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#280 Nice setting, food mixed feelings, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

restaurant review #280 – A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner at Mary’s Irish Pub in Kortrijk. We originally wanted to go to vegan restaurant BK6 just around the corner, but that was fully booked for the evening. Note: this is from a visit just before the current lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started (closure of all pubs and restaurants mid October 2020).

#265 Nice lunch at vegetarian restaurant Ooogst, Kortrijk

restaurant review #265 – This review is from a restaurant visit to vegetarian Ooogst a couple of months ago at the beginning of 2020, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. On August 17, just two days ago, the restaurant announced its closure, due to the consequences of the lockdown on the business. I’m posting this review anyway, not only for archival reasons for myself, but as a nice memory from a visit to a lovely place. Ooogst was situated at the edge of Kortrijk, in a renovated industrial hangar. It opened in June 2019. It was a spacious place, mixed with rooms for people to come work there, or have a work meeting.

#223 Nice but spicy lunch at Than Thai, Kortrijk

restaurant review #223 – Than Thai is a Thai (obviously!) restaurant in the city center of Kortrijk. We were here for lunch on a weekday, a couple of weeks ago. The restaurant is divided into two rooms, bot facing the street, adjacent to each other. The interior is quite nice, comfortable and colourful. Staff were very friendly and welcoming. Vegetarian dishes are mentioned seperately on the menu. A lot of them contain oystersauce though. We inquired about the possibility of vegan oystersauce, but it ws said not to be available that day. Two dishes were said to be vegan: the tofu red curry with coconut milk (18,50€) and the garlic ‘black pepper’ tofu (17,50€). The dishes came with white rice (with fried onions on top). The food was nice, big portions. The red curry is very (VERY) spicy though. The restaurant room is accessible, but the toilets are with stairs (very dark!) going up, and are not accessible. Toilets were clean and tidy. We had a nice lunch at Than Thai, good food, enjoyable atmosphere, …

#216 Vegan burger and croque at Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

restaurant review #216 – Sweet nuts is a combo of restaurant/lunch place and organic shop (mainly food and body and care products). Well, actually it WAS. A couple of weeks after our visit. Sweet nuts announced its closure (January 2019). I’m posting the review anyway (even if it is only for archival reasons). We were here for lunch during the Christmas holidays. Vegan options are indicated with a label on the menu. As far as we could tell, there were only 3 vegan options available: the vegan burger, a vegan quiche and a vegan croque (toastie) which we had seen noted on the chalkboard in the back. We were already seated a while, but nobody came to take our order. We went to ask at the counter whether we had to order there, but got a rather annoyed reply (yes, I will come in a minute!) The young lady serving us was a bit grumpy. When we ordered the vegan croque she seemed to have no idea. We said it was indicated on the chalkboard and …

#175 Pasta lunch at Petit Paris, Kortrijk

restaurant review #175 – Petit Paris is a restaurant in the city center of Kortrijk / Courtrai, near the central market place. We were in Kortrijk a couple of weeks ago, when we visited waste free shop Zonder Meer, to try some of the vegan cheeses that were available to taste that day. Restaurant Petit Paris is just across the street from Zonder Meer, and Johan from Zonder Meer said that they are always willing to prepare something vegan. So we went to try it! View this post on Instagram Vegan cheese tasting today at waste free shop Zonder Meer! Yummie! @serotonina_cheeze @zondermeerkortrijk @recollets_antwerpen 🧀☘🧀☘🧀☘🧀☘🧀 #vegancheese #vegansofbelgium #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofbelgium #vegantasting #kortrijk #visitkortrijk #courtrai #vegankortrijk #wastefreeshop #verpakkingsarm #zondermeer #veganbelgium A post shared by trudi_brugesvegan (@trudi_brugesvegan) on Mar 24, 2018 at 4:25am PDT We were early for lunch and were one of the first custommers. Good thing, because by about half past 12, the place was packed and several visitors had to be turned away. Petit Paris is not really a ‘restaurant’ for elaborate wining and …