Vega (with spinach and espuma of soy yoghurt espuma and coconut flakes, 13,9€). Which were again great. Crispy crust and enough topping.

Las Vega and Dirty Vegan, Otomat, Leuven

Dirty Vegan, Otomat, Leuven

We were seated on the terrace (in front of restaurant). Because of COVID-19 restrictions, spacing in between tables on the terrace was increased, and patrons receive a pizza box with fork and knive, napkins, and the menu.
Service was very friendly and swift.

individual box with fork and knife and napkins and menu, because of COVID19, Otomat, Leuven

Note: there is no accessible toilet (toilet downstairs). I have no pics this time of the interior nor the toilet, as this was a very swift visit. The interior style is the same as all the other Otomat restaurants.

All in all: we love these pizzas 🙂 More vegan options would be nice.

Otomat Leuven, location 

Tiensestraat 33
3000 Leuven

website: https://otomat.be/contact/leuven/

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