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#265 Nice lunch at vegetarian restaurant Ooogst, Kortrijk

restaurant review #265 – This review is from a restaurant visit to vegetarian Ooogst a couple of months ago at the beginning of 2020, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. On August 17, just two days ago, the restaurant announced its closure, due to the consequences of the lockdown on the business. I’m posting this review anyway, not only for archival reasons for myself, but as a nice memory from a visit to a lovely place.

Ooogst was situated at the edge of Kortrijk, in a renovated industrial hangar. It opened in June 2019. It was a spacious place, mixed with rooms for people to come work there, or have a work meeting.

ramp entrance to Ooogst, Kortrijk

interior, Ooogst, Kortrijk

Hangar K, Ooogst, Kortrijk

There wasn’t an elaborate menu in the restaurant, but there was plenty of variation in the mixed salad with all the vegan options presented in the counter (most of the options in counter are vegan and they were knowlegdeable to point out what was not). Ideal for a light lunch.

counter at Ooogst, Kortrijk

counter Ooogst, Kortrijk

menu on wall, Ooogst, Kortrijk

Ooogst, Kortrijk

We had a vegan ‘salmon’ bagel (made from carrots) (6,5€) and a small salad bowl (5€) and a lunch salad (11€).
very varied. Everything was delicious.
Fresh, colourful and delicious lunch, for a very reasonable price! And very friendly people.

‘salmon’ bagel, Ooogst, Kortrijk

lunch salad, Ooogst, Kortrijk

bagel and small salad on the side, Ooogst, Kortrijk

The setting was nice too, although the chairs were not so comfy (hard wooden chairs).

The whole place is wheelchair accessible, and there was a wheelchair accessible toilet (although the lock needs fixing). Toilet seemed brand new and clean.

Accessible toilet at Ooogst, Kortrijk. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

table set up at Ooogst, Kortrijk

What was annoying was the smell of cigarette smoke coming inside the hangar from people smoking near the entrance.

All in all: we had a very nice light lunch. Nice setting. Pity Ooogst closed.

Ooogst, location

Nelson Mandelaplein 3,
8500 Kortrijk
+32 (0) 485 497 440


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entrance, Ooogst, Kortrijk

entrance, Ooogst, Kortrijk

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